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Dog Skin Balm for itchy dogs, the original UK-made 100% Natural Dog Balm for dry skin, itchiness, grooming and care.
  • Dog balm skin soother for itching, allergies, dry skin, rough elbows, all dry skin conditions
  • Dog skin allergy treatment, all natural and organic ingredients soothe irritated skin
  • Natural dog skin cream works fast yet gently on your dog's skin, made especially for dogs
  • The Original UK-made 100% Natural balm for dogs, created and produced by us in the UK with premium ingredients
  • 60mls tin. Chemical-free,cruelty-free, lick-safe, 100% Natural. Made in Great Britain by proper Dog People!
Johnsons Vet Skin Eez Cream, 50g
  • A traditional, soothing sulphur cream with other natural ingredients.
  • Aids relief of minor skin affections in dogs, cats, small animals and cage birds.
  • Gentle, readily absorbed and easy to apply.
Anicura Natural Dog Gel Ointment for dry & itchy skin, hot spots, eczema & skin allergies
  • The naturally active ingredients Sea Buckthorn & Apple Cider Vinegar to soothe and repair the skin. The Gel Ointment forms a soft layer over the skin to provide protection.
  • Irritated and sore skin will find quick relief, making the Gel Ointment highly suitable for open scabs and wounds, hot spots and otherwise irritated skin.
  • The pump application allows you to use in more difficult areas like the paws and face wrinkles.
  • Anicura products only contain the finest oils, minerals and vitamins. Suitable for use on all pets and on broken skin. Also safe if your dog licks the affected skin after applying Anicura.
Petnat Dermacton Cream for ITCHY Dogs - Professionally recommended, fast natural relief for itching, sore skin & hair loss.
  • ✅ RAPIDLY STOPS ITCHING & SCRATCHING - Contains highly effective natural ingredients, which work quickly to stop itching & scratching.
  • ✅ CALMS SORE IRRITATED SKIN - and safe to use on sore broken skin.
  • ✅ FAST HAIR REGROWTH - Promotes rapid hair regrowth - Perfect for bald areas. Highly effective too for black skin or thickened skin. The nourishing qualities of Dermacton Cream help to get the skin back into healthy condition and encourages hair re-growth.
  • ✅ QUICK, EASY & PLEASANT TO USE - High quality, non-greasy cream with pure essential oils & herbal extracts. The easily absorbed petroleum-free base means easy application & quick to soak in to the skin.
  • ✅ ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTIFUNGAL AND NATURAL WITH NO STEROIDS - Contains our unique Dermacton formula, using specifically chosen natural ingredients for their fantastic anti-itch & soothing properties, plus skin repairing properties
Johnsons Veterinary Products Tea Tree Skin Calm Pump Spray
  • With aloe vera
  • Soothes and calms skin irritations
  • Antiseptic, anti-fungal and promotes natural healing. for dogs
EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula - 237 ml. For Itch, Head Shaking, Discharge & Smell. Natural Multi Symptom Ear Cleaner for Dogs with Ear Infections Due to Mites, Yeast & Bacteria. 100% Satisfaction.
  • DOG EAR MULTI SYMPTOM TREATMENT MADE FROM NATURAL INGREDIENTS, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! - Itch, smell, and gunk gone in as soon as 2-3 days. Helps restore dogs ears to healthy condition in 7-10 days. Just like a prescription dog ear infection medicine, EcoEars clears the ear problems fast. Just fill the ear canal and gently massage base of your dogs ear.
  • THE BEST DOG EAR CLEANER -- TOP RATED PRODUCT - Includes no pharmaceuticals, synthetic chemicals, hydrocortisone (steroids) or antibiotics. The ears of your dog can be really sensitive. Choose our high quality dog ear cleaner to help prevent infections. If you see signs of dirt, irritation, parasites or you know you have a dog ear infection, EcoEars will help.
  • EAR MULTI SYMPTOM FORMULA FOR DOGS - Helps destroy antibiotic-resistant organisms in dog's ears. This natural dog ear cleaner also helps to eliminate wax buildup and redness. If you include this in your weekly grooming routine, and after water activities, you will help keep your dog's ears safe and healthy. If you notice that your dog tends to develop earwax, or has excessive hair in the ears, you need to clean them more often (according to the blog writer of dogsaholic.com).
  • NATURAL EAR CLEANER FOR DOGS FOR IMMEDIATE RELIEF - Keep your dog's ears healthy and in tip-top shape by applying EcoEars ear cleaning solution for dogs. Helps break down wax and crust that may have accumulated in your dogs ears. Apply our dog natural ear cleaner for dogs for fast, safe results.
  • FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US BY EMAIL FOR ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE - Dog ear yeast infection and other allergies can cause scratching, and this leads to mild ear irritations. In this case, you will need to assure proper care with our dog multi symptom treatment. The ear cleaner is specially formulated to promote faster healing of ear infections.
Anicura Natural Dog Spray for dry & itchy skin, eczema, dermatitis & skin allergies
  • Natural Spray for itchy & dry skin, irritated skin, eczema, hot spots and other skin allergies
  • Quickly calms your dog's skin. Helps to break the itch-scratch cycle and supports the healing process of your dog's skin.
  • Anicura Dog Spray will absorb rapidly and deeply into your dog's skin. If your dog has very sore skin you do not need to rub the spray in as it will absorb by itself.
  • Anicura products only contain the finest oils, minerals and vitamins. Suitable for use on all pets and on broken skin. Also safe if your dog licks the affected skin after applying Anicura.
100% Natural Dry Skin & Itch Itchy Pet Balm - Sensitive, Allergenic and Irritable Skin Conditions- Dogs/Cats/Pets 100ml
  • Natural soothing and nourishing multi functional Itch relief skin.balm. Soothing on skin and Pads
  • Suitable for dry irritated sensitive, allergenic skin, pad inflammation , hot spot, sweet itch and sunspots on ears, skin fold dermatitis, lip dermatitis
  • Promotes cell regeneration, repair, hair growth and healthy skin.
  • Non Toxic safe ingredients. Suitable for dogs, cats, horses and other domestic pets
  • Contains No Chemicals, Colourants or Preservatives.
Pets Purest Scottish Salmon Oil For Dogs, Cats, Horses, Ferrets & Pets - 100% Pure Premium Food Grade - Natural Omega 3, 6 & 9 Supplement - Promotes Coat, Skin, Joint and Brain Health
  • NO MORE ITCHY, DRY SKIN: This Pure Salmon Oil from Pets Purest is an all-natural fish oil supplement designed to help pets of all sizes look and feel great. Our liquid formula is capsule free so that it's easy to give to pets with their food. It has been proven to reduce itching and reduce dry skin.
  • PACKED WITH POWERFUL AND PROVEN OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: Our premium Salmon Oil is packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids derived from EPA and DHA. These all-natural nutrients help to keep animal coats soft while supporting overall health. It's great for small, medium and large breeds alike.
  • HELP YOUR PET STAY IN GREAT SHAPE: The rich fatty acids found in our Pure Salmon Oil have been shown to support joint function and heart and immune system health. Our tasty supplement is proven to nourish your pet from the inside out with no fuss.
  • A TREAT FOR PETS THAT'S EASY AND MESS-FREE TOO: Maybe you've tried to give your dog or cat salmon oil capsules before and found that it just didn't work. That's why our Pure Salmon Oil is in liquid form. Simply pump the appropriate amount on your pet's meal, and the hard work is done. The oil has a natural, delicious taste that appeals to cats and dogs of all breeds.
  • MADE WITH ONLY THE PUREST 100% NATURAL SCOTTISH SALMON OIL: At Pets Purest, we love our four-legged friends. That's why we make only the purest supplements for cats and dogs. Our Pure Salmon Oil supplement features all-natural ingredients and is made in Britain.
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