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COVVY Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Cleaner Brush- Scrubber Floating Clean Brush For Aquatic Algae Cleaning-Big Medium Small Size (S) (L, Blue)
  • ✔Brand new packaging & multiple sizes : L: 10.5*5.5*7.4cm, suitable for 80-150cm fish tank and fish tank thickness < 15mm;M:9.5*4.5*7.4cm,suitable for 50-80cm fish tank and fish tank thickness < 12mm;S:7*3.7*7cm,suitable for about 50cm fish tank and fish tank thickness < 8mm
  • ✔Floating Design : Because of powerful magnetic attraction, as you move the outer magnet, the inside magnet follows, hence cleans the glass.The internal floating avoids the brush sinking in the bottom of aquarium and makes it convenient to take it out of the tank.
  • ✔Multi-functions : Soft anti-slippery handle can make your hand comfortable and improve your cleaning action,while anti-scratch cleaning pads are highly efficient in removing algae from glass Labor saving and time saving.
  • ✔Special Design: Our Magnetic Fish Tank Brush is consisted of a wiping surface, an internal magnet, an external magnet and a non-slip grip.this streamline design is so artistic and pleasing to the eye.
  • ✔Apply Of All Kinds of Fish Tanks: Whether your fish tank is big or small; square or rectangular, our fish tank magnetic brush is your best choice.But please do not use it on acrylic glass fish tank.
5 x Oxygenating Weed Live Pond Plant ELODEA DENSA - Also Aquarium Aquatic Plants
  • Egeria Densa dense water weed common name pond weed, this is one of the best growers and there is no issue with cultivation. Home is southeast Brazil and Argentina. The dense variety displays extremely thick compact leaf growth along the stem, excellent oxygenator and is currently used within education for photosynthesis experiments. Grows well in ponds and aquariums.
  • Area/Height: Background 60-80cm CO2: 10-20mg/l
  • Light/Temperature: high-medium / 1-28 degrees C
  • Growth/PH: very fast / 5-9 Water hardness: soft to very hard
  • Reduces Blanketweed And green water - Not shrimp safe 5 strands in ceramic
Biotope Aquatics Ltd 1 x live aquarium bulb - NYMPHAEA RUBRA Red Tiger Zenkeri Lotus - plant tropical fish tank hide for betta
  • 1 x Aquarium Bulb - we aim to send with small shoots of growth, on occasions this may not be possible
  • Beautiful red and brown spotted foliage with red/pink flowers once established
  • Has leaves which will float on the water surface making them great hiding places for small fish or fry
  • Tolerates wide range of water conditions (between 6.5 and 8 pH) and grow in both low and high light levels
Biotope Aquatics Ltd - 10 x Oxygenating Weed Live Pond Plant ELODEA DENSA - Also Aquarium Aquatic Plants
Powcan Aquarium Light 72 LED Aquarium Lighting with IR Controller Fish Tank Light with Extendable Brackets for 55-80cm Aquariums, 24/7 Automated Suitable for Plant Growth, Fish and Aquatic Keeping
  • 【Day/Night Management】-- Aquarium lighting can gradually mimics the effect of a slow sunrise, bright daylight and gentle sunset, providing underwater animals and plants with a natural lighting cycle. By pressing DEMO key on the remote control, can quick demonstrate and view light display in the day/at night circulating for 24 hours.
  • 【Multiple Weather Setting】-- Just press the buttons on the IR controller, your fishes will enjoy 4 weather effects, which includes cloudy, lightning, sunny, moonlight. Under such light, the charming beauty of the water is at a glance. It reduces ecological essence and creates a fancy underwater world.
  • 【Adjustable Light】-- With RGB and white lights, 5 lighting modes(All white mode, blue & white mode, blue mode, lightning mode, energy-saving mode) and brightness adjustable(10%-100%) are perfect for strong plant growth while bringing vivid colors and can create an amazing atmosphere for fish, inverts, live rock and corals.
  • 【High Quality】-- Fish tank light is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, and has good heat dissipation effect. It totally has 72 highlight LED lamp beads(48 white & 24 RGB) with full-spectrum. Can be widely used in plant planting, fish tank, ecological landscape, algae cultivation and some other occasions.
  • 【Easy Installation】-- The size of the led aquarium light is 55cm x 10cm x 2cm. With 2 adjustable mounting brackets, each side can be extended to extra 17cm. Perfectly fits aquarium tank from 55cm to 80cm in length. Can be used over a glass aquarium cover or panel.
10 Java Fern Microsorium pteropus Live Aquarium Plants Aquatic Plants For Your Fish Tank
  • Java Fern Microsorum pteropus widespread in tropical aisa. Java fern produces numerous leaves of different shapes and sizes. completely undemanding and perfect for beginners. java fern goes well when the rhizomes are anchored to rocks or drift wood or coconut matting, It grows well under low-medium light but really under strong lighting. 10 x individual java fern supplied - NOT shrimp safe
  • Area/Height: Background up to 40cm
  • Light/Temperature: Strong - medium - low / 22-28 degrees C
  • Growth/PH: slow to moderate / 5-8 -- CO2: 0-10mg/l
  • Water softness: Very soft to hard -- NOT shrimp safe -- 10 x individual java fern supplied
Java Fern Microsorium pteropus Live Aquarium Plants Aquatic Plant Fish Tank (5)
  • Java Fern
  • Live Aquatic Plant
  • Please pick quantity
  • single rooted plants
50 Live Aquarium Plants Tropical Aquatic Plants for your fish tank
  • Selection of true aquatic species of top quality aquarium plants
  • Includes selection of both rooted plants and stem cuttings - Stem plants - do not have roots but will soon grow these in a couple of weeks once planted
  • Plants in a range of species, sizes and colours for a complete setup
  • These plants are rinsed and soaked but not guaranteed completely shrimp or snail free. Soaking in a strong alkaline solution and then thoroughly rinsing before adding to the tank can resolve this, please contact us if you need details on this
  • Plants are checked before sale and holding tanks are regularly treated but on very rare occasions an odd snail or eggs slip through - we advise checking your plants before adding to the aquarium
Pettex Roman Gravel Aquatic Roman Gravel, 2 Kg, Natural Alpine White
  • Suitable for all types of aquariums including coldwater, tropical and marine
  • Increased surface area allows for improved anaerobic activity
  • Makes the perfect planting medium due to its finer size
  • Suitable for bottom feeders and barbed fish
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