Easipet Dog Cage, 30-inch, Pink

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Easipet 30" Pink Cage with Pink Fleece Dog Bed
  • This is a new foldable pink dog cage with a pink fleece bed
  • Cage: 30" long x 21"wide x 24" high (76cm x 53cm x 60cm)
  • Bed: Outer 30" long x 23" wide x 8" high (75cm x 58cm x 19cm) Inner 24" long x 16" wide (60cm x 40cm)
  • Cage has metal removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Made by easipet
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Easipet Dog Cage, 30-inch, Pink details:

  • This is a new foldable heavy duty pink dog cage with 2 doors
  • 30" long x 21" wide x 24" high
  • 76cm long x 53cm wide x 60cm high
  • Metal removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Made by easipet
Please read all instructions and recommendations carefully before using pet cage. It is important that your dog/puppy feels safe, happy and secure using cage before being left alone. An anxious or agitated pet should not be left alone as may cause severe damage to the cage or your pet. You must train your pet before leaving them alone in the cage. With proper training your dog/puppy will look upon their cage as their den and feel perfectly at home. The pet should not feel isolated or alone when using the cage. The cage should not be used for punishment. Do not leave in direct sunlight or area where dog can overheat. Do not rush the training process and ensure that pet is happy before closing door or leaving alone for any period of time. Initially do not lock cage door until pet is happy to use cage. If you have any problems or anxieties, please seek advice from your local vet.

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