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Easidri Super Absorbent Pet & Equestrian Grooming Towel - Large (85cmx66cm) Can Also be Used to Keep Large Dogs & HorsesCool
  • Super absorbent, reduces grooming times by up to 60%
  • Re-Usable, machine washable
  • Can be disinfected for extra protection and to reduce odours
  • Tough and durable, resists tearing and shredding
  • Resistant to most chemicals
Easidri Pet and Equestrian Grooming Towel for Dog/ Horse/ Around The Home, M, 68 cm/ 43 cm
  • Ideal for dogs
  • Super-absorbent, it reduces grooming time by up to 60%
  • Easidri is re-usable, machine washable and can be disinfected for extra protection to eliminate odours
  • It is tough and durable and resists tearing and shredding
  • 68cm x 43cm
Superior Quality Large Microfibre Towel (130cm x 75cm) - Lightweight Compact Microfibre Towel - Soft, Absorbent, Quick Drying Travel, Hiking, Caravan,
  • SPACE SAVING & COMPACT - Microfibre Towel takes up approx.1/8th of the space of a standard cotton towel. Size of towel when open 75cm x 130cm. Size of towel in nylon zip bag just 13.5cm (W) x 21.5cm (H) x 3.5cm (D). A great space saving towel option for camping, travel, sports, workouts, the beach, hiking, backpacking, golf, yoga & pilates
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT - 100% microfibre (200gsm) - 85% polyester 15% polyamide. Soft to touch and comfortable to use. Soaks up water like a sponge so dries your body fast
  • QUICK DRYING & ANTI-BACTERIAL - Fast drying microfibre travel towel dries four times faster than a standard towel and includes a useful press stud hang loop. Anti-bacterial treatment for odour prevention. The perfect travel towel, gym towel or sports towel
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - 6 times lighter than a standard cotton towel of the same size. Just 250g in carry bag & approx.200g without bag. Takes up very little space in your travel bag, gym bag or sports bag
  • VERSATILE - because this is a large, light weight, compact, absorbent and fast dry towel it is extremely versatile. Also makes a superb pet towel
Synthetic PVA Chamois Pet Towel Dog Cat Groomer's Super Absorbent Drying Towel
  • 100% brand new and high quality .
  • Strong water absorption capacity.
  • Soft and delicate touch.
  • Environmental PVA materials, to prevent bacteria invade and multiply.
  • Fabric: PVA
Easidri - Pet/Equestrian Towel Small 43cm x 32cm
  • Brand New Item
  • Pet Grooming
  • Discount For Multi-Item Purchases
  • Express Shipping Available
Dry Dog Bag Towel – Large ★ Keeps your Dog, Home and Car Clean & Dry ★ Super Absorbent 365 GSM Microfibre & Long Lasting YKK Zip
  • ✔ SUPER ABSORBANT MICROFIBRE traps 10x more moisture than household towels and dries your dog in Minutes. Perfect after Muddy Walks, Swimming or Sandy Beaches.
  • ✔ Large Size - (56cm Neck, 107cm Long, 82cm High) Great for Basset Hound, Bearded & Border Collie, Boxer, Dalmatian, Labrador, Setter, Springer Spaniel etc.
  • ✔ SNUG, WARM & COMFY Not only does the Dog Bag keep your Car and Home Spotlessly Clean, there'll be No more smelly towels. Simply give your bag a quick shake or Machine Washable up to 60°C
  • ✔ HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS We only use the Very Best Premium materials including 365 GSM Microfiber & Genuine YKK Zips. This ensures your dog bag is Strong, Long Lasting and won't let you down like so many of the poor quality competitors on the market.
  • ✔ 100% GUARANTEE Made by Dog lovers for Dog lovers. So confidant are we that this is the best there is for your Dog, we offer a full 90 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
Puppy Training Pads 100 5 Extra FREE|60cm x 60cm New Super Absorbent Size|This New Unique 5 Layer Solution Protects Laminated Floors Carpets From
  • Super absorbent 5 layer pads the moisture is locked away as a gel not a liquid
  • These puppy pads don't slip, don't leak, good size and are easy to collect up and throw away
  • Always good for the occasions when you are out of the house for long periods
  • They absorb the smell and are unscented
  • Definitely an advantage over newspaper
Pack of 20 Super Absorbent Premium Puppy Dog Training Pads 60 x 45cm by World of Pets
  • Pads lock in moisture to stop leakage and keep pet dry
  • Features 5 highly absorbent layers ensure less mess
  • Approximate Size: 60x45cm
  • 1 x Pack of 20 pads for easy storage
PoochOneZee® Dry Fast Dog Bag - Water, Mud and Dirt Super Absorbent Microfibre Solution with Thick Velcro Neck Strap Brown (large)
  • KEEP YOUR BELOVED PET, CAR AND HOME NICE AND CLEAN even after messy walks or baths - Super-absorbent bag for dogs is made from top quality microfiber; it absorbs much more water and slobber than standard towels. It retains sand and mud too!
  • SHAKE AND GO - TOP QUALITY MICROFIBRE PoochOneZee® DRIES MUCH FASTER than regular cotton. It doesn't stay damp and smell and you can use it MORE and wash it LESS. Just give it a quick shake and it's good to go again. It's easy to wash too: machine washable at 60c and can be tumble dried.
  • PoochOneZee® EASIEST WAY OF DRYING YOUR DOGGY - Zip your doggie up, fasten THICK velcro strap around the neck and rub like you do with a regular towel. Leave it in the car for after muddy escapades, rainy walks, or trips to the beach. Before you get home, your dog will be dry! A must have if your dog is a swimmer!
  • Packaged in its own HANDY LITTLE REUSABLE BAG - makes it easy to store and carry. Comes with a funky leather key chain!
  • Suitable for: X LARGE - German Shepherd, Husky, Labradoodle, Golden Retriever and similar size dogs; Sizing guidelines may differ dog to dog. Please choose your size after taking every measurement listed and consider any other unique traits. Please see the pictures (no 4 & no 5) for detailed size description.
Super Absorbent Puppy Toilet Training Pads 60cm x 45cm Easipet (150)(FED 702x1)
  • Super Absorbant Puppy Training Pads
  • 60cm x 45cm, available in packs of 150 or 300
  • Designed to make house training your pet easier
  • Locks in moisture to prevent leakage and keep pet dry
  • Leak proof protection for your floor and carpets
Puppy Dog Pet House Training Trainer Pads Super Absorbent Wee Covers Mats (20)
More options available: easidri super absorbent pet equestrian grooming towel large can a 85cmx66cm

Easidri Super Absorbent Pet & Equestrian Grooming Towel - Large (85cmx66cm) Can Also be Used to Keep Large Dogs & HorsesCool details:

  • Super absorbent, reduces grooming times by up to 60%
  • Re-Usable, machine washable
  • Can be disinfected for extra protection and to reduce odours
  • Tough and durable, resists tearing and shredding
  • Resistant to most chemicals
Easidri is a very absorbent equine and pet grooming towel that dries wet horses and ponies very easily and really quickly - so quickly, that tests show reductions over normal grooming times by up to 60% This is perfect for a horse, pony or large dog after a shampoo. Easidri is super absorbent, starts to act immediately and actually retains water like a natural sea sponge It comes in three sizes: the big towel, perfect for horses, ponies and big dogs, is 85cm x 66cm, the medium one is 68cm x 43cm and the small one at 43cm x 32cm is ideal for dogs, cats and other small pets - it's also perfect for drying the face and legs of horses Perfect for all-year-round use, Easidri has its own container designed for re-use, which comes with a built in hanging cord. This product can also be used to keep dogs cool in hot conditions. The towel is ideal for use as a saddle cloth and can help in the prevention of saddle rub.