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Art of Paws Electric Heated Pet Bed; Warm Wooly Heated Pet Mat Electric Heated Cat Bed and Ideal Heated Dog Pad; 100% Money Back
  • KEEP YOUR PETS HEALTHY! The Art of Paws pet heating pad is designed to keep cats of all Ages comfortable and warm at all Times of the year; the heated pet bed provides an IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST as cats are sensitive to the cold, much like humans are. When cats get cold they are more likely to become sick. A constant source of warmth ensures your pet gets adequate rest and their immune system remains strong.
  • PROVIDE RELIEF FOR OLDER PETS when your pet experiences joint stiffness or pain, they have no way to communicate this to you, but with a cat heating pad they can self-treat and enjoy better mobility. Particularly suitable for SURGERY RECOVERY, ARTHRITIS, BONE AND JOINT ISSUES and for the Colder months of the year.
  • ECONOMICAL & EASY TO CLEAN the low voltage internal thermometer automatically adjusts to your pet's presence or absence. Just plug it in and it warms to a tempting temperature just above room air, then heats up more when your pet returns. Built-in overheating protection keeps you worry-free, and so does our bite-proof, chew-resistant cord. The soft fleece cover is machine washable, but DO NOT allow the inner electric wiring of the heated pet mat to get wet.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SIZES Measures 23" x 17" suitable as large heated cat bed, a medium sized heated dog bed. GUARANTEED FOR 2 YEARS So you and your pet are certain to love it!
  • SURPRISE BONUS!! We want you and your pet to reach Max Happy Level, so we're sending you a How-To Guide to Train your Cat to High Five! This is not just an incredibly fun trick for you and your pet, but also for your friends, who'll get kitty high fives when they visit! Check your e-mail for your "HOW TO TEACH YOUR CAT THE HIGH FIVE TRICK" e-book Guide. Get in touch and let us know how it goes, we'd Love to hear from you!
Pet Remedy Heated Pet Pad Whelping Box Mat Puppy Kittens Elderly Welping Kits
  • 12 v AC Adapter & Only 15 W so cheap to run
  • 42cm x 38cm (16.5" x 15")
  • Maintains optimum temperature 30-35 c
  • Safe to leave on constantly
  • Generous 2.7m of cable Cable can be disconnected to feed through Whelping Box's
Things2KeepUWarm Electric heat pads for pets with extra free spare fleece cover
  • Electric heat pads for pets in soft fleece removable cover with vinyl inner heat pad
  • New improved model for 2016. Better heat and a highly reliable unit. Keep pets warm in winter. Comes with spare cover
  • With 2m long cord with UK 3 pin plug. CE and ROHS approved. Comes with 2 removable covers in brown and red.
  • Low cost, low voltage 40 Watts but with a generous heating to keep pets warm and help with arthritic joints.
  • Use in pet beds Size 60x40cm. With bite resistant cable cover, but not suitable for animals prone to heavy chewing such as puppies and boisterous dogs, best to cover the cable in a blanket.Do not fold the pet heat pad as it can cause the unit to overheat, do not leave any pet unattended whilst using the heating pad.
Asltoy Pet Heating Pad,Dog Cat Electric Warming Mat Heat Pad Pet Mat Warming Pad Waterproof Adjustable Chew Resistant Cord Warming Bed with 2 Replace Soft Removable 15.7"x11.8" (40-30 cm)
  • 1.【Safety Pet Heating Pad】●The warm pad designed with low power for safety, slow to warm when pets in sleeping instead of heat up quickly. Need to take about 15 minutes to heat up when your pets lay on it. ●55℃ Centigrade overheating protector to prevent the high temperature burn, heating slowly on balance.● Safety certified: CE, UL, PSE, RoHS certified.Made of PVC fireproof material,IP67 Waterproof and dustproof,Anti-bite Tube to keep them safe.
  • 2.【7 level Adjustable Temperature】 25 * 30 * 35 * 40 * 45 * 50 * 55 ℃(In winter,the heat mat was recommend to set 40 Degrees,the most comfortable temperature for pets)●The warming pad can be placed in your existing pet's bed or just let your pet lay on it directly.
  • 3.【Easy to Use】 The electric heating pad with visible LED indicator displays temperatures accurately, thermostatically controlled to warm your pet's body. Convenient for you to lower and raise the temperature.
  • 4.【2 Covers Included】Soft and Removable Brown and Blue cover,is easy to clean by machine or hand.Heated ped size: 30 * 30 CM.【Applicable target】 Small and medium size pet such as cats, dogs, rabbits, Chihuahuas, Papillon, Yorkshire terrier!
  • 5.WARRANTY & MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - We offer a 1-Year Limited Warranty with this Warming Mat. We also offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.So your purchase is safe and protected.
Pet Remedy Heated Pet Pad Bed low voltage + Calming Calm Covers for all animals (Heated Pet Pad)
  • Pet Remedy Heat Pad Bed - BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association) approved as a safe and effective post-operative heat pad
  • Pet Remedy Pad or Cover for Heat Mat plus 15ml Calming Spray
  • Clinically Proven to help Calm Cats, Dogs, Rabbits
  • Ideal for use in the home or travel
  • Please refer to Product Description for further information - Thank you - Step into Pets World
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