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Trespass Midge Head Net, Black, ONE SIZE, Ultra Fine Mosquito Head Net, One Size, Black
  • Ultra Fine Black Mesh
  • 100% Polyester
  • Cord Fastener
  • Protect Head & Neck from Flying Insects
  • Weight: 40g
UEETEK Insect Butterfly Habitat Large Portable Insect Monarch Butterfly Mesh Net Cage Terrarium Pop-up - 24 in Tall (Black)
  • ✔ Suitable For Growing And Breeding Butterflies - The fine mesh cage can protect small plants and succulents from insect bites. Besides, you also can watch in your own backyard that your caterpillars grow, harden into chrysalides and then transform into beautiful butterflies.
  • ✔ The butterfly habitat is made of waterproof material, you do not need to worry your butterflies outdoors when it's rainy and you can go out with rest assured.
  • ✔ Five fine and transparent meshes are breathable and perspective which allows good airflow and enough sunlight to pass through to provide a ideal environment for raising butterflies or other small insects. You can feed them for a few days, then release them into the wild.
  • ✔ Large zipper side opening which provide you enough space for caring, feeding and releasing butterfly. And the habitat is foldable and you can fold it for storage when not in use to save your home space.
  • ✔ Let your child participate in every stage of caterpillar metamorphosis as it is also a great experience for them which will make the children fall in love with nature and insects. Not only can kids know all kinds of insects, but also can cultivate kid's concentration and observation.
Ardap Pest control spray 750ml, XL bottle, Flea spray, Insect and bug killer for household and outdoor, Immediate and Long lasting effect | Made in Germany
  • In acute vermin in animal environment, household, agricultural areas, utility rooms, etc.
  • Eliminates sustained all kinds of flies, Diptera, all species of beetles, mites, cockroaches, moths, silverfish, spiders, woodlice, ants, wasps, etc.
  • Immediate and long-term effect up to 6 weeks
  • High efficacy and good tolerability
Garden Mile® Wooden Insect Bee Hive Garden Nesting Box House Natural Wood Shelter - Weather Resistant Hanging Insect Hotel - Attract Pollinating Insects Like Bees A Natural Pest Control Method
  • INSECT HOTEL - Our Garden insect hotel is the ideal way to provide a home for the beasties in your garden. This handy pre-made house contains everything you need to start your own thriving Insect Hotel.
  • TEACH THE KIDS - Get children interested in wildlife, gardening and the world around them with this insect hotel. They will have hours of fun seeing who has been over to stay and learning about the relationship between insects, gardens and the food we eat.
  • ATTRACT POLLINATING INSECTS - The bamboo canes and the holes in the wood are perfect for solitary bees who are one of your garden's best pollinators. Natural predators like ladybirds and lacewings will find a warm, comfortable and safe home in the bark chippings and fir cones.
  • NATURAL WOOD - Made from weather resistant wood, this natural looking bee house hotel can either be hidden away in the garden or given a more prominent place where you can see the coming and goings of your insect guests.
  • DIMENSIONS - These Garden Insect Houses Measure Approx H29 x W25 x D8.5cm
Pangea Fruit Mix With Insects Crested Gecko Complete Diet 2 oz
  • Formulated with Insects as one of the main ingredients.
  • 5 years of development and testing on one of the largest gecko collections in the U.S.
  • Eliminates the dangers of feeding baby food to your geckos.
  • All Natural Fruits are used as the base of this diet.
  • Nutritious and delicious food for crested geckos, and all fruit eating geckos. Simply mix with water and feed.
Suet To Go Insect Balls in Tub Wild Bird Treat, 50 x 90 g
  • Premium Wildbird Food
  • Insect Flavour
  • Year Round Feeding
  • No Fillers!
  • Carry Out Tub
WATSONS BUG - 4 Storey Solid Wood Insect/Butterfly/Bee Hotel/House - Brown/Red
  • Size: 47h x 31.2w x 16d cm / 18.5h x 12.3w x 6.3d inches
  • COLOUR/FINISH: Brown / Red
  • Assembled
  • Please scroll down the page to see full product description...
Natures Haven Garden Insect/Bug House With Metal Roof
  • Provide a snug safe place for lady birds and bees.
  • Perfect hibernation home for lacewings.
  • Garden insect house and woodland insect box.
Relaxdays Free-Standing XL Insect Hotel, Nest Help for Bees, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Wood, HxWxD: 79 x 39 x 13 cm, Natural Brown
  • Free-standing Nesting box: this standing insect Hotel with 2 stakes can be firmly planted in the garden
  • More than decor: this insect home can be used as Nesting help all year long - it is a Necessary hideaway when there are no other Nesting spots
  • Insect paradise: wild bees, earworms, lacewings, butterflies and ladybirds will love living in the insect Hotel
  • Spacious: the size XL Nesting box (ca 79 x 49 x 12 cm) features 7 large brood chambers - these are filled with wood chips, pine cones, bamboo sticks and bits of wood
  • With roof: the pointed roof protects bugs from bad weather - place it in a dry, warm place for the insects to be the most comfortable
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