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Fitch Paper Pet Bedding for Small Animals (10kg)
  • 10kg Bale Soft Absorbent Pet Bedding
  • Great for Guinea Pigs,Hamsters,Dogs,Ponies etc.
  • Super Absorbent ,use less and save money
  • A Recycled Product made in the UK
Bedmax Bedmax Shavings - Horse Bedding Bale - Aprox 20Kg
  • Bedding is potentially the biggest source of dust in the stable, and dust can impair or seriously damage your horse's respiratory system. BEDMAX has one of the lowest levels of dust and spores on the market.
  • Your horse's hooves need firm, resilient support. Our larger flakes provide it. We also dry BEDMAX to a controlled moisture content to prevent hooves from drying out and cracking.
  • Maintaining hygiene effectively is crucial and difficult. We make BEDMAX shavings from fresh pine because pine offers unique antibacterial action against harmful bacteria and fungi. We also dry our shavings at sterilising temperatures during production.
  • BEDMAX shavings help create a clean, supportive bed that encourages horses to lie down and rest, and cushions hocks and other joints from damage.
  • Poor bedding and bedding management exposes horses to greater contact with ammonia, which can damage the respiratory system and attack the structure of the hoof.
More options available: Bales Paper Pet Bedding for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Horses and other smaller animals 20kg

20kg Bales Paper Pet Bedding for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Horses and other smaller animals details:

  • Ideal for Rabbits,Horses,Dogs,Cats and other small animals
  • 20kg Bales at Competitive Prices,Great Value for money
  • Super Absorbent ,use less and save money
  • A Recycled Product made in the UK
Fitch Pet Bedding is made from high grade shredded paper, very absorbent and dust free,supplied in approx 20kg bales this is ideal for equestrian enthusiasts,rabbit owners,dog kennels and catteries not to mention the smaller animals such as guinea pigs, mice and rats,poultry and even some reptiles.Produced in the UK. FOR SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS,ISLANDS & NORTHERN IRELAND YOU MUST USE EXPEDITED DELIVERY AND CHOOSE THE OPTION FOR YOUR POSTCODE OTHERWISE THE ITEM WILL NOT BE DISPATCHED DUE TO SIZE AND WEIGHT Please feel free to contact us for more information.
This is a great value bedding for my guinea pigs. A massive bag which lasts a month for 5 cages. Reduces odour and doesn't scatter about all over like wood shavings or stick to the fleece bedding. Very soft flakes, very comfortable. I have been getting this for 6 months now.
since getting my little fur babies ( guinea pigs ) I have been looking into the best bedding solution. As they have a huge custom built cage , this so far has worked out very expensive!!!. Many people now choose to use fleece with linings in their cages, but this involves much washing and drying ( no tumble dryer, and lots of rain , not a good combination!). Therefore disposable it is. After the usual woodshavings which are most commonly sold- found these messy, when pigs run bedding would go flying and end up on floor =(. As one of the piggies has long hair, this bedding would often get stuck in his fur too, and basically not very absorbant- and quickly smells needing changing more often. So looking into it this 'fitch' paper bedding seemed a good option.
firstly the bag was indeed huge, and also very heavy!, I wondered how far it would go though. after trying it out I was immediately impressed. This fitch bedding is recycled paper products - to me it seems a bit like toilet rolls that have sort of been all squished and sqeezed together into small little bits. Straightaway I noticed how fluffy and soft it was, there were some harder bits, but I kind of broke them up, impressed also by lack of dust.
I initially put newspaper down, then a very small sprinkle of wood shaving, then the fitch bedding. Guinea pigs at first were a bit unsure, the white colour is also quite striking, compared to usual beige/brownish bedding. The piggies walked round and round many times testing it out- happy to say it got their approval. They LOVED it!!. They sprawled right out and relaxed, the fitch didn't get stuck to the fur, no fitch got kicked out onto the floor. so I love it too!. Also there is no smell!!, its very absorbant and just needs a quick spot clean a day. The only downside it that it is relatively expensive-but will go an awful long way.
This bedding is probably one of the best things I have ever purchased for my Guinea Pigs. No dust, no smell, no wet patches. It absorbs every last drop of liquid and goes yellow when my piggies wee there so I can see where to spot clean easily. Because of how absorbent this is, the newspaper underneath doesn't get soaked making the full clean out that I do once a week much quicker and less of an annoyance! My piggies love it too. It is so soft and bouncy on their feet and they love just walking around in it. It also keeps them very warm. The odour control is excellent. The only thing I can smell in the hutch is their hay, which smells nice anyway. You may think that £22 is a lot of money, but when you think about how much you are getting, it's very affordable. The pack is so compressed and lasts for ages even when you use a very thick layer. Delivery was fast, the outside grey packaging was broken, however the actual bag of bedding inside was untouched. I would highly recommend this bedding over everything else I have tried. Please do not ever use wood shavings for your Small Animal's bedding as it can cause respiratory problems and further illness and desiese. Instead use paper bedding! For rabbits and Guinea pigs please always make sure they have fresh hay too.
I've tried pretty much every substrate going (sawdust, megazorb, carefresh, aubiose, hemp bedding, and bio catolet) and fitch recycling bedding is the best one I've ever used for my animals.
It's odour free
Dust free
Great for animals to dig in
And it's in bigger pieces so easier to pick up when you spill it all over your floor!
It also works out very cheap and I will never use anything else.

I use this for hamsters, mice, rats and guinea pigs.
I absolutely love this bedding and so glad it is back and in different quantities now. I have two house rabbits in my bedroom and needed something very absorbant. I've tried every bedding available, from shavings, wood pellets, yesterday's news etc but this is the only one that does not smell. It also lasts me over 6 months for two bunnies and that's changing their trays at least 3 times a week. Cleaning is a dream with this, I just empty the tray and the plastic is untouched, obviously I clean it with disinfectant at times, but with Fitch the tray is literally bone dry if I fill it to the top. It's lovely and soft and does not get ground into the carpet or spread everywhere like other types. Highly recommend for cleaning and value for money, it lasts me far longer than any other 20kg bedding!
Superb bedding,no,dust,no smell, and very absorbent. Comes in a compressed bale so storage is easy.It fluffs up really well and most important my ratties love it.Very easy to hoover up any spills from the cage when they have been building "snow rats". Very prompt delivery.
Item arrived very quickly....it's amazing substrate for my rats. The product is almost like having thousands of j cloths in small pieces. 3 of my 8 rats are in a massive parrot cage which means there's a few gaps for the substrate to get thru....but as they're fairly big flakes it's not as messy as if you were using cat litter for example. With having g so many rats and now 11 newborns too...the fact that this bale is HUGE is a blessing....and will easily last me a cpl of months. Well worth the money and I wouldn't buy anything else!
I like this product because a) it's a big bag holding huge amounts, b) it's a soft, kind, dust-free bedding, c) it's easy to scoop out of the bag & into the hutches/cages & doesn't leave a mess, & d) it lasts for ages!! It's kind on their little paws, & the gerbils love to burrow & make tunnels in it. The rabbits use one corner of their hutches for their toilet, & this product absorbs the urine well, & it is simple to re-fresh the corners each day. The hamsters make comfy-cozy dens with it. It's excellent value for money & I prefer it to any other kind of bedding. Nuff said!
I used this product as bedding for my GSD and cat that flew from London to the states. It was amazing!!! Nice and soft, super absorbant, no smell, highly recommend!!!!!!!
Excellent bedding for my guinea piggies. It's also easy to spot clean daily, being white you can see where they've urinated. It's also quite compacted which means it's going to last me ages. Arrived promptly and packaging intact.

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