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Easidri Pet and Equestrian Grooming Towel for Dog/ Horse/ Around The Home, L, 85 cm/ 66 cm
  • Ideal for horses, ponies and large dogs.
  • Super-absorbent, it reduces grooming time by up to 60%
  • Easidri is re-usable, machine washable and can be disinfected for extra protection to eliminate odours
  • It is tough and durable and resists tearing and shredding
  • 85cm x 66cm
More options available: easidri super absorbent pet equestrian grooming towel large can a 85cmx66cm

Easidri Super Absorbent Pet & Equestrian Grooming Towel - Large (85cmx66cm) Can Also be Used to Keep Large Dogs & HorsesCool details:

  • Super absorbent, reduces grooming times by up to 60%
  • Re-Usable, machine washable
  • Can be disinfected for extra protection and to reduce odours
  • Tough and durable, resists tearing and shredding
  • Resistant to most chemicals
Easidri is a very absorbent equine and pet grooming towel that dries wet horses and ponies very easily and really quickly - so quickly, that tests show reductions over normal grooming times by up to 60% This is perfect for a horse, pony or large dog after a shampoo. Easidri is super absorbent, starts to act immediately and actually retains water like a natural sea sponge It comes in three sizes: the big towel, perfect for horses, ponies and big dogs, is 85cm x 66cm, the medium one is 68cm x 43cm and the small one at 43cm x 32cm is ideal for dogs, cats and other small pets - it's also perfect for drying the face and legs of horses Perfect for all-year-round use, Easidri has its own container designed for re-use, which comes with a built in hanging cord. This product can also be used to keep dogs cool in hot conditions. The towel is ideal for use as a saddle cloth and can help in the prevention of saddle rub.

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