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KaariFirefly Aquatic Lawn Aquarium Artificial Water Grass Plant Fish Tank Landscape Decoration Plastic Ornament - Green
  • Features: Plastic Plant, Artificial Grass, Fish Tank Landscape
  • Absolutely safe for fish, they won't die, rot or cause any algae problems.
  • Made from premium, durable plastic, suitable both in salt and fresh water.
  • Consist of 81 small grass, delicated designed and manufactured, creat beautiful scenery in your fish tank!
  • Provides a beautiful decoration for your aquarium, also is an excellent hiding place for fish which adds extra fun to play.
Powcan Aquarium Light 72 LED Aquarium Lighting with IR Controller Fish Tank Light with Extendable Brackets for 55-80cm Aquariums, 24/7 Automated Suitable for Plant Growth, Fish and Aquatic Keeping
  • 【Day/Night Management】-- Aquarium lighting can gradually mimics the effect of a slow sunrise, bright daylight and gentle sunset, providing underwater animals and plants with a natural lighting cycle. By pressing DEMO key on the remote control, can quick demonstrate and view light display in the day/at night circulating for 24 hours.
  • 【Multiple Weather Setting】-- Just press the buttons on the IR controller, your fishes will enjoy 4 weather effects, which includes cloudy, lightning, sunny, moonlight. Under such light, the charming beauty of the water is at a glance. It reduces ecological essence and creates a fancy underwater world.
  • 【Adjustable Light】-- With RGB and white lights, 5 lighting modes(All white mode, blue & white mode, blue mode, lightning mode, energy-saving mode) and brightness adjustable(10%-100%) are perfect for strong plant growth while bringing vivid colors and can create an amazing atmosphere for fish, inverts, live rock and corals.
  • 【High Quality】-- Fish tank light is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, and has good heat dissipation effect. It totally has 72 highlight LED lamp beads(48 white & 24 RGB) with full-spectrum. Can be widely used in plant planting, fish tank, ecological landscape, algae cultivation and some other occasions.
  • 【Easy Installation】-- The size of the led aquarium light is 55cm x 10cm x 2cm. With 2 adjustable mounting brackets, each side can be extended to extra 17cm. Perfectly fits aquarium tank from 55cm to 80cm in length. Can be used over a glass aquarium cover or panel.
Aquarium Fish Tank Green Water Grass Fish Tank Decor Plants Plastic Water Plants Green Artificial Aquatic Plant Aquarium Decor Fish Tank Decoration Ornament Artificial Plastic Plant Green Grass 5pcs
  • EASY TO USE: Design with base for making it stand steadily in water and add natural beauty to the aquarium; it is easy for daily washing.
  • SUITABLE FOR AQUARIUM: Ideal decoration for your fish tank with this lifelike ornament, and it makes your fish tank look natural and beautiful.
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Suitable for both fresh and salt water, plant made of durable plastic, non-toxic and safe for aquatic life.
  • NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: The Artificial Aquatic Plant Enhances aquarium while producing shelter to reduce fish stress.
  • LIFE-LIKE & BEAUTIFUL LOOKING: The artificial aquarium plants are realistic with fade-resistant colors and are soft to the touch.
FTVOGUE Plant Glass Cup Pot with 2 Suction Cups Aquarium Aquatic Holder Fish Tank Accessory
  • Slanting design is beneficial to light absorption and promote photosynthesis
  • The cup mouth is smooth, and your hand will not be scratched
  • Cup bottom small hole is conducive to the flow of water, absorb more nutrients
  • Made of top-quality material, non-toxic, durable and healthy
  • With two thicken powerful sucker, not easy to fall off
AB Tools Aquatic Aquarium Ancient Tunnel & Stone Head Ruin Fish Tank Ornament Bundle
  • High quality ornament for all types of aquarium
  • Safe for all Aquariums and terrariums
  • Suitable for freshwater and salt water aquariums
  • Size: 12x10x13cm / 14x10x17cm
  • Stunning centrepiece for small to medium sized aquariums
TrifyCore Fashion Pearl Shell Coral Volcano Shape Toy Aquarium Ornament Fish Tank Air Pump Oxygen Bubble Bomb air stone Drive Decoration, Fish and aquatic accessories
  • FUNCTION: Unique and beautiful decoration for your fish tank.
  • USEFUL: Increase oxygen levels, lower CO2 and raise PH.
  • SPECIAL: Creates bubbles in fish tank while attached to an air pump.
  • PRACTICAL: It is an important instrument to successfully keep aquatic fish for respiration process.
  • APPLICATION: Environmentally friendly resin, non-toxic and harmless, can be used with peace of mind! Can be placed in a fish tank or home as a decoration to add more color!
Sakana Black Aquatic Fish Gravel - Premium Aquarium Tank Pond Décor Substrate (1kg)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AQUATIC GRAVEL - Sakana Fish Gravel is a non-toxic substrate that provides a natural and decorative look to brighten up your fish tanks and aquariums.
  • DUST FREE, SAFE TO USE IN ALL AQUARIUMS - The grains are supplied at a mixed size of between 3mm - 8mm and dust free. The gravel is suitable for both Cold Water or Tropical fish and will not affect the water parameters.
  • MULTI USE, PERFECT CRAFT MATERIAL - Coloured Gravel is not just for aquatic use. This product is a great craft material that can be used for general gardening purposes. It can help introduce vibrant colours to plant pots, planters and outdoor displays.
  • VIBRANT COLOUR FOR YOUR TANK - Display a naturally rinsed, Black gravel to match your themed aquarium or pond. Other popular colours are available like Rainbow Mix, Orange, Red, Dark Blue, White, Green & many more!
Biotope Aquatics Ltd Live Aquarium Plant - LIMNOPHILA SESSILIFLORA - fish tank fern decoration - tropical or coldwater - like cabomba (5)
  • Stem plants with no roots, simply plant and in correct conditions roots will grow in matter of days
  • suitable for both tropical and coldwater aquariums
  • tall bushy plant when mature, tips will turn brown/ orange as plant matures
  • These plants are rinsed and soaked but not guaranteed completely shrimp or snail free. Soaking in a strong alkaline solution and then thoroughly rinsing before adding to the tank can resolve this, please contact us if you need details on this
  • Plants are checked before sale and holding tanks are regularly treated but on very rare occasions an odd snail or eggs slip through - we advise checking your plants before adding to the aquarium
Nano Marimo Ball x 5 pcs - Live Aquarium Aquatic Plant for Fish Tank by its-a-fishy-buziness
  • Nano Marimo Ball x 5 pcs
  • Grown in the uk by its a fishy buziness
  • Anti Algae
  • Fish and shrimps love them
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