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Insect Repellent Collar for horse & ponies
TOOGOO(R) Small Praying Mantis Stick Insect Butterfly Pop-up Cage Housing Enclosure
  • Product Name: Insect Cage
  • Material: Net + Wire
  • Size: 14 x 15cm
BEAKS wild bird food INSECT suet feed pellets 12.75kg free P&P
  • For all year round use.
  • Important source of fat and nutrition for winter months.
  • Suitable for all wild bird species.
  • Suitable for adult birds and their young.
Redwood Leisure BB-BH307 Hanging Wooden Insect and Bee House - Wood
  • Manufactured from natural fir wood
  • Ideal for insects and bees
  • complete with wire hanger
  • ready assembled
Suet To Go Insect Balls Refill Box Wild Bird Treat, 50 x 90 g
  • Premium Wildbird Food
  • Insect Flavour
  • Year Round Feeding
  • No Fillers!
  • Re-Fill Option
SuyunPP Insect House/Birch Ladybug Bee Refuge/Insect Hotel/Garden Garden Ranch
  • *Insect Hotel is an auxiliary device for insect breeding and wintering and can be used all year round. A variety of insects are available. Examples are bees, butterflies, ladybugs, spiders and all other insect species.
  • *Installed in your yard provides an opportunity for your child to observe insects and get close to nature
  • *The main body is made of white birch logs and the upper metal wire mesh to protect insects and provide a healthy environment for growth.
  • * The design is full of pastoral and rustic style, effectively helping the beneficial insects to breed, maintaining the ecological balance of fruits and vegetables, and bringing a different kind of scenery to your garden!
  • *Materials are pure natural, and different textures and colors will appear. Please forgive me!
Reptiles Planet Vita Jelly Mix Insects Food, 10-Piece
  • Food supplement for most insects
  • Vital Jelly provides a rich and balanced nutrition.
  • Contains fruit juice, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
VORCOOL PVC Foldable Insect and Butterfly Habitat Cage Terrarium Pop-up(White)
  • Catch bugs and butterflies, observe through the net, learn about insect life cycles.
  • A convenient carrying handle on the top, butterfly net habitat fall on the ground will not broken.
  • Fine breathable mesh for good airflow to keep critters safe.
  • Fold up nicely to take on trips, easy stretch for outdoor.
  • Perfect for butterfly, moths, mantises, wasps, or other flying insects. Observe through the net,learn about insect life cycles.
Pure Organic Neem Oil 250ml (or 1 litre) Cold Pressed Unrefined Virgin Concentrate - Natural Insect Flea Mite Repellent for Plants and Pets Horses Dogs Skin and Hair Care PINK SUN
  • Pure organic cold pressed neem oil concentrate unrefined 250ml
  • High quality with Azadirachtin content 1000+ ppm THIS OIL IS SOLID AT LESS THAN 24 DEGREES C
  • Use with PINK SUN Horticultural Gentle Liquid Soap to help reduce and control chewing and sucking insects such as spider mite, aphid, thrip, green / white fly and leaf hoppers
  • Use with a carrier oil or cream at a ratio of 5% for topical application for skin, hair and animal care
  • Variety of uses for eczema, dogs skin scabies, head lice, hair and scalp care, nails, horses and more
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