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Reptile Humidifier, 3L Water Tank No Noise Cool Mist Making Machine with Adjustable Button for Lizards Chameleons Snakes Terrarium UK Plug 100-240V (Blue 3L)
  • Important to Pet Health---Humidifiers play an important role in pet climbing, and proper humidity is very important for pet climbing. If the humidity is too low, it will cause dehydration, tail death, sagging back and sunken eyes.
  • Low Noise & Automatic Shut-off---Ultra-silent design, does not affect the reptile rest. Dry-run protection, no need to worry the humidifier happens to be out of the water during the night or not at home. It automatically shuts off the device when the tank is no water, safe to use.
  • Adjustable Cool Fog Output---Rotary switch design, adjust the amount of fog at will. Come with 40cm/15.7in-150cm/59.1in extensible flexible hose, you can adjust the length as you need, and decide in which direction you would like the moisturized air to be spread.
  • Large Capacity Tank---3L large-capacity water tank, no need to add water frequently, long-term fogging and moisturizing.
  • Perfect for Any Reptile/Amphibian---Easy to install, comes with full set of accessories. Perfect for a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians, including bearded dragons, geckos, turtles, iguanas, lizards, chameleons, water dragons, frogs, etc.
Arcadia D3+ Euro Range 10 Percent Desert Reptile Light, 600 mm
  • Balanced uva to uvb ratio
  • Typically x3 more usable uvb than most lamps
  • Excellent colour emissions
  • Long life span provides a full 9 months of uvb
  • Total uvc protection
Medium Silent Brown Crickets 8-12mm aprox 125 per tub
  • Full tub quantities
  • Delivered direct from the breeder
  • Freshness guarantee as standard
  • Gut loaded for optimal nutrition
  • Exceptional value for money
  • High UVB output similar to that associated with desert environments.
  • Top quality Nature-Glow by Heritage Pet Products branded UVB reptile tubes.
  • Offer much better value than other leading brands
  • 5.0 UVB Rainforest and 2.0 UVB Solar Glo versions also available.
Reptile Compact Fluorescent UVA UVB 5.0 Bulb,13W,26W Available (26 Watt)
  • Ideal for all tropical & sub-tropical reptiles
  • Optimal UVB & UVA output
  • Simulates appetite, activity and reproductive behavior
  • Provides necessary UVB rays for optimal calcium metabolism
  • Prevent metabolic bone disease and increase feeding,mating and other natural behaviours
Reptile Heating Pad Mat,7W Adjustable Reptile Heat Pad with Temperature Control for Reptiles Turtle,Tortoise,Snakes,Lizard, Gecko,Spider,Crawler - Safety Aquarium Tortoise Heat Mat Thermostat (UK)
  • ✅Mein HERZ Reptile Heating Pad is suitable for small pets such as spiders, turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, scorpions, etc. It is equipped with a temperature-controlled switch that is easy to control and provides ideal 24-hour heat.
  • ✅With a temperature control switch, can control temperature between 0 to 35 degrees.Low power consuming, automatic thermostat, waterproof and moistureproof designed, keep your reptiles and amphibians warm in cold environment.
  • ✅Reptile heating pad permanently adhere to your terrarium or incubator, forming a solid bond for optimum heat transfer.
  • ✅Safety and waterproof.Keep reptile tank warm without any harm to your pets.
  • ✅It contains a high level nichrome heating wire and great PVC material to insulation which can provide gently and durable warmth for reptiles and amphibians.
Trixie Rainforest Decoration Reptile Cave, 24 x 8 x 17 cm
  • Polyester resin reptile cave
  • Ideal place to retreat
  • Looks natural with rainforest decoration
  • Easy to clean
  • Measures 24 cm length by 8 cm width by 17 cm height
Swell Reptiles Livefood Locust pre-pack - Extra Large
  • Perfect alternative to crickets
  • Extra Large locusts
  • Higher protein content ideal for egg-laying lizards
  • Box of Ten
Arcadia SBS75 Solar-Powered Uva Basking Spotlight
  • Increases the ambient temperature
  • With UV-A light for boosting well-being and colour perception
  • Warm Colour Reproduction
  • Infrared
  • Spotlight
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