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FRONTLINE Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Medium Dog (10-20kg) 3 Pipettes
  • Kills fleas on your pet within 24 hours
  • Kills ticks within 48 hours, helping reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases
  • Kills lice
FRONTLINE Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment for Large Dog (20-40kg) 3 Pipettes
  • Kills fleas on your pet within 24 hours
  • Kills ticks within 48 hours, helping reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases
  • Kills lice
Beaphar FIPROtec Spot on Medium Dog 6 Pipettes
  • Easy to use Spot-on
  • Contains Fipronil
  • Kills fleas for up to 5 weeks
  • For dogs over 8 weeks of age
  • For medium dogs weighing between 10-20kg
Flea treatment for dogs by Belly | Dog grooming spray 250 ml| Pet supplies Dog spray| Insect repellent & mosquito repellent pet care | Alternative to bug killer & insect killer
  • ✅EFFECTIVE: No Fleas by Belly is a complete flea treatment for dogs. In addition, it repels against other insects, bugs, mosquitoes, ticks, etc. and it is suitable for all dogs
  • ✅NATURAL: All our Belly products are natural and organic. It includes ingredients such as lemon and geranium oils, which naturally protect the dog from mites and other infective insects
  • ✅QUALITY: Made in Germany, No Fleas dog spray is long-lasting and durable. This insect repellent and bug spray is also dermatologically tested and is free from any kind of cruelty
  • ✅VERSATILITY: Other than dogs, pet care and natural insect repellent it can be safely used on other pets. This insect spray can also be used as a dog grooming spray and is a complete pet care
  • ✅HOW TO USE: Shake well, uncap the bottle and spray on the hair, collar, bedding and rug anytime throughout the day. It will keep them fresh and away from mosquitoes, ticks, mites
Arden Grange Light Adult Complete Dry Dog Food Chicken and Rice, 12 kg
  • Lower in calories
  • Free from added artificial colours
  • High protein source
  • Palatable and easily digestible
  • Can also be used for: Senior dogs who are overweight or exercising a lot less. Dogs requiring a lower protein or lower fat diet. Dogs with a large appetite. Dogs that have a less active lifestyle
Groom Professional Baby Fresh Shampoo, 250 ml
  • Excellent cleaning power. suitable for all coat types.
  • , talc fragrance
  • Contains aloe vera to soothe skin
  • Dilutes at a ratio of 20:1
  • Comes in 250ml bottle with applicator lid for easy use
Animology Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo 250ml
  • Helps wash out fleas and ticks from your dogs coat
  • Includes neem and tea tree oil
  • Easy rinse technology for a quicker wash time and reduced chance of irritation
  • Built in conditioners and pro-vitamin B5
  • 100% vegan dog shampoo
SnuggleSafe Microwave Wireless Heatpad with Fleece Cover (colour may vary)
  • Microwave heatpad for cats, dogs and other small animals; Stays warm for up to 10 hours
  • Re-microwave to reuse; Only heat one pad in a microwave at a time
  • Inside or outdoors weatherproof; Washable
  • Do not over-heat and only re-heat our heatpad once it has completely cooled to room temperature
  • 22cm x 22cm x 2.5cm
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Please remember, Advantage Spot On is designed to treat the torso of your pet for fleas, but not the environmental area. Don't forget to add a household spray such as Indorex, Staykill, Acclaim or RIP Fleas for complete flea protection. Bayer Advantage is a highly effective flea treatment that was previously only available through prescription. Advantage is scientifically proven to prevent and treat fleas on your pet, and kill larvae in the home, wherever the treated pet goes. Advantage is the fastest flea control in a tube. Only Advantage claims on its label that it kills 98-100 percent of fleas within 12 hours. Advantage also kills 100 percent of re-infesting fleas within two hours. Advantage has been designed to both control and prevent flea infestations within as little as 12 hours after administration. Each pack contains 4 spot-on treatments which are easy to administer, and each pipette provides protection for both your pet and home for 1 month against fleas and flea larvae. Advantage has the added benefit of being water resistant unlike some treatments, meaning it is still effective even after bathing, swimming, and other exposure to water. Advantage should be administered monthly according to the enclosed instructions. Each pack contains 4 pipettes. The following treatments are available for the following animals: Advantage 40 for Small Dog, Small Cat and Rabbit suitable for pets up to 4kg Advantage 80 for Large Cat and Rabbit suitable for cat and rabbits over 4kg Advantage 100 for Dogs suitable for dogs weighing between 4 - 10kg Advantage 250 for Dogs suitable for dogs weighing between 10 - 25kg Advantage 400 for Dogs suitable for dogs weighing between 25 - 40kg For dogs 40kg and greater, use two pipettes of Advantage 400. Do not treat puppies and kittens younger then 8 weeks, or rabbits younger than 10 weeks.
Having bought Frontline from our vet and it not having worked on either our cat or dogs, we gave this product a try after reading favourable reviews on it on the internet. Within 24 hours of putting it on our dogs the fleas had all gone. Even though the weight guide was up to 25kg, my dogs weigh 26kg & 28kg and it was effective on both of them. I cannot recommend this product enough and will be using it in the future.
Having given our dog over a period of months several doses of Frontline Plus, bought at great expense from the vet, without any apparent effect on the fleas, we tried Advantage. All fleas disappeared within a few days.
For years I used Frontline but the last time didn't work,the fleas were still there.Advantage really worked,several hours after, the fleas started to drop of my dog,barely moving or dead.I'll use it again as for us is the only one that really works.
We have an eight year old Cocker Spaniel, we have always treated her for fleas with Stronghold when she was younger then Frontline, but neither seemed to work brilliantly and even after treatment we would still see the odd flea on her or around the house. Last summer was awful, she and the house was infested even though we treated her every month with Frontline, we really didn't know what to do, I hoovered our house every single day literally from top to bottom! (We did have a very clean house), we showered the dog using vinegar which seemed to kill or stun any fleas that were on her, but obviously did nothing to the ones or the eggs in the house. We didn't really want to use the bombs or sprays as a lot of people say they are quite nasty. We googled the alternatives and read up on Advantage so thought we would give it a go, as it didn't seem to have nasty side effects like some treatments. It is AMAZING! I was actually using a nit comb on our dog and within a few days I wasn't finding any when I combed her, I carried on hoovering for a couple of weeks, and since using Advantage we are Flea free. I can't recommend it enough, Other good things about Advantage...it's much cheaper than Frontline or Stronghold and also our dog doesn't mind when we put it on whereas she really didn't like the other two. It's much runnier than the others and you have to put it on three or fours places down the back rather than one spot, but it's not greasy like the others either. We have been using it for four months now and will definitely be sticking with it.
After years of using Frontline, the effectiveness of the product diminished as rapidly as the cost increased. I looked for something else and came across the 'Advantage' product. What drew me to the product was the headline on Google, "No longer need prescription". A quick search on Amazon and was pleased that not only was it stocked but was 25% cheaper than the Frontline equivalent. The liquid comes in a sealed container, which, unless one reads the instructions, will not get onto the dog. One has to remove the top, reverse it back into the nozzle and then give it a twist to unlock the tube. Very ingenious. The liquid itself is very runny and unlike Frontline, is quite odourless. My dogs fur is quite long and at first did not become wet. After a few hours though, like using Frontline, the area around the application became a little stiff. This soon brushed out the next morning. I checked my dog after 18 hours and could find no fleas, so the product worked for him and me. We will repeat use it for the recommended 4 four week dosage, and hopefully we'll have a flea free dog!
flea free at last, ive tried everything in the past and been ripped off with all sorts of junk from the vets and pet shops alike, this worked within 2days and ive not seen a flea for the first time in two years.
We had an epic breakout which was driving me and the pets crackers. I'm not a fan of pesticides but the situation was dire, so I gave in and bought this, as well as the cat version for my kitties. One month on and there are no fleas to be seen anywhere. I'll keep up the course until I'm satisfied the house is clear, but so far so good. This beats Frontline as it contains imidacloprid, plus another chemical to kill young fleas. Only Frontline Plus has the same type of dual action (I found this out after regular Frontline did nothing for the infestation). My dog developed dermatitis from all the flea bites, but his skin is healing fine now there's no more irritation. After using it I found out that it's the brand my vet endorses too, so definitely a valid choice.
I purchased Advantage 250 from Black Cat via Amazon. It's made by Beyer, the internet suggests and it seems to be the same as Advocate as sold by vets which costs 3 or 4 times as much. Our old dog recently died, but at the end he was severely infested with fleas and the house was contaminated throughout. Our new puppy had one treatment of Advocate via our vet with a secongd treatment of Advantage 250 four weeks later. We were still finding fleas on our new dog up to four weeks after the first treatment, but there has not been one flea since. Flea eggs can hatch up to six months later and we brought our new puppy home within a week of our old dog passing on. NO FLEAS NOW absolutely non at all for the last month so thios stuff works! Our puppy has only been with us for two months, so I can definitely recomend Advantage as a very effective and sensibly priced flea eradicator. There's also a bonus as it is not greasy and the initial wetness in the fur disappears within less than a day. Forget Bob Martin Spot On, as that was what we were using on our old dog, and the only thing it succeeded in doing was to make his fur greasy for weeks. The poor thing must have been suffering flea bites, irritation and crawling fleas when he was already not well and on his way out. I now feel ashamed with the decisions that I made Bback then but from now on I will be applying Advantage every month.
In a household crammed to the gills with cats and a dog, fleas can occasionally be an issue. Recently we have been plagued with the most resilient flea infestation I have ever come across. Frontline failed to clear them, flea collars didn't touch them, flea shampoo with combing, no difference, those nasty little pasties were just determined to run rife.

What's worse, Frontline made the dog chunder. Yay, I put something on the dog that made her puke and didn't kill the fleas and I can't put anything else on her for a month. Result, half chewed dog bottom, and a tail that looked like she'd been attacked by a drunk dog groomer with blunt clippers.

I asked my friend who had bred my dog what she used for hers, and she recommended Advantage 250. So I ordered some for my dog, and some of the cat type, so as to provide a united front against these über fleas.

Within 24 hours all signs of flea based irritation was gone and the incessant scratching had ground to a total halt. Hoo-rar! One very grateful dog and five much happier cats. They still hate each other, but at least they aren't blaming each other for their itchy back ends any more.
After spending a small fortune on Frontline and having absolutely no effect on my dogs fleas I decided to try Advantage treatment,this was excellent and all parasites were gone in 48 hours.I have heard so many bad reports regarding Frontline (which used to be OK) I consider the manufacturers should review and test their product because sales must be falling dramatically everywhere.

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