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Suet To Go Insect Balls in Tub
  • Premium Wildbird Food
  • Insect Flavour
  • Year Round Feeding
  • No Fillers!
  • Carry Out Tub
BEAKS wild bird food INSECT suet feed pellets 12.75kg free P&P
  • For all year round use.
  • Important source of fat and nutrition for winter months.
  • Suitable for all wild bird species.
  • Suitable for adult birds and their young.
Insect Palace Bee and Bug Home Insect Hotel
  • Insect hotel made from natural bamboo and pine
  • Attracts wild bees, green lacewings and ladybirds
  • Bee and bug house makes an attractive functional garden ornament
  • Provides a nesting and hibernating habitat for beneficial insects
  • Dimensions 49 cm H, 23 cm W, 8.5 cm D
Trespass Midge Head Net, Black, ONE SIZE, Ultra Fine Mosquito Head Net, One Size, Black
  • Ultra Fine Black Mesh
  • 100% Polyester
  • Cord Fastener
  • Protect Head & Neck from Flying Insects
  • Weight: 40g
Insect Shield Dog and Bones Bandana, Fern Green
  • Treated to effective protect your pet against harmful, biting insects using proven technology!
  • Chemical free and completely safe for all the family
  • No chemicals enter the bloodstream of your pet
  • Stylish bandana which will fit almost any size dog
  • Protection lasts 25 washes, machine washable.
Relaxdays Insect Hotel for Bees, Butterflies, Ladybirds, for Hanging, Balcony, HxWxD: 48.5 x 31 x 7 cm, Blue
  • Eyecatching: this insect house is not just lovely decor for your patio or balcony, but are also a fun observation point - highly educational and fun for children
  • Colourful: the bright Blue accents on the roof and butterfly entrance make the insect Hotel particularly inviting - bright and fun design
  • For hanging: the insect home with a size of about 48.5 x 31 x 7 cm includes a Hook to hang on the wall - find a sunny place protected from the wind for your new guests
  • With 6 rooms: the breeding house features 6 compartments with different filling materials like bamboo, wood and reeds - for wild bees, ladybirds, butterflies, lacewings, earwigs, etc.
  • Species conservation: this insect Hotel provides Nesting help in the summer - protects bugs year-round and gives them a safe Nesting place
Kew Wildlife Care Collection 500ml Fat Nut Cake with Insects Tube
  • Designed to a unique recipe using high quality ingredients to give garden birds a delicious, high energy treat
  • Popular with robins, tits, finches and many other common garden birds
  • For use in specialist feeders and on bird tables, includes an integrated hanger for suspending directly from a tree or hook
  • Available in 3 flavours, with Seeds, with Insects and a specially formulated recipe for Britain's favourite garden bird - the robin
Bayer Crawling Insect Killer
  • An easy to use and powerful insecticidal spray for the control of crawling insects
  • Based on Cyphenothrin and Imiprothin. HSE 8756.
Carr and Day and Martin Unisex's Fly Gard Extra Strength Equimist Insect Repellent-Blue, 600 ml
  • An alternative to a natural based repellent
  • Contains the active ingredient
  • DEET
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Find the perfect dog cat for your Dobar, Unipet, Starmer Ltd, Bee Proof Suits and Trespass or another brand.

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