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Gardman Beach Hut Bird Nest Box - Blue
  • Made from FSC certified Timber
  • Plate fitted around 32mm entrance hole to protect inhabitants from predators
  • Floor removes for easy cleaning
  • Height 24 cm
  • Pine nest box with attractive cedar tiled roof and a plate fitted around 32mm entrance hole to protect inhabitants from predators.
  • Floor removes for quick, easy and mess free cleaning
  • H 24 cm
iBorn Bird Feeder Hanging Wild Bird Seed Feeder for Mix Seed Blends, Niger Seed Feeder, Sunflower Heart, Birdbath, Heavy Duty All Metal Anti-UV Finishing, Green 8 Inch
  • 【8 Inch Tall, Two Metal Feeding Perches】 24 cm in height, it can hold 400 g mix seeds(Seed is not included). Two feeding ports allow more birds to feed at a time. Hanger can be fitted on bird feeding stand, feeding station, feeder hook, pole, tree branch. Domed top help keeps feeds dry and clean for bird feeding.
  • 【Green Power Coated, Anti-UV, No Colour Fading, Great for all the year round feeding】Wear and Worn, Never Rust. All Metal top, base, feeding ports, perches, green power-coat, anti-UV finishing, rust resistant, robust construction to sustain all weather days. It features royal-stylistic green outlook, traditional design inviting more feather birds to your garden, add more liveness to your garden life.
  • 【Mix Seed Feeder】Suitable for feeding most types of seed and seed mixes, blends, mealworms, sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, sunflower kernels, niger seed to attract birds including great spotted woodpeckers, the siskins Dunnock, House Sparrows, Goldfinch, Bullfinch, Blue Tit and Greenfinches, tits, sparrows, nuthatches and pied fly catchers
  • 【Swivel Top to Easy Refill & Clean】Our bird feeder comes with a lift-lid for easy and convenient filling. Transparent seed compartment, easily to see when see runs out and replenish in time. Regular cleaning will keep the feeder and seeds clean to attract more birds.
  • 【3 Years Warranty】We are a small manufacturer of metal products for home and garden. Professional birdfeeder makers for more than twenty years. Product is mostly handmade and of lasting quality. We take full responsibility for providing you with quality product and solving any problem you have. Just feel free to contact us.
GardenersDream Dried Mealworms Mix - High Quality Wild Bird Food Large Variety (10L Tub)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our dried mealworms are 100% natural and filled with effective vitamins. They also include a variety of high grade edible oils.
  • MULTI-USE - They can even be thrown in with other seed, fruit or suet pellets for a good quality balanced diet. Filling a dish once a day can provide the right amount of mealworms to feed your garden birds
  • NUTRITIOUS - Dried mealworms are a reliable source of protein-rich snacks for your garden birds. They are high in energy with large levels of fat
  • RECOMMENDED - Soak the mealworms in water over night to give a extra special gift to the large variety of birds that they will attract, such as the Blue Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Robins and Starlings.
Gardman Wooden Ground Wild Bird Feeder Tray
  • A wooden framed metal micromesh tray suitable for feeding most feed types
  • Perfect for ground feeding birds like blackbirds, thrushes and robins
  • Made from FSC certified Timber
  • Holds 1.1 kg seed mix, 1kg peanut bites, 480g sunflower seed, 1.1kg peanuts, 3.3kg suet treats, 720g mealworm or 12 fat snax
  • Width 41.5 cm, diameter 34 cm
Guardian Angel 80g (Sick Bird Supplement) - The Birdcare Company
  • Combines unique ingredients that assist the immune system to act quickly and effectively when the bird is invaded by any infections germs.
  • Supported with probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, yeast extracts and the renowned Birdcare Energy System (like Spark(Energise) and Poly-Aid (Survive)).
Ntribut Bird Bathtub Cage Pet Bird Bath House With Metal Hanging Hook For Most Birdcage Pet Parrot Budgie Parakeet Cockatiel Cage Water Shower Transparent 13X13X11cm
  • The cage is easy to clean.
  • Iron frame is not easy to rust.
  • With hooks to install on the cage easily, quite convenient.
  • Perfect for finch canary, budgie and many other birds.
  • A beautiful, tough, non-toxic and durable cage accessory.
25kg Pet Performance Four Season Garden Wild Bird Seed Food For Feeders & Bird Tables
  • Super value 25kg bag
  • Attracts a wide range of birds
  • Four Seasons blend - feed all year round
  • Ideal for feeders, bird tables and scattered on the ground
Gardman No Grow Seed Mix for Wild Birds - 20kg
  • A premium blend with oil rich, high energy sunflower hearts, peanut bites and suet treats
  • The gardeners choice - No Grow - No Mess. No germinating seeds or husks
  • Suitable for use in seed feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding
Happy Beaks Peanut Splits Wild Bird Food Aflatoxin Tested Feed (5kg) Premium Grade Seed
  • 3 sizes available; Choose from a 5kg, 12.75kg, or a 25.5kg pack of bird feed
  • Attract wild birds; Peanuts for birds perfect for enticing a wide variety of birds to your garden, a tasty alternative to bird seed
  • Aflatoxin tested bird food; Safe from this harmful toxin to make your beaks happy
  • Extra energy boost; Give the birds flocking to your garden the extra energy they need
  • Nutritious; Wild bird food sure to give any bird all the key nutrients they need to thrive
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