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Pure Organic Neem Oil 250ml (or 1 litre) Cold Pressed Unrefined Virgin Concentrate - Natural Insect Flea Mite Repellent for Plants and Pets Horses Dogs Skin and Hair Care PINK SUN
  • Pure organic cold pressed neem oil concentrate unrefined 250ml
  • High quality with Azadirachtin content 1000+ ppm THIS OIL IS SOLID AT LESS THAN 24 DEGREES C
  • Use with PINK SUN Horticultural Gentle Liquid Soap to help reduce and control chewing and sucking insects such as spider mite, aphid, thrip, green / white fly and leaf hoppers
  • Use with a carrier oil or cream at a ratio of 5% for topical application for skin, hair and animal care
  • Variety of uses for eczema, dogs skin scabies, head lice, hair and scalp care, nails, horses and more
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Find the perfect dog cat for your Aniwell, PINK SUN Ltd, Lincoln, Smiths Health Ltd and Dermoscent or another brand.

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