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Get Off My Garden Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Crystals 400 g
  • Discourages cats and dogs from fouling lawns and gardens
  • Covers 40sq meters
  • Effective in all weather conditions
  • Also effective on foxes
Get Off My Garden Cat & Dog Repellent - 33% Extra Free - 600g for the price of 450g!
  • Discourages cats & dogs from fouling on lawns and gardens
  • Strong scent confuses cats and dogs & Effective in all weather
  • Approved for use on concrete, paving and around lawns and plants beds
  • Treats up to 130 square metres
  • 33% extra free! 600g for the price of 450g!
Get Off! Bitter Apple Spray 250ml - FREE P&P - Grannicks Cat Dog any Pet Anti Chewing Aid Deterrent - Multi-Mite®
Cat Tunnel Toy and Bed 2 in 1 ,Myguru Collapsible Removable Warm Plush Bed with Scratching Ball for Puppy Kitten Kitty Crate Cage Shack House (Coffee)
  • CAT TUNNEL WITH BED,TWO USE FOR SLEEPING AND PLAYING: Multi-funny interactive toy house for dogs, cats, puppies & kittens, pets can nap, run, chase, hide, tumble, hunt, sleep, lurk-and-ambush
  • THERMO-REFLECTIVE MATERIAL:Self warming materials adapts to your pets perfect body temperature.It will make your kitty love to live in it, tunnel 11" diameter x 52" long; cushion 28" L x 15" W
  • DURABLE SPRING STEEL FRAME MAINTAIN MAINTAIN TUNNEL SHAPE: it is also collapsible to save space when you don't use it.
  • Your Kitty Will LOVE IT- We designed this cat tunnel to provide privacy that your cat will love. The bed and tunnel is made out of soft lining that crinkles which will keep your cat entertained. Attractive dangling ball and bed add more amusements & rich game plays
  • 18-Month WARRANTY AND FREE MONEY BACK, friendly 24 hours customer service ,any other problems or you are not happy with your purchase ,please contact us we will give you a new replacement or full refund as you prefer to
Kerbl Get Off Animal Repellent Spray, 500 ml
  • Get off spray
  • Deterrent treatment with the smell of citrus keeps animals out of treated surfaces
  • 500 ml bottle
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Biodegradable
DOFF Pepper Dust Cat And Dog Repellent 225G
  • doff pepper dust
  • Tried & trusted detterant for cats & dogs
Gift for Pet Cat/Dog Bauble, Paw Shape Interactive LED Light Pointer Exercise Chaser Toy for Cat and Dog, Keep Pet Get Exercise & Stay Active, White
  • Two modes of dot: Blinking or Steady-on .Increase more entertainment. Pressx1 it blinking, pressx2 it steady-on, and pressx3 it turn off.
  • Each button can be used to light up the toy ,more convenient for you to play with your pets
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (Not Included),last for long time instead of the traditional battery button cell.
  • Bright red dot for cat crazy chasing with it and can't stop playing! Give cats a tantalizing red dot to chase after far healthy exercise, make your pet keep fit & stay active.
  • The small pink silica gel buttons make the pressing more comfortable.It's a perfect gift for your pet or your friends lovings cats or dogs.
Dog, Cat Glass Grave Memorial Ornament for Remembrance poem candle photo holder (MY CAT)
  • MY CAT... A trusting bond we share together, Loving feelings that will last forever. A loyal friend you always will be, My beautiful cat so special to me
  • MY DOG... Someone to welcome me when i come home. A comforting paw when am feeling alone. A faithful companion loving and true. All this i found in a friend like you
  • The plaque measures 18.5cm (w) x 15cm (h) x 6cm (deep)
  • Our memorial plaque is a simple but thought provoking way to keep the presence of your best friend close to your heart and in your mind.
  • This touching expression of love will make a lovely and deeply personal gift for anyone missing a much loved departed cat & dog
Pet Glove,Amytech 2 in 1 Pet Glove Grooming Tool Furniture Pet Hair Remover Mitt For Cat and Dog Long & Short Fur Gentle Deshedding Brush Rubber Tips
  • PROVIDES DAILY GROOMING NEEDS: The Grooming Mitt provides your beloved pet with his/her day-to-day grooming needs without the harsh bristles that makes grooming uncomfortable & scary for pets. The grooming glove will deliver fantastic results as you simply stroke your pet with its soft rubber tips (no nasty bristles!). The Nylon mesh helps keep your hand cool as air can flow through it & also allows for easy cleaning.
  • CALMS ANXIOUS PETS: The Grooming Mitt is a great shedding brush alternative for pets that are difficult to groom. Your gentle strokes while wearing the grooming mitt will sooth & massage your pet, making them feel loved & reassured! The mitts soft rubber tips will turn grooming into a pleasurable & relaxing experience for your pet as it gently removes dead hair & dirt from the coat.
  • PROVIDES GROOMING IN AN AFFECTIONATE WAY: The Grooming Mitt works wonders on dogs & cats and has soft rubber tips that gently massages the skin, removing dead hair in a gentle way while also removing dirt & dust from the coat. All the while, your pet feels like they're getting spoilt with a lovely massage, making grooming a more relaxing & a more positive experience for the pet and the groomer.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Unlike other grooming gloves the EiffelT Grooming Mitt provides a universal fit to allow for both right & left handed users. A Velcro strap around the wrist & inside strap holds the glove firmly in place when placed on your hand.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We're confident that you'll love the EiffelT Grooming Mitt, it's backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee! We take full ownership & responsibility for the quality of our products & will provide only the best for our customers.
INDOOR Pet, Dog, Cat Wash Pack, includes: x1 PET WASH SHOWER HEAD (with on off thumb lever), x1 1.5m METAL SHOWER HOSE, AND x1 SHOWER HOSE TO MIXER
  • Allows you to easily attach and detach a shower hose to a basin/bath/kitchen single mixer tap, with the clever but simple screw in tap aerator and hose connector.
  • The easy to use on/off thumb lever shower head allows you to keep the water running at the tap and only shower your dog when you push the thumb lever down - allows for much greater control, no need to turn the taps off mid shampoo.
  • Pets are calmer as the shower head is quieter and the neat, compact size of the shower head allows you to reach in all those nooks and crannies, i.e. armpits, making it perfect for both large and small dogs or cats
  • It's really easy to fit: unscrew your taps regulator (found at the end of the taps spout), check the diameter (thread side, not the end where the water comes out) of the removed part measures either 24mm Male or 22mm Female (other sizes available on our other listings); screw the new tap aerator (complete with fitted hose connector)
  • into your taps spout (you might need to use a rubber washer) and screw the shower hose onto the hose connector (this part comes attached to the tap aerator). Now you're ready to slide the hose in and out of the tap whenever you need to. N.B: On Off Shower head NOT suitable for electric or pumped showers
Me & My Portable Soft Pet Cage with Carry Handles for Cat/Dog - Black - Large
  • Me & My Portable Folding Pet Carrier - Ideal for Most Pets Including Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc
  • Ensures Both You & Your Pet Have a Comfortable Journey - Also Suitable for Use as an Indoor Kennel or Play Area - Mesh See Through Panels on Sides & Top So Pet Can See Out & Feel Comfortable
  • Fold-Flat Design for Easy Storage - Strong, Water Resistant Oxford Fabric - Steel Frame - Fully Washable Cover - Comes Off for Easy Washing
  • Zip Openings on Top & End Makes Pet Exit/Entry Easy - Storage Pouches on Sides for Carrying Small Items Like Toys, Treats etc
  • Black - Large: 72cm x W: 52cm x H: 50.5cm
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