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Almo Classic rawpack - Envelopes - Chicken Tuna 55 gr. 5826
More options available: Almo Nature Cat Food Classic Pouch Tuna and Chicken, Pack of 24 x 55g

Almo Nature Cat Food Classic Pouch Tuna and Chicken, Pack of 24 x 55g details:

  • 100% Fresh Human Grade Ingredients
  • High percentage of fresh meat or fish
  • Naturally rich in proteins and nutrients
  • 100% Natural, free of additives, preservatives or chemicals
  • Almo Nature uses sustainable ingredients and only free range chicken and dolphin friendly pole and line fishing, not farmed fish.
Almo Nature Classic Pouch is a great tasting, supplementary wet cat food. Made from Human grade ingredients, with no additives, artificial preservatives, taste enhancers or colours. Almo Nature Classic is available in portion-Size d pouches. These single-serving Size pouches guarantee a fresh, aromatic meal every time you feed your cat Almo Nature Classic and are a hygienic, easy way to portion your cat's meals. Almo Nature cat food is made from select, top-quality natural ingredients and gives your pet the variety and authenticity that only a natural cat food can provide.

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