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Good Boy Lob It UFO Flashing Ball Dog Toy - 7.5cm
Armitage Good Boy Lob It UFO Impact Activated Dog Toy Assorted Colours
  • Fun, bouncy, flashing dog ball.
  • Perfect for play time at the park or at home.
  • Supervise play.
Good Boy LOB IT Flashing UFO Lobber Dog Toy (Assorted Colours)
  • Ideal flashing Lobber ball for dark or dull winter days.
  • A fun way to exercise your dog without wearing yourself out!
  • If your dog decides they don't want to fetch anymore, the flashing ball allows you to retrieve for another day.
  • Made of lightweight durable plastic.
  • The UFO Lobber uses a standard tennis ball size balland is designed for hands-free pickup, so you never have to bend down and pick up a ball again.
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