Aqueos Anti-bacterial Dog Shampoo, 1 Litre

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Aqueos Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo
  • Kills bacteria, fungi & viruses in seconds
  • Gentle on dog's skin
  • Disinfectants minor skin wounds and combats itchiness
  • Leaves coat feeling soft
  • Alcohol & phenol free, deodorises fox & badger smells
Aqueos Anti-Microbial Horse Shampoo, 1 Litre
  • KILLS 99.999% Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses
  • Mild shampoo, Alcohol & Bleach Free, Same chemical hazard rating as water
  • Deodorises horsey smells
  • Carries on working after application
  • Ideal for itchy horses, ringworm and skin complaints
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Aqueos Anti-bacterial Dog Shampoo, 1 Litre details:

  • KILLS 99.999% Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses
  • Mild shampoo, Alcohol & Bleach Free, Same chemical hazard rating as water
  • Deodorises including fox & badger smells
  • Carries on working after application
  • For itchy dogs and skin complaints
Aqueos Anti-Microbial & Anti-Itching Dog Shampoo, 1 Litre
This works very well and is non prescription.

We have an elderly (15) Poodle cross (Collie) who has become very itchy over the last few years. We have tried adjusting his diet with no avail, even the sensitive skin products made no difference. We took him to the vet who put him on antihistamines over the summer but to be honest they made little if no difference. When we took him to have his hair cut the lady we use told us this is quite common in older age and some Poodle type dogs seem to be more susceptible.

She gave us a check list to go through which was very comprehensive, we did everything on it from de-fleaing the house (we had none but did it anyway), new bed for him, new on road walking keeping him away from grass and pollen. We did this as an elimination exercise but nothing made any difference.

In desperation we tried this shampoo and it has really made a difference in a couple of weeks. It has not cured the problem but it is greatly reduced and I think with time this will control it. Luckily he loves having a bath.

Talking to our vet he thinks it's just old age as nothing from all the tests he has had indicates otherwise. He still leads a full life and this has really been the only vet problem we have had with him. This is also much cheaper than the prescription shampoo (Malesabb) and works well when Malesabb did not. Maybe it's just him as Malesabb is supposed to be the best at treating this problem but for now we will stick with Aqueous as it is working.
I have been battling skin problems with my Miniature Schnauzer for years and as a result of the good reviews I decided to give this product a go. My friends horse has had a skin problem on his back so she has bought some also to try.

The shampoo doesn't lather up much, it feels quite watery and thin. This isn't a negative, on the contrary, its because it doesn't have any foaming agents in which are usually the cause of skin problems.

Once dry after her first bath her skin was calmer and she seemed alot more settled and less itchy. I have used the shampoo twice on her now and its still worked well. Her hair is left clean and silky too.

My white miniature schnauzer has got pink paws as a result of biting and chewing them. I washed them using this shampoo and since then (2 days) she hasn't chewed at them once.

I am very pleased with this product and will be buying it again.
An impressive shampoo. I have compared it against Malacetic (vets) and the D10 . The Malacetic is pricey. The D10 can be used without the worry of getting in the pets eyes. The Aqueos is great value for money, like the Malacetic must be kept clear of the pets eyes. I have a dog that has been allergy tested and was rated out of 1-15 she scored a 12-15 with everything but foods! I keep the D10 for facial flare ups and the Aqueos for both bath times and a daily wipe. I dilute a small drop in a sink bowl (which I keep for the dog) with a damp j cloth I wipe her all over on our returned walks. My pet had a bad set of sores on her underside and I gently wiped her and after two days I could see the flare up was clearing. I have also noticed a decrease in scratting The diluted solution is far cheaper than the Malacetic wipes but on the same principle. I must add this as taken me three years of trail and error (not forgetting the expense) to reach a more comfortable place for my pet. My dog also takes Piriton twice daily. I would advise that you do seek out the allergies your pet has from a vet.
My dog has been scratching constantly andafter endless trips to the vet without success I came across this product. The result has been fantastic and whilst the scratching has not completely stopped it has improved significantly. Well worth it.
lovely to use and smelt fresh ,dogs itching was relived and shiny coat would reccommend well considered ingredients and value
My westie started with a skin condition at 10 years of age. The shampoo from the vet is so expensive for a small bottle and my poor little chap has to stand shivering for 10 minutes each time I bath him. This product is brilliant. He does not have to wait for the bath to finish - he is showered, soaped up and rinsed. His coat is soft and white and fluffy. His skin is no longer dry and sore and with the meds he is on his fur is finally growing back as he does not pull it out now. Large bottle that is lasting even though bathing is happening every week. I love this product. Will buy more once I have used this up.
Great value, used it straight away on Stella my English bull terrier who suffer from superficial pyoderma (hot spots), she stopped itching and scratching right after her shower. So happy I found this product as the hibiscrub (chlorhexidine) just made her skin very dry and costs a fortune from the vets. Will be buying again and recommending to family and friends for their furbabies
My long haired GSD developed a smell that was repulsive and would not go. After three tries by the vet to get rid of it, I bought this shampoo in desperation. It is fantastic! Worked wonders without any skin irritation; I can not recommend it more highly.
Absolutely amazing. My dog had a skin condition and was going bold due to irritation to the skin. I bought this stuff and it is bringing her fur back and it's stopping her from itching. I love this stuff and will definitely buy it again
Absolutely fantastic shampoo. Great alternative to Malaseb shampoo. Gentle on dogs skin and easy to use.
Easy to apply and no having to leave it on for 10 minutes. Does the job at an anti microbial level.
I bought two bottles and shall be back for more when gone.

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