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More options available: Professional Pet Grooming Brushes Glove with Wire Pin, Hair Removal Brush for Dogs, Cat Brush Healthcare Grooming Bath Glove, New styling Poppypet

Poppypet Professional Pet Grooming Brushes Glove with Wire Pin, Hair Removal Brush for Dogs, Cat Brush Healthcare Grooming Bath Glove, New styling details:

  • Size: 24*18*2 cm; stainless steel pin + mesh
  • Function: High quality grooming product. Easy to clean your pets on shower. Removes shedding hair and massages; Easiest and most enjoyable way to groom your shedding pets
  • Fashion Design: Made of durable soft Massage Needle,Soft and elastic , pet bath brush with a adjustable strap to fit different hands. Let your pet enjoy a comfortable bathing while keeping your hands ease
  • High Quality: High quality 3D breathable mesh, the Magic Grooming Glove is the best pet grooming tools to beatify your pets.This brush is great for both dogs and cats and really helps to cut down on the shedding in your home
  • Suitable for: Cats, Teddy, Chihuahua, Miniature pinscher, Schnauzer, Samo, Husky, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd , Rottweiler , Alaska , Tibetan mastiff and other pets.
Features: 1:Soft rubber tips gently get into pet's coat providing relaxing massage. You will achieve great grooming results while just petting and stroking your pet. No more stressful chasing trying to comb out your pet. 2:Firm stainless steel brush bristles,Adjustable wristband,Super-soft microfiber cat & dog bathing sponge,Nylon mesh liner is fast drying,Easy to clean. Rinse Wash. 3:Poppypet Grooming Glove was designed to be extremely gentle with your pet bringing satisfaction and pleasure. Specification: Size: 24*18*2 cm Material: stainless steel pin + mesh Package: 1 x Pet Brush Glove
I bought this professional pet grooming brush for my brother as he has recently had a schnauzer and he need a bit of a tidy up. This mitt is perfect it has an adjustable strap so it cam be used easliy on either hand. The brush is soft but effective and is suitable for use on many pets. It is also easy to clean. It effectivly removes hair whilst also massaging at the same time.

Based on the commments by my brother I would recommend this grooming brush.
This is a very nice, High quality pet Grooming glove. It can be used for most household pets, my cat loves it! It will easily fit on any hand and thanks to the adjustable Velcro fastening, it won't slip off while you use it. It also has a breathable Mesh Fabric on top of the brush so even if you are using it for an extended period of time, your hand won't get too sweaty inside it.
My cat is quite hairy and has a long fur which shreds like anything if we don't brush it out every so often. Since getting this glove our cat takes the most pleasure in being brushed! It purrs and sits on my lap steadily so I can stroke it. The brush has metal spikes which gently go through the animals fur and gather the unwanted hairs. After each use I tend to clean the brush straight away and it's very easy to do. The hairs form a layer in the spikes which you can just pull off when you are done.
Definitely a fantastic buy... For our cat and for us!
I bought this glove for my sister that was complaining about her cat shedding everywhere. She uses it to "pet" her cat everyday and says it has solved her cat hair problems. She is so thrilled with the results, that I just ordered another for myself. I have 2 dogs and one of them really sheds, so I am eager to start "petting" him with this glove! very good
Fantastic Great for grumpy dogs. My dog hates being groomed he growls, barks, runs away etc with the glove all he does is growl it's fantastic. Granted i'm not covered in his hair but after only a few strokes you could already see a difference in his coat. I would definately recommend for the dogs that dislike being groomed by conventional brushes
Product is very good quality.Very well recomend to buy. I will buy more then I need again because is much cheaper compare to shop prices and product is fantastic!!! Thanks a lot!!!
My dog enjoys when I use this on him and it does smooth out his coat predominantly.
Great for brushing really happy thanks
Thank you

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