GWF Joint Aid for Dogs, 500 g

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GWF Joint Aid For Dogs 1 Kg (2 x 500g)
  • Maintains flexibility of movement in all working and pet dogs
  • wheat gluten free
  • very easy to administer
  • 100% NON -GM
GWF Joint Aid Muscle Maintenance Dog Food Supplement, 500 g
  • A high specification feed supplement for dogs.
  • GWF Joint Aid Plus Muscle Maintenance is specially formulated for easy feeding, designed as a 2mm highly palatable pellet.
  • Maintains flexibility of movement in all working and pet dogs.
  • Supports the natural regeneration of cartilage and synovial fluid.
  • Contains key vitamins A, B, C, D and E and biotin to support muscular structure and good blood flow around the body.
GWF Nutrition Joint Aid Dogs 500g
  • Growell
  • Feeds
  • Joint
  • Aid
  • Dogs
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GWF Joint Aid for Dogs, 500 g details:

  • High specification complementary feed supplement
  • Painless and economical aid for maintaining joints
  • Helping maintain flexibility of movement thoughout life of the dog
  • Based on 12 specific active ingredients
  • Contains Omega 3
Through the use of 11 specific nutricines, Joint Aid provides support to the normal wear and repair of cartilage, synovial fluid, tendons and joints in the skeletal structure, helping to maintain flexibility of movement throughout the life of the dog.

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