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Pooch and Mutt Fresh Breath Treats for Dogs 125 g (Pack of 3)
  • Great treat to aid your dog's oral hygiene
  • Contains peppermint, giving breath a fresh scent
  • Contains parsley, a natural deodoriser.
  • and contains chicory, a natural prebiotic to aid digestion
  • Natural, Ethical, Wheat free, low calorie and UK made.
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Pooch and Mutt Calm and Relaxed Treats for Dogs 125 g (Pack of 3) details:

  • Calming treats for anxious and excitable dogs
  • Perfect for vet visits, car journeys and fireworks
  • A great bed time treat
  • Lamb treats containing chamomile and ltryptophan to aid relaxation
  • Natural, Ethical, Wheat free, low calorie and UK made.
was very skeptical as to whether these would work, but hey they did, no more whining in the car, 6 hours of sheer bliss, calmed our pooch down
very well.
would certainly recommend these to anyone who has a dog that needs to be calmed.
in Malta we get loud fireworks every weekend in summer, now my dog will join us on the balcony while we eat instead of cowering in her safe corner, she is bright as a button next morning, I mentioned them to a vet who also endorsed them, what is more my dog adores them and will even eat them if fireworks take us by surprise and she is hiding. I am delighted to have discovered a natural product so effective.
These calming treats started working after about 2 days. I also increased the dosage for my large (50 kg+) doggie who is simply terrified of fireworks (and sadly in October there are fireworks every night).
I am giving him 25 treats/day - 10 in the morning and 15 around 6pm.
He would be extremely panicky and panting every October, sometimes from the end of September as soon as sun sets down. Pooch and Mutt Calm and Relaxed Treats calms him down enough for him to be able to sleep and even go for the evening walk and my doggie does not suffer.

I have found one suitable product for him already, but due to the costs, I leave it for the worst nights only and would highly recommend Pooch and Mutt Calm for everyday use to calm the nervous doggie down and these are great value for money.

My doggie also does not look sleepy or drowsy, he just looks like himself and best of all - is not getting panic attacks.

One thing that can be improved is guidance on dosage. It just says give 5-15 treats/day, but surely there are so many different dog sizes.
I am not sure about the long-term use, so you would need to check with your vet, but I use it only for a month of October and my vet said it is ok for that.

Overall, I would recommend these for any anxious dog.
Love these! My dog can get a bit hyper at times, and likes to guard the house on an evening, barking at anything and everything that walks past outside. A couple of these treats take the edge off and help him to relax. We have found though that if he has more than two, they seem to have the opposite effect. I really love these and one box will last us a few months.
We have just moved house and I gave these to my nervous spaniel to help her with the move..they definently helped her to settle.. nights were the worst(she is 13 and deaf)..she was waking up very disorientated.. I gave her 4 before bedtime(she loves them)and she slept thru the night..
I have tried other calming products over the years and they had the opposite effect(made her jittery and anxious)..highly recommend this product
Picture shows Cody and her best friend New Year's Eve..settled in her new home
Bought these for my sister's dog, who got really frightened and was shaking with the fireworks this year. A week of fireworks is a long time to have a frightened dog! My sister said that the second day she'd been using them, Penelope wasn't shaking and even went outside for a wee (not something she'd usually do at night when there are fireworks). We'll use them again.
Use these as training rewards for my pack - 4standard +2 toy poodles. They are fussy eaters but love these. easy to break for rewarding the little ones too. They do have a good effect - much less reactive and noisy but still plenty of energy and playful. low fat so even my little one with pancreas problems can tolerate them
Even better - they now do it as a kibble food too!
I am a big fan of these treats and the dog food itself. I recently adopted two rescue dogs and the little girl was v anxious. Since feeding her on this and using these treats, she has settled so much. Would definitely recommend for anxious dogs!
I have been amazed by these tiny treats. They truly did take a terrified, shaking, whimpering, stressed out mess of an English Cocker Spaniel back down to a calm, relaxed and laid back state during the fireworks this year. Just 4 little treats was enough to see her complete about turn in behaviour within 5 minutes of eating. I would never have believed they could work so well, but I was desperate to find some way of reducing her extremely high levels of stress during fireworks and thunderstorms - so I took a chance on these. She actually fell asleep during the Bonfire night 'bombs' that make the windows rattle in their frames. We had 3 weeks of fireworks in our neighbourhood, virtually every night. I waited until the first explosions could be heard each evening and then gave her 3 or 4 small bone shapes from the pack, and EVERY night she settled within a few minutes. Without these she is terrified to the point of heart failure.
I took a handful of these treats to test out on a friends little terrier that also gets scared during fireworks. He was also completely relaxed and chilled out by these.

I really can't recommend these highly enough. EVERYBODY should be seeing if these work for their dog if they get stressed for any reason. For such little cost you must suspend your disbelief and scepticism and TRY THEM.

I can only say I have been ASTONISHED by the benefits.

I do not work for the company, I have no link to anyone that does, I make no profit from giving this review. But I spent this years fireworks season grinning like a lunatic at the most remarkable turn around in my pets behaviour that I could never have possibly imagined. If she is happy, then I am nothing short of thrilled.

Give them a go and write your review here. I am fascinated to know if the effects are replicated on other people's pets in the way they have worked on the 2 dogs I know about.
We had tried everything to help our pup with seperation anxiaty at night and when we nip out for an hour or 2 but nothing worked so I got these and the food (I mix with his normal food) and it has made an amazing difference he is alot better 4 of these little treats while I settle hom into his crate at 10pm and he's ok until between 6-7am with no issues - we used to be up every hour or so

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