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Autone Cat Interactive Toy, 3 in 1 LED Light Pointer Pen, USB Rechargeable, Flashlight Pen
  • ♥ Material:Stainless steel .
  • ♥ This toy gives you an opportunity to training your pets.
  • ♥ 3 in 1 function, your pets would love to chase the flash light.
  • ♥ Easy to use and to carry, suitable for indoor and outdoor occasion.
  • ♥ 100% Safe: The LED light is perfectly safe for your cats and dogs to play with.
Autone Pet Teeth Grinding Stone -Mineral Stone Calcium Chew Toy, Hamster Rat Chinchilla Rabbit Teeth Grinder, Random Color (S)
  • ❤ Made of natural minerals,it is good for pets.
  • ❤ You can fix on the cage with a rope, convenient and hygienic.
  • ❤ It helps the small animal to add more nutritive substances during chewing and make it more robust.
  • ❤ The teeth of small rodents grow continuously, owners need to prepare grinding tools for them, or else they will be uncomfortable if their teeth are too long, so as not to affect their food and avoid grinding the nest or cage.
  • ❤ Material: Mineral, Dimensions: S:2x2x2cm(0.79x0.79x0.79in)--- L: 2.5x2.5x2.5cm(0.98x0.98x0.98in)
Autone E27 25/50/75/100W Day Night Reptile Amphibian Bird Snake Heat Lamp Infrared Emitted Bulb Light (White, 75W)
  • ❤ This bulb is uniquely fitted with microelement Neodymium, which provides a light spectrum close to true daylight. It contains UVA rays in bright enough to give you a great and natural view of your reptiles and amphibians.
  • ❤ This bulb converts light into heat and focuses them together in a beam, which provides an ideal hot spot for reptiles which enjoy basking and works well with desert and tropical species.
  • ❤ This bulb simulates a natural moonlight environment for the animals' breeding behaviour, as well as providing the right night temperature for your animals.
  • ❤ Provides light and heat and increases ambient air temperature as required by cold-blooded animals; Encourages natural thermo-regulatory behavior.
  • ❤ Suitable for reptiles, birds, amphibians and small animals;Dimensions: 6.5x10cm/2.56x3.94'';Fitting Type: E27.
Autone Parrot Automatic Water Feeder, Drink Container Food Dispenser Cage Birds Supplies (S)
  • ❤ A feeder is a must-have accessory for breeding parrots.
  • ❤ This type of feeder is automatic and convenient for parrot to drink water.
  • ❤ Easy to install with fixing ring or fix on the gap of cage with groove of feeder.
  • ❤ Size: S: Length: 9.5cm(3.74in)--- Diameter: 4cm(1.57in)--- Trough: 3x0.7cm(1.18x0.28in)
  • ❤ L: Length: 15.5cm(6.10in)--- Diameter: 4cm(1.57in)--- Trough: 3x0.7cm(1.18x0.28in)
Autone Pet Plush Cloud Star Shaped Soft Squeaky Sound Toy, Cute Dog Cat Chew Puppy Kids Toys (Green Star)
  • ♥ Soft and comfortable. No toxic,safe materials.
  • ♥ Squeaky,make sound to attract pets.
  • ♥ Material: Plush, Size: Cloud: 12x8cm(4.72x3.15in), Star: 13x10cm(5.12x3.94in)
  • ♥ This type of toy is made from plush,and cloud or star shaped design is cute and creative that will be definitely popular with your pets.
  • ♥ In addition,pet is always fond of squeaky toys,this toy is including a sound device inside.
Autone Pet Screaming Rabbit Toys, Latex Squeaky Sound Dogs Cats Decompression Toy (Orange)
  • ♥ Material: Latex, Size: app.8cmx17cm/3.15inx6.69in
  • ♥ High quality latex, soft, durable, bite resistant, not easy to break.
  • ♥ Non-odor, non-toxic, totally safe for your pet. A good toy supply to have fun, entertain your pets.
  • ♥ Cute rabbit shape, interesting and entertaining, is totally attractive to your pets.
  • ♥ The built-in voice sounder, when squeezed, will make a sound to relax and release the pressure.
Autone Pet Toy Fat Cat Kitten Teaser Toy, Colorful Mouse Cat Toy With Catmint Catnip, 1PC Random Color
  • ♥ Material: Cloth,Catnip, Width: 5cm(1.97in), Height: 8cm(3.54in)
  • ♥ Chew and bite resistance,durable and great gifts for them.
  • ♥ Catnip inside will attract cat attention and make them crazy,for catnip will excite them.
  • ♥ Mouse design will be popular with them and splendid for them to play with.
Autone Bird Toys Mini Canvas Shoes Chew Bite Decoration Hanging Cage Funny Parrot Craft
  • ♥ This toy is a pc of shoes. Funny and special.
  • ♥ Mini canvas shoes and cute. Chew and bite resistance.
  • ♥ Can be hang on with a ring.
  • ♥ Material: Canvas; Color: Random Delivery
  • ♥ Dimensions: 7.5x3.6x3.7cm/2.95x1.42x1.46''
Autone Cat Self Groomer Pets Hair Removal Tool, Auto Massage Brush Comb With Catnip (Grey)
  • ❤ The self groomer provides easy-access rubbing pleasure for cats, while the durable plastic bristles simultaneously remove loose and shedding hair.
  • ❤ The brush can be snapped in and out of its frame for simple maintenance.
  • ❤ The Self Groomer affixes easily to either flat or corner surfaces and it includes adhesive strips and a supply of catnip.
  • ❤ Your cat will love being able to groom itself while getting a massage at the same time.
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