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GROOM PROFESSIONAL Baby Fresh Shampoo, 250 ml
  • Excellent cleaning power. suitable for all coat types.
  • , talc fragrance
  • Contains aloe vera to soothe skin
  • Dilutes at a ratio of 20:1
  • Comes in 250ml bottle with applicator lid for easy use
GROOM PROFESSIONAL Baby Fresh Shampoo, 4 Litre
  • Features the popular baby powder scent
  • Cleanses deeply, yet gently
  • Leaves a soft, plush and beautifully fresh coat
  • Contains aloe vera to help nourish the coat and skin
  • Suitable for all breeds and puppies over 8 weeks
Johnson's Vet Manuka Honey 2-In-1 Shampoo, 400 ml
  • Johnson's Manuka Honey Shampoo & Conditioner is formulated to provide soothing cleansing and conditioning of all types of coat, leaving it feeling soft, glossy, tangle-free and smelling fresh
  • The shampoo deodorises and conditions the skin and coat
  • It is calming and soothing for pets with sensitive skin and with its natural anti-bacterial qualities
  • It is particularly suitable for use with terriers and other breeds which may have greasy fur and skin
  • Also ideal for use with horses, to cleanse and condition the coat and skin
Pretty Pooch® Gentle Touch Dog Shampoo & Conditioner - 2 Litres (Baby Powder Fragrance) - A Non-itchy, Professional Deep Cleaning Shampoo for Dogs with Sensitive Skin! (2 Litre Baby Powder)
  • Deep cleaning, perfectly pH balanced conditioning shampoo with a beautiful baby powder fragrance
  • Perfect for pampered pooches, with organic wheat proteins to naturally condition your dog's fur
  • Cleans, deodorises and helps to detangle knots for a stress-free bath time!
  • Ideal for dogs with itchy, sensitive skin with added glycerine oil to help reduce skin dryness
  • Generous 2L bottle. Soft and gentle formula. Safe for puppies over 6 weeks old. Suitable for all breeds. Suitable for all coat textures.
Dirty Talk Deodorizing Shampoo, 16.1 oz Yummy Orange
  • Yummy Orange scented deodorising shampoo - great for dogs that love rolling in the smelly stuff
  • This powerful yet gentle formula actually neutralises odours - doesn't just cover them up
  • Baking soda and ordenone deodorise and freshen the coat. Vegetable proteins help build body and elasticity and leave the coat looking fuller and luscious
  • All Pet Head formulas are manufactured in the USA to human quality standards. They are pH balanced for dogs and free of petroleum derivatives and DEA and will not harm your dog if licked or swallowed
  • Fresh and unique fragrances ensure your pooch will smell great and is one of the key features that differentiates Pet Head from other brands
Groom Professional Coconut Moisturising Shampoo, 4 Litre
  • Designed for dogs with dry coats and skin
  • Contains coconut oil to help moisturise the coat
  • Fresh, coconut scent
  • Leaves the coat soft and plush
  • Suitable for all breeds and puppies over 8 weeks
DermOpt 6 in 1 VET CREATED Itchy Dog Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturiser, Detangle PLUS Eliminates Stinky, Smelly Germs. Soothes Sensitive, Itching Skin & Allergies. SLS, Paraben & Scent-Free (250ml)
  • VET DERMATOLOGIST CREATED, GROOMER APPROVED - DOG SHAMPOO for SENSITIVE, ITCHY SKIN - ELIMINATES DOG SMELLS: Unlike other shampoo and conditioner combos for itchy skin dogs, DermOpt uses specially formulated MEDICAL GRADE INGREDIENTS that WORK IN HARMONY with YOUR DOGS SKIN to LIFT & REMOVE UNWANTED IMPURITIES, provide adequate air flow and open pores - critical if you want your pet to release the root cause of skin irritations and the germs that cause that yeasty doggy smell.
  • NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDED - DON'T OVERPAY for MEDICATED DOG SHAMPOO: Customers say "WHAT A JOY!", to this VET VERIFIED PET SAFE groomers shampoo and say it works as well if not better than Malaseb sensitive skin shampoo for dogs and cats, without paying through the nose or making a special trip to the vet. Best of all, it WON'T IRRITATE or DRY OUT SKIN like you'll see in the reviews from competing brands - because it is 100% (Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free) SLS-FREE, PARABEN-FREE & SCENT-FREE
  • FASTEST ACTING DOG & PUPPY SHAMPOO - SAFELY BEGINS SOOTHING ON CONTACT - STOPS MAD SCRATCHING: You love your pet so of course you want the fastest relief possible from dry, itchy, irritated, swollen, raw or wound covered skin, right? Customers rave about how this QUICKLY CALMS the skin your pet can't seem to stop scratching plus MAINTAINS OPTIMAL SKIN CONDITIONS and helps keep your dogs dermis in balance for smoother skin you can see within 2 to 3 washes.
  • BEST VALUE - ULTRA CONCENTRATED - A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: You've likely done your research so you already know that many of the cheaply made dog shampoos dry out your pets' skin, and you know how that ends. While our price tag may look a bit higher at first, customers say "THIS SHAMPOO IS GOLD, WORTH EVERY PENNY!" Beyond the fact that IT LASTS LONGER because you NEED TO USE SO LITTLE, it's the EASIEST TO APPLY & RINSES OUT COMPLETELY saving you time and frustration.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY, BALANCED SKIN & A SOFT, SILKY, GLOWING COAT - GUARANTEED: Beloved by vets for its' ability to nourish and rebalance skin, and by groomers for its ability to create a soft, silky, glowing coat that shimmers in the light. In fact, customers say, "IT WORKS MIRACLES", and "RESULTS = HAPPY, SHINY, ITCH-FREE DOG & ONE HAPPY DOG PARENT!" Add it to your cart now. TRY IT 100% RISK-FREE. You'll love your results or we'll happily refund your investment under our NO QUIBBLES GUARANTEE.
Dog Shampoo for Smelly Dogs and Itchy Sensitive Skin - Medicated Conditioner Puppy Safe - 500ml
  • CRUELTY FREE NATURAL SHAMPOO FOR DOGS: We use only the Highest Quality Natural Cruelty Free Essential Oil Blends, Expect Superb Coat Shine, Itch Relief and Skin Healing from Our Product: No More Uncomfortable Dog Walks Or Worries Of Skin Damage
  • PUPPY SAFE ESSENTIAL OILS: Used By Leading Professional Dog Groomers, Our Unique Handmade Shampoo Is Perfectly PH Balanced and Paraben Free, Ensuring The Very Best Coat and Sensitive Itchy Skin Protection
  • VITAMIN E RICH NON TOXIC NON IRRITANT FORMULA: No More Worries About Harmful Treatments, Our Products Are Always Cruelty Free and Natural Resulting In Fast Healing and Repairing Of Dog Coat and Skin: Vitamin E is Great for Moisturising and Restoring Cracked or Damaged Areas Of Your Dog or Puppy's Coat and Skin
  • LOW LATHERING EASY APPLICATION PRODUCT: Works Easily into Dogs Coat and Gets To Work Quickly Soothing and Relieving Itchy Skin and Protecting Against Any Further Coat or Skin Damage: Great Antibacterial and Anti-fungal protection
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Our Cruelty Free Dog Shampoo is Backed By Our Leading Manufacturer 30Day Money Back Guarantee
Animology Fox Poo Deodorising Dog Shampoo 250ml
  • Deep cleaning shampoo which helps to breakdown dirt and oily substances
  • Deodorising to help remove bad odours, including Fox Poo
  • Built in conditioners and pro-vitamin B5
  • Easy rinse technology for a quicker wash time and reduced chance of irritation
  • 100% vegan dog shampoo
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