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LUFFY Moss Balls - Aesthetically Beautiful & Create Healthy Environment - Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance & Curbs Algae Growth - Shrimps & Snails Love Them (5 Nano Marimo Moss)
  • BRING HOME A LIVE PLANT THAT BENEFITS YOUR AQUARIUM --- The 4 LUFFY Giant Moss Balls are live plants that absorb nitrates. Fish excreta, debris, phosphate, and ammonia disturbs the natural ecosystem of the water tank. If the natural marimo moss ball is present in the water tank, they suck the toxic material. These balls thus, help in creating a natural and thriving atmosphere for the aquatic species.
  • PREVENTS EXCESSIVE ALGAE GROWTH --- Both algae and marimo moss balls compete for the same nutrients for growth. Since, they absorb most of the nitrates, ammonia, and phosphates, they leave a scant room for algae to thrive. Consequently, the 4 LUFFY Giant Marimo Moss Balls prevent unwanted algae from growing back. If marimos are floating, rather than settling down, gently squeeze it and pop its air bubble. Release it into the water and you will see them settling down at the bottom of the tank.
  • REAL MARIMOS ARE NOT ALWAYS SPHERICAL & MIGHT HAVE SOME BROWN SPOTS ON THEM --- As you buy LUFFY Giant Marimo Moss Balls, you should be able to differentiate between a real and a fake marimo. The 100% natural marimo will not always be spherical in shape or lush green in color. It is perfectly ok to have some brown spots. However, if you do find sparkling green and perfectly spherical marimos, there are high chances that they are unnatural and pesticide rich marimos.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, ADDS TO THE AESTHETIC BEAUTY & ARE LOW MAINTENANCE --- LUFFY prohibits the usage of dye that imparts artificial green color to the moss balls. Since it distributes eco-friendly, natural marimo moss balls, expect to receive regular/irregular shaped moss balls which are not always in deep green color. Undoubtedly, the marimo moss balls add to the aesthetic beauty of the aquarium and are low maintenance. They simply require some light and freshwater.
  • SNAIL-PROOF AND LOVED BY SHRIMPS --- Some snails love to feed on live plants, but when it comes to the LUFFY marimo moss balls, they nibble or eat food off it just like a shrimp. Shrimps, on the other hand, gorge on the green stuff and munch on any particle they like. We recommend keeping the marimo moss balls away from fishes such as Koi or goldfish as it's a tasty snack for them. It's safe for them, but you don't want your one pet to eat your plant pet.
Fish Around Oxygenating Weed Elodea 10 Pieces with Weights
  • 10 pieces divided over 2 bunches with weights to each bunch
  • Great for ponds and aquariums alike
AquarienEco Aquarium Light for 3ft-4ft / 35"-47" Fish Aquarium Tank LED Hoods Lights Fits Goldfish, Tropical, Plants, Fish and Aquatic Keeping
  • Aquarium LED lighting fits for 90cm-120CM lenght and under 40cm deep aquarium fish tank with a few plants
  • High quality, energy efficient light
  • Two mode for Daylight and night light.
  • Bright 8000K white LEDs and rich 460nm blue LEDs
  • The fixture provides a high quality, energy efficient light
STARMER aquatic feed Koi carp pellets floating fish food mixed ultra low density / 10ltr
  • High in protein complete feed.
  • All year round use.
  • Low in waste.
  • Perfect for koi and all pond fish.
  • Ultra low density.
Hidom 2.5w Aquarium Adjustable Air Pump Single Valve HD-602 with Accessories
  • High Efficiency Ultra Quiet Adjustable Aquarium Energy Saving Air Pump
  • Power: 2.5w LPM: 2.0 Pressure: 0.016 - UK 3-pin plug fitted
  • Package Includes: Air Pump, 1 x Return Valve, 1 x Air Stone, 1m Airline & Connectors
  • Number of Outlets: 1 Suitable for Fish Tanks: 50-300 Litres
  • Suitable for both tropical (freshwater) and saltwater (marine fish)
Digiflex Digital LCD Fish Aquarium Marine Vivarium Thermometer
  • EASY TO INSTALL; Setting up your water thermometer is incredibly simple and quick. All you need to do is mount the thermometer over the side of tank so that you have the mains display facing you, then simply submerge the sensor into the water
  • BATTERY POWERED; Requires 1 x LL44 button battery (included
  • LCD DISPLAY; Large clear digital readings that are simple to understand
  • ACCURATE TEMPERATURE GAUGE; Front switch allowing you to switch between centigrade or Fahrenheit. Compatible with most types of aquarium and fish tanks. Essential for monitoring the temperature levels of your aquatic or reptile life
  • DIMENSIONS; Screen size: 2.5cm x 1.2cm. Approx. 1M cable length
LONDAFISH Aquarium Light Aquatic Lighting Led Light for Fish Tank White/Black 10W (Black)
  • High brightness Can promote the photosynthesis of aquatic plants effectively,increase the survival rate of aquatic plants
  • Suitable for Fresh Water, for reef aquariums, for plant aquariums, suitable for salt water, growth and erformance
  • Widely Use: Except for aquarium water plant lighting, the clip lamp can also be used for daily lighting.
  • Guarantee: We will do our best to help you.We have the replacement and the refund service.Please feel free to contact us for any quality problem.
Dreammy Artificial Green Plant Grass Water Plants For Fish Tank Aquarium Decor Ornament Decoration Simulation of Aquatic Plants Green
  • Material:Plastic
  • Height:20cm
  • Designed with a weighted base,so they can stand firmly in the tank.
  • Package Included: 1*Aquarium Plastic Grass.
Pond Kidney Planting Basket 45 x 18 x 15cm - 3 Pack
  • 3 Pack
  • Pond Kidney Planting Basket 45 x 18 x 15cm
  • Ideal for marginal plants and lilles
  • Manufactured to allow maxiumum water flow
  • Fine mesh construction
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