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D-10 Anti-Fungal/Anti-Bacterial Dog Care Pack
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shampoo and skin ointment
  • Shampoo leaves coats looking clean, shining and lustrous
  • Inhibits fungal and bacterial growth
  • Ointment helps keep skin in a healthy condition
  • Industry approved ingredients
D-10 Anti-Fungal/Anti-Bacterial Dog Ointment, 50 g
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial dog skin ointment
  • Helps keep skin in a healthy condition
  • Water-resistant, moisturizing and odorless
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Industry approved ingredients
Aqueos Anti-bacterial Dog Shampoo, 1 Litre
  • KILLS 99.999% Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses
  • Mild shampoo, Alcohol & Bleach Free, Same chemical hazard rating as water
  • Deodorises including fox & badger smells
  • Carries on working after application
  • For itchy dogs and skin complaints
More options available: - Dog Shampoo - Anti-Fungal/Bacterial - "No Tears" - Produces a Healthy, Shiny Coat - D-10 250ml

D-10 - Dog Shampoo - Anti-Fungal/Bacterial - "No Tears" - Produces a Healthy, Shiny Coat - 250ml details:

  • Rapidly breaks the 'itch / scratch' cycle
  • Will produce a healthy, shiny coat.
  • Easy to rinse out and comb through your dog's coat.
  • An excellent everyday dog shampoo.
Our gentle D-10 Shampoo is unique in two ways. Firstly, we are the only pet company using sucrose esters, so our shampoo is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial - it is not a medicine. Secondly, it can be used both to tackle skin problems as well as acting as an excellent everyday dog shampoo. D-10 Shampoo is a highly effective way to help tackle many skin problems and maintain the health of a dog's skin and coat. Using it rapidly breaks the 'itch / scratch' cycle, calming the dog and aiding the healing process. D-10 Shampoo is also an excellent general shampoo to keep a dog's coat clean, healthy and naturally glossy (we don't use silicone). As it does not contain soap, it is easier to rinse out and comb your dog's coat afterwards, without snagging. Our biodegradable D-10 Shampoo has a pleasant natural smell - we don't add any perfume as this can irritate a dog's skin. D-10 Shampoo will not sting your dog's eyes. We are proud to say that our D-10 Shampoo is manufactured in the UK.

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