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Navaris M Wooden Insect Hotel - 24.5 x 28 x 7.5 cm - Natural Wood Insect House - Garden Shelter Bamboo Nesting Habitat - For Bees Butterflies Ladybugs
  • AIR-BEE-N-BEE: With the Navaris Medium Insect Hotel, you can offer mason bees, butterflies, ladybugs, green lacewings and other solitary insects a safe environment for shelter and nesting in the backyard, on the terrace, patio or the balcony.
  • ALL NATURAL: All materials used for the bug hotel are made of natural materials, such as pine wood, bamboo and pine cone, and are not painted. The different filling materials attract a variety of different bugs and address their needs.
  • PROTECTION FROM RAIN: The pointed roof has been fitted with sheet iron to protect the bee cottage from rain, so less moisture enters the wood.
  • NOTE: By using the hook, you can also hang the lady bird house on a wall or fence in your garden (nails not included). Naturally improve the health of plants in your yard by attracting beneficial insects!
  • REAL EYE-CATCHER: This beautiful and charming wooden novelty is not only a functional ornament for the garden, but it's also ideal for those who love nature and wildlife!
Dynamite insect repellent 250ml
  • Natural pest control
  • flea repellent
  • midge repellent
Mixed Critters - 20 grams
  • Real crunchy critters prepared and ready to eat
  • An interesting topping to your pizza or pasta
  • High in protein and low in carbohydrates - the ultimate low fat snack
  • Sourced from sustainable stocks and organically fed
  • Premium Freeze-Dried Product
Green Petfood InsectDog Sensitive (1 x 10 kg)
  • Light diet for your dog with a sensitive digestive system.
  • 100% insect protein as the sole source of animal protein
Insect/Bee/Bug House/Hotel/Shelter Box (C)
  • Box of nesting and hibernation to beneficial insects.
  • This insect shelter is a perfect solution to provide a remote location for a wide range of garden insects and Bees.
  • For bees, place it on a wall for the sunlight from the front to the south.
  • This product is designed to be mounted on a wall or a fence or tree trunk.
  • Made from solid wood. It measures 39 cm in height, approx. 27 cm in width and is of 7 cm.
UEETEK Insect Butterfly Habitat Large Portable Insect Monarch Butterfly Mesh Net Cage Terrarium Pop-up - 24 in Tall (Black)
  • ✔ Suitable For Growing And Breeding Butterflies - The fine mesh cage can protect small plants and succulents from insect bites. Besides, you also can watch in your own backyard that your caterpillars grow, harden into chrysalides and then transform into beautiful butterflies.
  • ✔ The butterfly habitat is made of waterproof material, you do not need to worry your butterflies outdoors when it's rainy and you can go out with rest assured.
  • ✔ Five fine and transparent meshes are breathable and perspective which allows good airflow and enough sunlight to pass through to provide a ideal environment for raising butterflies or other small insects. You can feed them for a few days, then release them into the wild.
  • ✔ Large zipper side opening which provide you enough space for caring, feeding and releasing butterfly. And the habitat is foldable and you can fold it for storage when not in use to save your home space.
  • ✔ Let your child participate in every stage of caterpillar metamorphosis as it is also a great experience for them which will make the children fall in love with nature and insects. Not only can kids know all kinds of insects, but also can cultivate kid's concentration and observation.
GardenersDream Mixed Suet Pellets | Garden Wild Bird Food Mix | Nutritious and Healthy Feed Mixture | Insect, Berry & Mealworm Pellet | Contains Essential High Energy Vitamins and Minerals (10L Tub)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Soft, high energy pellets made with a blend of Insects, Berries and Mealworms for a quick and tasty treat that will keep the birds coming back for more.
  • PROTEIN-RICH, FULL OF ENERGY - Made with natural insect and mealworm protein alongside a variety of essential fats, minerals and sugars to provide a boost of energy for wild birds all year round.
  • HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS BALANCED DIET - A great choice for tube and ground feeding, as they are soft and easy to eat and carry, contributing well to a healthy diet for both fledglings and adults alike during the breeding & nesting season.
  • ATTRACTS A VARIETY OF BIRDS - Quick and easy to eat, these suet pellets are designed to appeal to all manner of birds from larger birds, to smaller soft bill birds like Thrushes, Starlings and Robins.
bambuswald Insect hotel 19.5 x 10 x 37 cm | Bee hotel/shelter for insects - Insect house natural materials. Living nature & species protection for your home -Nistkasten Haus Nützlingshotel Schutz
  • An Eye-Catcher In the Garden - The Eco Insect House of Bamboo Forest was handcrafted from various woods (including bamboo and pine). It has a special hanging device at the back and has a lettering as decoration at the front.
  • Miniature nature conservation - bees, wasps, beetles, flies and butterflies make an enormous contribution to the well-being of nature. They are indispensable for the pollination of crop plants and ornamental plants and keep the natural food cycle intact. Helping the animals to find a suitable habitat and helping them to care for their brood!
  • All year round About Gut Besucht - the Nützlingshotel acts as a nesting aid, incubator, shelter and seasonal residence for various insect species. You feel really at home in the presence of bamboo tubes, pine cones and tree bark!
  • Great observation opportunity - nature lovers, hobby gardeners and children will be able to watch the little animals go in and out of the insect hotel for hours!
  • Ecologically packed - like all bamboo forest products, the bee hotel comes to your home without plastic waste!
Avon 1 x 150ml Bottle of Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray with Jojoba & Citronellol - The Alternative to Insect Repellent
  • This is a great way to moisturize your body and also a great insect/mosquito repellent
  • Great to take on holiday, fishing trips, use on horses to repel annoying flies and lots more!!!
  • This range is well known throughout the UK for repelling insects, flies, mosquitos etc
  • A moisturizing dry oil body spray enriched with jojoba oil. 150ml
  • Please note: due to the high demand of this product, packaging may vary, this is exactly the same products
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