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AMICO MIO Degreaser for Cages
  • Degreaser for cages
  • This unique composition is ideal to degrease portable cages and luggage compartment covers in a rapid and effective way. 500 ml size.
  • Thanks to its unique active principles it operates rapidly and removes any kind of bad odours.
AMICO MIO MA-FRA Detergent for Plastic Surfaces, Anti-Depositing Formula Against Dog and Cat Hair, Anti-Static, 500 ml
  • Cleans all types of dirt and prevents it from forming.
  • Works on all types of plastic surfaces.
  • Anti-static, anti-depositing formula.
  • Especially suitable against dog and cat hair.
  • Ready to use, convenient and quick to spray
AMICO MIO Drool Remover
  • Drool remover
  • It removes in a fast and effective way all kind of drool and grease stains from glasses and metal.
  • Its special composition based on vegetal surfactants is entirely ammonia-free and does not leave any residues that can be harmful to the dog health. 500 ml size.
AMICO MIO MA-FRA, Detergent for Fabrics and Carpets, Ammonia-Free Active Formula, Suitable for All Fabrics, 500 ml
  • Removes drool, mud and footprints, etc., from fabrics.
  • Specifically designed for all types of fabrics, including delicate fabrics.
  • Ammonia-free active formula.
  • Does not leave harmful residues for pets.
  • Ready to use, convenient and quick to spray.
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AMICO MIO Plastic Cleaner details:

  • Plastic cleaner
  • Efficiently removes all kind of filth from any plastic surfaces in the car cabin, while protecting it from scratches. t
  • Hanks to its antistatic features, it assures a long-lasting antistatic effect against cat and dog fur. 500 ml size.

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