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Bettacare Auto Close Matt Black Pet Gate Range (125.4cm-132.4cm)
  • Gate plus extensions fit openings from 125.4cm to 132.4cm
  • Item includes 1x gate, 1x 14.4cm extension and 1x 36cm extension
  • Gate can also be used without extensions to fit openings from 75 to 82cm. Gate can be set to open either way
  • Pressure fitted Stair Gate with Matt Black Finish. Easy Gate Installation Guide
  • One-handed operation with auto close function. Height of gate 75.5cm
Bettacare 2 Bar Extension for Pet Gate, 12.9 cm
  • 2 Bar Extension for Pet Gate 12.9cm
  • Extends the Pet Gate Width to 87.9cm - 95.9cm
  • Width 12.9cm
Bettacare 1 Bar Extension for Pet Gate, 6.4 cm
  • 1 Bar Extension for Pet Gate 6.4cm
  • Extends the Pet Gate Width to 81.4cm - 89.4cm
  • Width 6.4cm
Bettacare Child and Pet Gate Matt Black Range (107.4cm-115cm)
  • Gate plus extension fit openings from 107.4cm to 115cm
  • Item includes 1x gate and 1x 32.4cm extension
  • Gate can also be used without extensions to fit openings from 75 to 83cm
  • Pressure fitted Gate with Matt Black Finish.One-handed operation
  • Gate can be set to open in desired direction. Perfect for children and pets
Callowesse Extra Tall 110cm Pet Gate, Quality Pressure Fitted with 2 Stage Safety Catch and Bottom Security Stop - 75-82cm Extendable to 96cm - Metallic White, Strong Gate Suitable for Big Dogs
  • 2019 NEW and IMPROVED design - Extra tall safety gate standing at 110cm in height
  • Fits openings and doorways within your home between 75 and 82cm, extendable to 96cm with optional extensions (sold separately)
  • Pressure mounted installation suitable for a variety of locations
  • One-handing opening system for added simplicity and ease of use
  • Ideal for pets and preventing them access to rooms of your home
Bettacare Auto Close Pet Gate 75cm - 154cm Gate with Extensions (75cm - 82cm)
  • Pressure Fitted
  • Two Way Opening (Widget on bottom bar can be adjusted to set gate opening towards or from user)
  • Double Locking Mechanism
  • Automatically closing gate
  • The Bettacare Auto Close Stair Gate has been tested and approved to the latest EN1930:2011 Safety Regulations
Bettacare Extra Wide Hallway Pet Gate White 121.8cm - 127.8cm
  • Gate plus extension fit openings from 97cm - 152.6cm.
  • Pressure fitted white powder-coated steel gate
  • One-handed operation with push-to-shut function
  • Two way opening with double locking mechanism
Bettacare Gate with Lockable Cat Flap Extension (12.9cm)
  • Single 6.4cm
  • Double 12.9cm
  • Triple 32.4cm
  • Compatible with BettaCare Child and Pet gates and Cat Flap Pet Gates
Bettacare Expandable Pet Barrier XL 60 to 230cm
  • Fits openings from 60cm to 230cm
  • Height of gate is 79 cm
  • Durable Natural wood finish
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