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Equicure Pure Boswellia Serrata - Natural Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relief For Horse/Pony (1KG)
  • Our Pure Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense) is 100% natural with no fillers or additives; it is safe for long term and competition use.
  • Aids the horse's natural Anti-Inflammatory and Pain mechanisms/responses.
  • Maintains Joint Elasticity and all-round Mobility through support of ligament, tendon and Joint Health.
  • Supports Colon Health and firms up loose droppings.
Masterclip Ranger A2 Horse Clipper - Fast Cut Ideal for Cobs. Blades compatible with with Lister Clippers
  • Extremely powerful air cooled 120W fast cut cob clipper
  • Videos available on You Tube
  • Comes with 1 set of premium A2 toughened steel 1.5mm blades. Masterclip A2 blades are compatible with Lister clippers
  • Sharper cutting edges that are harder wearing and longer lasting
  • Unbeatable power and durability. Comes with full 2 Year Warranty - Leicestershire based after sales care
Rhinegold Cool & Dry Cushioned Sole Riding Socks - Blue/Navy
  • Padded,Cushioned Foot
  • Ideal for under long riding boots
  • Fashionable with short yard boots
  • Ladies sized 3-8
  • Exclusive to Rhinegold
NATS Horse Treat Ball 9", 6 liter Treat Feeder Boredom Breaker, 5 x (Pink)
Horse Advent Calendar
  • Delicious Carob And Peppermint Flavoured Treats
  • Great For Sharing
  • Each Treat Is Breakable Into Four Smaller Treats
  • Barcode: 5024703001176
  • Style: Each
Gold Label Horse supplement, Garlic
  • A calibrated amount of pure garlic in a cereal base
  • Garlic has been shown to help maintain clear respiration
  • Use for competition horses is recommended
Dodson & Horrell Devils Claw Root for Horses, 1.5 kg
  • Devil's Claw Root is native to South Africa where it's been used for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties for over 250 years.
  • Inevitably as horses age their joints stiffen, particularly if they've had a hard working life or are suffering with a specific joint or muscular condition.
  • These horses will likely benefit from some additional help to soothe their muscles and joints.
  • Dodson & Horrell Devil's Claw Root is available as a dried herb or as a liquid.
  • A pure herb with anti-inflammatory properties Ideal for older horses or horses with joint conditions.
GWF Nutrition Joint Aid Plus Horse Food Supplement, 5 kg
  • A high specification complementary feed supplement for all horses and ponies that provides a combination of 12 active nutraceuticals, including omega 3 and the oatinol delivery system
  • It can be fed to all horses and ponies from any age at the general support level to maintain freedom of movement throughout their lives
  • For elderly and hard working horses and ponies showing signs of restricted movement, it is recommended to be fed at the full support level
White Horse Equestrian Feed Bucket Cover - Morning/Evening Stable Yard Material
  • Next Day Delivery £1.99, Cut off time 7pm UK Time
  • Keeps Feed Covered & Easy to wipe clean.
  • Elasticated edge for secure fitting.
  • Feed bucket covers in assorted colours.
  • Prevents moisture and rodents spoiling your horses dinner/breakfast.
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