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Innova AQUA PREMIUM Plastic Container with Carry Handle | Aquarium Tank, Terrarium Box | Small Fishes, Invertebrate, Animals, Reptile, Amphibians, Aquatic Plants, and Insects | Pink-3.5Liters
  • ✪ High-quality multi-purpose plastic container for relatively small aquatic and land animals or insects.
  • ✪ Reliable cover with air vents on the sides and a mini transparent door on top. Cover securely holds the box so no worries carrying by the handle.
  • ✪ Easy to clean, easy to set-up and easy to monitor your pets or enjoy the view of your artificial nature creation.
  • ✪ An awesome terrarium or aquarium is a singularly beautiful, always fascinating addition to any home or office which can be a source of entertainment, education or relaxation for the entire family and visitors.
  • ✪ NOTE: Please check the measurements on the second image before purchasing.
Innova® Pet Dog Waste Easy Pickup Pooper Scooper Walking Poo Poop Scoop Grabber Picker (BLACK)
  • Healthy and convenient for pet cleaning.
  • With a handle, convenient to use.
  • Compact! Items will easily fit in to a bag & easy to carry around for long walks.
  • Size: approx. 60 x 12.5 x 12.5cm (23.6"x4.9"x4.9") .
  • Jaw Size: approx. 13.5cm long and opens 8cm wide .
Innova® Strong Dog Tie-Out Cable Heavy Duty Dog Chain Lead 10' 16' 32' (3M, Blue)
  • This Handy Tie Out Cable Is Ideal For Use In Your Own Garden Or Whilst Out And About With Your Dog.
  • The 360 Degree Swivel Snaps Can Be Used To Attach Dog To Overhead Trolley, Attach To Screw Eye Or Stake, Or Clip Cable To Itself Around Tree.
  • Our Tie Out Cable Is A Great Tool When On An Outdoor Holiday To Ensure That Your Dog Stays Safe.
  • Providing Secure Control Of Your Dogs Movements Whilst Still Allowing Them Their Freedom.
  • Benefits: High Breaking Strength; Strong Snaps & Cable; Suitable For All Breeds; Easily Attached To A Post Or Spiral Stake; Weather Resistant; Tangle Free; PVC coating; Stainsless Steel.
Innova HYDRO PREMIUM Aquarium Tank Internal Filter | Water Animals, Fish, Amphibian, Aquatic Plant, Reptile, Invertebrate | Air Pump, Submersible, Oxygen Tool, Sticks on Glass or Plastic | 1200L/H
  • ✪ High-quality oxygen provider for any fish, amphibian, reptile or invertebrate.
  • ✪ Durable suction cups that can be easily attached to any type of aquarium surface.
  • ✪ Absorbs dirt to keep fresh or sea water clear. Suitable for any aquarium and virtually all kinds of filtration.
  • ✪ Quick and easy to set up and use, operates quietly, and safe to completely submerge the motor.
  • ✪ This filter uses AC 220-240V 50/60Hz. Individual specs: 2-Layer (Power: 20W, F.Max: 1200L/H); 3-Layer (Power: 25W, F.Max: 1500L/H); 4-Layer (Power: 30W, F.Max: 1800L/H).
Innova® Dog Touch Mesh Pet Muzzle Adjustable Puppy Muzzle Biting Chewing Barking Muzzle Small Medium Large Extra Large (S)
  • Size S - Circumference: 17cm, Length: 20cm / Whippet; Jack Russell; Cavalier K Charles
  • Size M - Circumference: 21cm, Length: 20cm / Border Collie; Beagle; Springer; Spaniel
  • Size L - Circumference: 26cm, Length: 28cm / Labrador; German Shepherd; Doberman
  • Size XL - Circumference: 29cm, Length: 31cm / Dalmation; Doberman; Weimaraner
  • Size XXL - Circumference: 38cm, Length: 37cm / Rottweiler; Bull Mastiff; St Bernard
Innova® Catch The Mouse Pet Cat Motion Game With Scratch Pad Plush Moving Claw Toy As Seen InTV
  • The Cat Scratching Toy Works With The Cat'S Instinct For Hunting And Pouncing And Offers Hours Of Fun And Exercise. The Kitten Scratching Pad On Top Reduces The Potential For Furniture Damage And Acts Like A Cat Scratching Post. Sprinkle Catnip (Not Included) On The Pad For Added Fun And Frenzy!
  • Cat Toy Pet Products Kitten Toys Moving Mouse Inside Roped Funny Mouse Play Toys Cat & Kitten Toy & Scratcher With Rotating Mouse.
  • Keeps Your Cat Occupied So He Or She Doesn'T Scratch And Destroy Furniture, Carpets Or Curtains.
  • It Is One Funny Exercise Toy For Your Pet Cat ,Catch The Mouse Rotating Playtime Toy With Sisal Scratching Mat To Provide Natural Care For Your Cat'S Claws.
Innova® Dog Safety Muzzle Muzzel Adjustable Biting Barking Chewing Basket (18-23cm / 10-17.5kg)
  • This Revolutionery Muzzle Provides Comfort And Strength Of High Quality Leather.
  • All Our Dog Muzzle Is Designed According To The Dog Breed Unique Facial And Head Structure To Securely Keep Your Dog From Biting,Licking Or Chewing.
  • This Dog Muzzle Will Serve You Long And Good Service.
  • Material: Leather.
  • Please choose size accordingly to your dog's size or weight.
Innova® Cat Kitten Plastic Open Corner Standard Litter Tray Mat Rim WC Toilet With Scoop (Green)
  • Please Choose Between Red, Green and Blue Colour.
  • High Quality Plastic Litter Tray For Cats And Kittens.
  • Robust As Well As Easy To Fill And Clean Out.
  • Includes A Detachable White Rim To Help Prevent Spillage.
  • Deep Tray. Matching Coloured Scoop. Size: L38cm x W29cm x H12cm
Innova® Hot Squeaky Cheezy Lips Grin Dog Funny Gift Toy Fluffy Fun
  • This Fun Toy is Guaranteed to Bring a Smile to Your Dogs Face!
  • Size: 9cm approx
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