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Gulin Pet Toilet Tray Corner, Small Animal Litter Tray Potty Bowl Training Corner, Suit for Hamster Pig Cat Rabbit Pee
  • Brand new and high quality pets triangle toilet bowl.
  • Ease of cleaning, ensuring the health and comfort of the pet's life environment.
  • Lots of space, the pet can move freely inside.
  • With cage hooks and holes design, so can hold the litter tray to your cage.
  • Suitable for guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, puppy and other small animals, provide living space for your pet, a comfortable corner.
Avi-One Small Animal Corner Litter Toilet Pan Tray Rabbit Hamster Guinea Pig Gerbil (Sky Blue, Large 34 x 24 x 14.5cm)
  • Space Saving Toilet Pan Fits snuggly into the corner of your pets habitat
  • Can be attached to the Cage to ensure your little furries don't tip it over These Litter Pans Help to keep Urine and Faeces contained to one area
  • 2 sizes available Small ~ 24 cm wide x 17 cm deep - Raised back 10.5 cm for e.g.:- Mice, Hamsters, Rats, Small Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc
  • Large ~ 34 cm wide x 24 cm deep - Raised back 14.5 cm for e.g.:- Ferrets, Small Rabbits, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas etc
  • These litter trays have elevated sides to help stop spillage A Plastic Mesh Cover to allow Urine to pass through into the bottom of their Toilet Litter
Small Animal Corner Litter Toilet Pan Tray Rabbit Hamster Guinea Pig Gerbil Rat (Large;- 36 x 15 x 22/22 cm)
  • Small Animal Corner Litter Toilet Pan Space Saving Toilet Pan Fits snuggly into the corner of your pets habitat
  • Helping to keep Urine and Feces contained to one area
  • The majority of Small Animals always use the same area for the toilet so why not train them to use a Pet Litter Toilet
  • 2 sizes available; Small 16 × 8 × 10/10 cm for e.g.: mice, hamsters, rats Large : 36 × 15 × 22/22 cm for e.g.: ferrets, rabbit, Chinchillas, guinea pigs
Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan for Ferrets/Rabbits or Other Small Animals, Purple, Medium
  • Built-in hooks
  • Keeps odour and stains away
  • Easy clean surface
  • For Ferrets, Rabbits or other small animals
  • Comes in a variety of colours - please let us choose for you
Corner Litter Tray Medium - Classic BROWN
  • Suitable for ferrets, guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits
  • Colours, BLUE, BROWN, BURGUNDY. Chosen at random
SODIAL(R) Pet Toilet, Small Animal Litter Tray Corner for Hamster Pig Cat Rabbit Pee / Random Color
  • Elevated corner helps to prevent litter spillage;
  • Durable and strong plastic design is also stain and odour resistant which is hygienic and easy to clean;
  • You can leave it outside on patio or balcony to keep your home clean;
  • Pet Toilet is a very portable indoor pet toilet for your pets puppy.
  • You can leave it outside on patio or balcony to keep your home clean and no odour.
Grey Large Corner Cat Kitten Plastic Open Litter Tray 2 Colours Quality Box Rim Pan Toilet Loo
  • Large Corner Litter Tray with Removable Rim - 2 Colours Available
  • Designed for Cats & Kittens - Easy to Clean - Rounded Corners
  • Made From High Quality 100% Pet Safe Plastic - Grey & Dark Blue
  • Dimensions - Front Width: 55cm - Rear Corner: 45cm - Height: 14cm
  • More Styles of Cat Litter Tray Available From The Cat Centre
SPARES2GO Large Indoor Pet Litter Tray for Cat/Dog/Puppy/Kitten (White, Square, 70 x 70 cm)
  • Square Sturdy Litter Tray made for SPARES2GO for use with house training large and small animals
  • This premium quality litter tray with sturdy high sides will prevent any spills and is suitable for small and large pets
  • Dimensions: 700mm x 700mm x 105mm
Yangbaga Cat Litter Tray,Rabbit Litter Tray,Stainless Steel Large Size Cat Litter Box No Odor, Non Stick, Never Bend, Easy to Clean
  • WHY CHOOSE STAINLESS STEEL? ---- Stainless steel with great odor control, no scratches, extremely sturdy for active cats or rabbits. If you are suffering with an old, odorous, scratched up plastic litter box that you can't easily clean or is permanently dirty, our STAINLESS STEEL litter box can solve your problems
  • SAFE FOR YOU AND CATS ---- Integrally rounded, no sharp edges. Can be easily picked up without hurting your hands. Stainless steel surface also healthier for you and your cats as they won't harbor bacteria like plastic
  • LONG LASTING AND NEVER RUST ---- Made of high quality stainless steel, environmental friendly. This will be your LAST litter box and it will prove itself to be the best cat based purchase
  • EASY TO CLEAN UP ---- Sometimes it is painful to clean and wash litter boxes but this nonstick coated litter box doesn't resist and build any residue which can go away in one wash only
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN ---- Rubber Feet on the Bottom to prevent slipping. 19.68 Inches Long by 13.78 Inches Wide by 6 Inches Deep. Many cats prefer on open litter box since its easy for them to access but they will love it when they see there's more space, and the box is deep,cats will not be able to spread litter out all over the floor.
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