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Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks, Large
  • Flexible wooden sticks which can be bent into a variety of shapes
  • A great nibble toy to keep your small animals teeth in check
  • A good hidey-hole for your pet
  • A colourful addition to any home
  • Safe for animals to eat and play with
Kaytee CritterHome Extra Comfy Cage, Large, 42-Inch by 18-Inch
  • Large front and top access doors with Z-locks
  • Easy cleaning with rounded corners and quick release clips to remove wire top
  • Kit includes comfort shelf, safety ramp, water bottle and food dish
Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way Extra-Large Rabbit House
  • Provides small animals with a hideout, promotes nesting, and promotes chewing instincts
  • All natural wood is safe for animals
  • 10.25" long, 14" wide, 8.25" high
  • For chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits, hedgehogs, rats or other small animals
  • A cozy place for your pet to sleep, play, or get away
Kaytee Corner Litter Tray (Large) (May Vary)
  • Corner litter tray.
  • Length: 28cm.
  • Width: 51cm.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Depth: 23cm
Kaytee My First Home Cage for Rabbits, Large Green, Single Pack
  • My First Home offers plenty of room for your favorite little critter, yet it is compact enough to place on a dresser or counter top
  • The deep plastic base prevents bedding from scattering while the white wire top makes for easy viewing and superb ventilation
  • New base and wire combination makes latch points inaccessible to animals and the wire fits securely into the base
  • Latches are now wire and chew proof making the cage safer and more secure
Kaytee Clean & Cozy Super Absorbent Paper Bedding, White, 49.2 Litre
  • Odour control
  • Highly absorbent - absorbs 6 times its weight in liquid, 2 times more than wood shavings
  • 99.9 Percent dust free for a cleaner cage
  • Condensed size 16.4 litres expands to 49.2 litres
  • Soft material providing cosy comfort and allows for snuggly burrowing
Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk Hideout, Large
  • Hideout is made in the shape of old tree stump and provides a safe and secure resting spot
  • Made from a wood and plastic composite
  • Satisfies the small animal's natural instinct to hide
  • Actual size 10-3/4-inch long, 10-inch wide, 8-inch high
  • The large size is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas
Kaytee Habitat Defined Guinea Pig Habitat
  • The rounded corners make for effortless cleaning
  • Includes 1 Safety Ramp, 1 Comfort Shelf and food dish
  • Spring-loaded top and front doors provide security and easy access
  • For guinea pigs or other small animals
  • Durable, safe and comfortable habitat
Kaytee Spinner, Regular Wheel, 6.5 Inch (Colours Vary)
  • Provides a whisper quiet workout
  • Able to use freestanding or clipped to a wire cage, for larger and more active pets it is advised that the wheel is attached to the wire cage
  • Ball bearing technology
  • For gerbils, hamsters and other small animals
  • Comes in a variety of colours; please let us choose for you
  • To attach the wheel to the wire cage, please ensure that the mount on the back of the cage is undone
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