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joyMerit B22 60 Watt Infrared Heat Lamp Light Bulb - Red Lights for Reptile, Amphibian, Dog, Chicken and Other Animal Heating Use, 220V
  • Creates a hot spot for basking reptile, provides light and heat and increases environment temperature at night.
  • Simulate the natural moonlight and create a perfect night view. Won't emitting irritative ray of light to affect animal's sleep.
  • Promote blood circulation, increase reptile vitality.
  • Can be constantly heated for 20,000-50,000hrs.
  • Suitable for humid environment. Fits for reptile like lizard, turtle, snake, etc.
Infrared Heat Lamp, Safe Non-toxic Soft Light Heating Warming Lamp Light Ceramic Heat Bulb Pet Supply for Tortoise Lizard Reptile Amphibian(25W)
  • 【Wide Applicaton】-- The reptile heating bulb can produce long-wave infrared heat, penetrates reptile skin, promotes blood circulation, increases pet vitality, and maintains health. Widely used for reptiles and amphibians, such as Hermit Crabs, Bearded Dragons, Tortoises, Turtles, Geckos, Snakes, Iguanas, Lizards, Chameleons, Frogs, Toads, etc, be helpful for the pet's sleep.
  • 【Convenient to Use】-- Easily fits your standard E27 screw thread, The light of the lamp is soft, and not dazzling, no disturbing the normal activities of the pet at night or during the day.
  • 【Reusable and Durable】-- Tortoise heat bulb can be used repeatedly and durable, providing long service life. Style: 25W, 50W, 75W, 100W(Optional).
  • 【High Quality】-- Our infared heating bulb is made of quality metal and ceramic material, which is good heating effect and high temperature resistance.
  • 【Quality Guarantee】-- Guarantee 100% refund, if you have any dissatisfaction on the quality of goods, please contact us, we are willing to send you a new goods or a full refund.
Bestlle Reptile Humidifier, 3L Water Tank No Noise Cool Mist Making Machine, with Adjustable Button, Tank Lizards Chameleons Snakes Fogger for Reptiles Amphibians Terrarium
  • *Silent Humidifier: Ultra-quiet design, so it does not affect the reptile rest, creating a comfortable living environment for reptiles.
  • *3L Large Capacity: 3L large capacity water tank, no need to add water frequently, long-term atomization and moisturizing.
  • *Practical Features: Humidifiers play an important role in pet climbing. Proper humidity is very important for pet climbing. If the humidity is too low, it will cause dehydration, death of the tail, sagging of the back and depression of the eyes.
  • *Adjustable Hose: Telescopic hose, which can be twisted and stretched as needed, the adjustable range is 40-150cm. Comes with the knob switch design, and it can adjust the amount of fog at will.
  • *Dry Run Protection: There is no need to worry about the humidifier being in the water at night or at home. When the tank has no water, it automatically shuts down the equipment and is safe to use.
1xToruiwa Reptile Catch Clamp Clip Feeding Clamp Litter Poop Clip Plastic Cleaning Tool for Reptile Amphibian Insect Pet Supplies
  • Material: plastic
  • Product name: insect catch clamp, insect feeding clip, poop cleaning tool.
  • Size: clear ball diameter 5cm, total length 18cm
  • Ideal for insect, reptiles and amphibians catching and feeding, can catch live baits such as spiders, insects, scorpions, beetles and other wild insects.
  • It is also can be a cleaning tool to clip poop and garbage conveniently and easy to clean.
Exo Terra Aluminium Reptile/Amphibian Cage (90 x 45 x 90cm)
  • The Exo Terra mesh screen terrarium provides a perfect habitat for tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians that require a good circulation of air. In fact, the constant air circulation provides optimal ventilation whilst reducing odours and the formation of mould in your reptile's habitat. In addition, the broad temperature range created by the mesh structure enables reptiles to regulate their body temperature effectively, preventing them from overheating.
  • Furthermore, the mesh screens allow ultraviolet rays emitted by a UVB lighting device or by the sun to penetrate the cage and spread throughout the habitat. A fine layer of substrate can also be placed in the tray to absorb water droplets and increase humidity levels. It can also be easily removed through the lower swing door. Robust nickel-plated latches ensure the cage is sturdy, providing your reptile with a secure and safe habitat. Add your own Exo Terra backdrop (optional) to increase humidity levels and steam up the glass, for species that prefer drinking water droplets, such as chameleons, day geckos and many other tree-dwelling species. This mesh terrarium is simple to assemble using a screw driver.
  • Main Features: a high quality black anodized corrosion-resistant aluminium mesh cage. Optimum ventilation allows for excellent air circulation. Black aluminium mesh for improved visibility. Substrate tray included. The cage allows optimum penetration of heat and UVB rays. A large front hinged door allows you to access the entire habitat interior. The lower swing door enables the substrate tray to be easily removed. Strong nickel-plated latches create a safe and secure habitat for reptiles. Ideal for chameleons and other tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians. The mesh prevents crickets from getting out.
Keepart Multi-functional Reptile Amphibian Basking Floating Platform With Feed Bowl Cup For Turtle Lizard Tortoise
  • ▶ It provides a basking platform,turtle Pier floats just above the water line of your aquarium which allows your pet to rest and eat outside of the water.
  • ▶ Use food grade materials made of acrylic plastic,for water turtles,horned frogs and other aquatic pets
  • ▶ Platform design of circle,angular,stripes of different forms of increased friction and facilitate catch, for aquatic exercise pet reptiles are more conducive to growth.
  • ▶ Use safety-parts Assembly,strong locking suction cup, prevent water platform shift,easy to install.
  • ▶ Package includes: 1 x Reptile Platform (No retail package)
AOLVO Reptile Hide, Bendable Wooden Bridge Suspension Ladder Fence Toy, Reptile Amphibian Cave Hideout Aquarium Terrarium Habitat Hiding Spot for Turtle, Lizard, Snake, Syrian Hamster, Guinea Pig - L
  • Made of wooden natural fruit sticks, preserved the original wood taste, 100% natural, safe for your pet.
  • Connected with metal wire, it's bendable , so you can DIY the shape you like, or you can make it to fit your pet cage.
  • Perfect hideout for your reptiles, birds or small animals, such as turtle, hamster, chinchilla, lizard, parrots and more.
  • Reptile fence hiding mobilize the enthusiasm of pet activities to benefit the body and mind, make your pets more healthier.
  • Product size approx: L: 28 * 17 * 12cm/ 11.02 * 6.69 * 4.72 inch ( L x W x H); S: 22 * 10 * 9cm/ 8.66 * 3.93 * 3.54 inch ( L x W x H).
Yanhonin Terrarium Decor Reptile Vines Amphibian Reptile Decoration
  • ♡ The artificial vine can decorate your reptile box.
  • ♡ Make the reptile box more natural and lively.
  • ♡The artificial vine is realistic and will never die.
  • ♡ 1 meter long enough to completely adorn the box.
  • ♡ Size: Length: 1 m, Diameter: 1.2 cm.
Reptile Fogger Humidifier,2.2L 220V Amphibians Dry-run protection Vaporizer Fog Maker Generator with 40-150cm Extensible Flexible Hose for Geckos,Turtles etc (2.2L)
  • ✤ With large capacity tank, the tank can hold up to 2.2 liters of water.
  • ✤ Come with 40-150cm extensible flexible hose, you can adjust the length as you need.
  • ✤ Dry-run protection, automatically shuts off the device when the tank is no water, safe to use.
  • ✤ Rotary switch design, adjust the amount of fog at will.
  • ✤ Easy to install, comes with full set of accessories.
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