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Beeztees Grass for Rodents in Plastic Box, 130 g, Pack of 1
  • Rodent grass is a real delicacy for your rodent
  • Rich in fiber which improves the intestinal flora
  • This grass you are always assured of not sprayed grass
  • Operation is simple: you pour water in the pan, so that the grass comes within a few days and can be enjoyed your rodent
  • Content: 130 grams
Beeztees Salt Lic for Hamsters with Retainer, Pack of 1
  • A salt lic promotes your rodent's vitality and health
  • This natural product is comprised of mineral-rich components
  • Including retainer, so the lick is easy to attach to the cage
  • This one is especially made for hamsters
  • Long durability
More options available: beeztees mineral stone for rodents with carrot g pack of 6 160

Beeztees Mineral Stone for Rodents with Carrot, 160 g, Pack of 6 details:

  • A nibble mineral stone supports the natural dental care of your rodent
  • It also prevents your pet from nibbling on other cage supplies
  • Suitable for all kinds of rodents
  • Taste: Carrot
  • Made by Beeztees, the Dutch quality brand for pet supplies

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