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Wahl Dog Clipper SS Pro Premium Pet Clipper, Full Coat Clipping On All Coat Types, Mains Powered
  • Powerdrive performance provides quiet, powerful and fast clipping
  • This clipper is powerful enough to cope with any coat type
  • The professional removable blades allow for easy cleaning and deliver a smooth finish.
  • Lightweight for easy use with contoured ridged finger grip for comfort and maximum control
  • The range of available blades for this clipper will ensure no fur will be too much
PETKING - Dog Grooming Clippers for Pets | Cat Hair Trimmer Kit - Best Cordless Dog Clippers Low Noise | Professional Hair Clipper Set with 4 Comb + Pro Accessories | Quiet Rechargeable Shaving Tool
  • ✅ PROFESSIONALl PET GROOMING SET - comes with 1x Pet Clipper with ceramic blade | 1x Rechargeable 4.44Wh / 3.7V Lithium Battery | 4x Comb Attachments | 1x Cleaning Brush | 1x Stainless Steel Scissor | 1x Thining Scissor | 1x Stainless Steel Comb | 1x Nail Clippers | 1x Nail File | 1x User Manual | Designed to shive even the thickest hair!
  • ✅ LOW NOISE - Pet clippers for dogs and cats are designed with low vibration and sound technology! Under >58db noise rate will ensure comfort and safety for your pet when shaving. Let them feel comfortable!
  • ✅ SHARP CERAMIC BLADE - ceramic blades are more expensive than regular but effectiveness pay's for itself as they won't dull quickly, neither thick pet hair will make them jam allowing you to enjoy smooth, long-lasting experience.
  • ✅ CORDLESS EXPERIENCE - dog grooming kit is designed with a rechargeable battery, giving you 60-70 minutes of operational power with 3-4 hours charging time. If you require, cord option available too! Feel free with PetKing cordless shaver!
  • ✅ QUALITY MATTERS - designed from high-quality materials to ensure the effectiveness of electric parts. No random failure, jamming or interruption with PetKing pet grooming clippers!
Wahl Dog Clipper Km SS Premium Pet Clipper, Full Coat Clipping On All Coat Types, Mains Powered
  • Mains powered, high performance single speed animal clipper, It is a non-slip finish clipper
  • The high torque rotary motor is both durable and powerful, operating with minimal noise and vibration
  • The clipper features a fan cooling system to ensure cool operation and longer motor life
  • Operating at 2400 rpm, the 45w rotart motor will drive the detachable blade through any coat type
  • Supplied with a high performace 1.8 mm blade set for a superior clipping performance
OSTER Pro 3000i Pet Cordless Clipper
  • Lightweight, cordless clipper
  • Powerful, single speed, 3000 strokes per minute
  • Lithium-ion battery providing 2 hours of clipping time
  • Slim, ergonomic design
  • Can use all a5 detachable blades
Wahl Pro Series Clipper Replacement Blade Set
  • Replacement standard blade set for wahl pro series pet clipper
  • Produced from rust resistant high carbon steel for durability
  • Precision ground for superior performance ensuring sharp and precise cutting
  • 'snap on / off' fit for easy changing and cleaning
  • Fits asin b000ptrcei
Performer Dog Clipper by Wahl - Cordless Clipper
  • High performance motor - powerful enough to cut through fine, short and coarse coats
  • Low noise and vibration - ideal for noise sensitive dogs and comfortable for you to use
  • Washable blade - removable for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic design - integrated thumb grip for easy control and can be used on or off cord for total freedom of movement
  • Precision ground blade - feeds hair smoothly for snag-free clipping
Wahl Dog Clipper Pro Series Rechargeable Pet Clipper
  • Versatile cord - cordless pet/dog clipper delivers up to 45 minutes cordless use on a full charge or can be used on the cord when charge is low
  • Suitable for most types of animal hair
  • Complete with four attachment combs for variable clipping length from 2 mm to 13 mm
  • Rust resistant, high carbon steel blades are precision ground for a superior cutting performance, Handy snap on/off fit for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight, quiet and low vibration clipper
Wahl Dog Clipper Supergroom Premium Pet Clipper, Full Coat Clipping On All Coat Types, Rechargeable
  • The Wahl Super Groom Clipper offers high performance clipping with the ability to cut through any coat type.
  • The precision ground blade is detachable and can be easily snapped on and off allowing for straight forward cleaning and superior cutting performance.
  • 100 minutes of cordless operation with a quick charge feature and a clear LED battery indicator.
  • The blade features integrated cutting length adjustment (0.7 mm- 3 mm)
  • This durable clipper is easy to control and offers a more relaxing experience for your dog due to its quiet operation - ideal for noise sensitive dogs.
Wahl Dog Clipper Pro Series - Lithium Cordless Clipper Kit
  • The Wahl Pro Series Lithium clipper is ideal for clipping and maintaining wiry, smooth, long, silky and short coats
  • With lithium ion technology the Pro Series Lithium cord-cordless clipper offers up to 120 minutes of cordless cutting and use with the cord means you'll never run out of charge
  • Features a 15 minute quick charge option for up to 10 minutes of additional use
  • Adjustable taper lever enables cutting lengths of between 0.8 mmand 1.8 mmand with attachment combs included for lengths of 3, 6, 10 and 13 mm
  • The ergonomically designed clipper offers balanced, comfortable and easy use when clipping, superior blade geometry
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Pro Pet Clipper by OPOLAR, Easy Clip Multi-Trim Quick Cut Kit, Rechargeable Cordless Electric Grooming Clipper for Small and Medium Dogs and Cats(for details:

  • Power-glide blades specifically manufactured for animals. Quick cut dog clipper is suited for all-around touch ups and trimming face, ears, paws and thin coats(for UK only)
  • Adjustable precision blade and 7200 RPM blade speed
  • Four guide combs (1/5", 1/3", 2/5" and 3/5") goes from fine to coarse at the touch of the lever
  • Medium duty--designed for light body grooming on thin to medium coat dogs
  • 8 hour charge time and 45 minutes run time; maintenance free--no oiling or greasing of internal parts
Keep your dog neatly groomed with the Opolar Ultra Clip Pet Clipper Kit. It features an adjustable blade for cutting thin to medium coats of fur. It requires no oiling or greasing, making it conveniently maintenance-free. An ergonomic shape makes this pet grooming kit comfortable to hold and operate. Ensure that your pet is safe and clean with this Opolar Pet Clipper kit on hand. It contains the necessary tools for making all-around touch ups, as well as trimming face, ears, paws and thin coats. The Opolar clipper with multi-trim has a blade speed of 7200 RPM. The blade is also adjustable from fine to coarse. The integrated Lithium Ion has a 8-hour charge time and up to a 45-minute run time.
When it comes to clipping the hair of our pet, we usually put it off until it can't wait any longer.
Why? because our Spaniel puppy is scared of the noise and vibration, and because of that, it becomes a real ordeal.

That was the biggest surprise of the Opolar Pet Clippers. They are unusually quiet, with low vibration which meant our puppy was not stressed by the ordeal, in fact quite the reverse - a first for us!

The cutting mechanism produces a super clean job enabling us to get an even cut over the fur with the supplied guards. With the guard off we were able to finish off the cut leaving our favourite pet looking clean and tidy.

I would recommend these clippers to any pet owner that needs to clip fur. If you want a good finish with the least amount of stress for your animal, then these are the clippers for you. I've attached a photo after clipping the fur on the ear, it's a great finish and was easy. As you can see, Puppy is very happy and not stressed at all.

On a more technical note, these clippers are rechargeable and come with all you need. During my use I noticed no drop in speed of the clipper and after about 30 minutes it was still running strong. I put the clippers on charge the night before, so they had around 8 hours charge - a full charge according to the manuafacturer's documentation.

Here's a run-down of the pro's and con's for these clippers:

1. Quiet in operation
2. Less vibration than I have seen in any other clipper
3. Super sharp cut leaves a great finish
4. Chargeable and powerful - comes with charger included
5. Feels great in the hand - easy to manoeuvre around your pet

- none, nothing about this product made me feel that there was something missing, wrongly engineered. It was simply a pleasure to use.
As humans, most of us go to the hair salon for a little trim; hopefully monthly. It is no different for our best friend pets. We care much about them. Whether it is a dog or a cat, it does make us feel good to provide something good and beautiful to them. A little trim every now and then makes them feel special.
Buyer beware, there are lot of pet clippers out there. Some of them are good and some are not. Some do the job very well and some do not. The pro pet clipper by Opolar (PT-01) is a very decent clipper, easy to clip multi trim quick cut kit. It is a rechargeable cordless electric grooming clipper that is good for small, medium and big dogs and cats.
When looking for a pet trimmer, the primary thing that is recommended to consider is your pet’s needs and condition. It is good to have a clipper that cuts the hair quickly without extremely heating up, plus, since there are noise-sensitive animals, it is best to find a clipper which does not emit too much noise. The Opolar seems to address the cutting, and the noise decently. It features an adjustable blade for cutting thin to medium coats of fur. It contains four guide combs (1/5", 1/3", 2/5" and 3/5") that goes from fine to coarse at the touch of the lever located underneath the clipper. It has the adjustable precision blade and 7200 RPM blade speed,
It requires no oiling or greasing, making it conveniently maintenance-free. The manual instruction highlights five ways of cutting the fur including:
1) Back an flank
2) Hips
3) Legs and feet
4) Chest and abdomen
5) Head
There is the power-glide blades that is specifically manufactured for animals. Quick cut dog clipper is very suited.
Then, there is the on/off switch button on top of the clipper. Once you turn it on, you will hear the buzzing noise. It is loud enough to hear that it is on. It is not as loud as it would scare the animal.
Another feature to consider in a clipper is the mobility. We all appreciate the space we need to have to move in most comfortable position before doing the whole procedure of coat trimming. You can have a clipper with long power cords but nothing can really beat the cordless mobility that you will benefit in the Opolar PT-01.
Then, there is ergonomic feature. For easy maneuverability and control during the trimming process, it is best to look for light clippers. The ergonomic shape of the Opolar trimmer makes this pet grooming kit comfortable to hold and operate. It is also very light.
Lastly, there is the longevity. We all want to finish the job that we start. This clipper has an 8 hour charge time and 45 minutes run time. My recommendation would be to charge it once you are done with the cutting.
This is a very nice clipper that I highly recommend.
[A sample was provided for review]
Disclaimer: I received this for free in exchange for writing an unbiased review; I will do my best to review it as if I had paid full price because like you I depend on fair Amazon reviews to help with my purchasing decisions.

I was given a list of several products and told I could pick one to receive for review purposes. I could have used any of the products on the list but I chose this OPOLAR Pro Pet Clipper despite the fact that I don't own a dog or any other pet. I got it to use on myself. When it comes to shaving I have sensitive skin and can only shave about once every week or week and a half. Add in the fact that I have thick, tough hair and you might be able to see why a standard electric razor doesn't work so well. I use a professional electric trimmer to get my face and scalp trimmed down as close as I can to the skin, then use a disposable razor to do the actual shaving.

For the past several years I've used an Oster Professional Electric Hair Clipper model #059751 and it has worked well enough. Then I tried this OPOLAR Pro Pet Clipper and oh boy is it so much nicer! The body is much thinner than my Oster and it has a contoured grip so it's way easier to hold, especially when doing my scalp and the back of my head. It's also lighter, weighing less than half of the Oster. The OPOLAR is only 7.4 oz while the Oster weighs in at a hefty 15 oz. On top of all that... it's cordless!

Sure, all that is nice but how well does it trim? Really well, in fact. Just as good as my Oster, and perhaps even a little better. It cut through my thick stubbly hair with no problem. There is a sliding switch on the underside that lets you adjust the blade length, though I've only used the shortest setting so I can't comment on the other three settings. The on/off button is on the top, flush with the body, right about in the middle length-wise, just a little further back from where your thumb tends to rest while using the trimmer. This seems to be an ideal position because it's very easy to click on and off with the same hand that's holding the clipper while not in the way to hit by accident. The on/off switch on my Oster was on the side in the very back which made it very awkward to switch on and off with one hand.

I can't comment on how it works with pets but for myself I really like this trimmer. My Oster has been put away into a drawer as a backup in case this one happens to fail, but until that time this has become my new electric trimmer of choice. It says it's maintenance free with no oiling or greasing of internal parts, but it does come with a little tube of oil for the blades. Definitely use this stuff, it really does work to help keep the blades running smooth.

Do I recommend it? Most definitely!
I like that the Pro Pet Clipper by OPOLAR is portable and though it lacks the shearing ability of a plugged in clipper, this did fine with my dog's thick hair. I mean I'm not a professional pet hairstylist/groomer, but I think between my wife and I we did well. Also, we have a cat and this is definitely not for their fine hair (to be honest on the first shear the hair seemed to jam up in the blades and all I could think of was my wife crying thinking I had caught the cat's skin, which thankfully did not happen; I took a few more tries and it just isn't designed for cat's fur (we have a long haired cat, if that helps). After charging it for 12 hours (only on the first charge it says, then 8 hours subsequently depending on how often you anticipate using it), it's pretty quiet so my dog didn't immediately run for the hills (he's a bit scared of loud noises, always has been, maybe he gets it from the cat), but just to play around I used all four clipper head pieces and thought they all did a fairly decent job... I ended up -- of course -- not leaving him like that with his fur in layers and used the shortest adapter which, at the end of the day (or night which is when my wife and me ended up trimming him) he looked pretty good. Maybe with some practice we both will be able to have him looking as if he'd just be brought back from the groomer. For now, I can't complain, this did the job right... and it's portable, which we loved.
The product does what it's meant too, and very nicely too, the design is very comfortable to hold and use, I've included some photos so you can see how it's angled for use;

Included are 4 heads that allow you choose the trim length,

16 to 18mm
10 to 12mm
7 to 9mm
4 to 6mm

The unit is not loud when in use, so not like the old clippers I used to have!

What makes this very handy, is its cordless, once charged, you disconnect and use, I'm not sure how long the charge lasts, but I've used this twice and it's still working.

The cord for charging is the UK socket, not some foreign plug you need a conversion for.

Also includes a bottle of oil and a cleaning brush.

The outer box is retail ready, nothing special, but it does make this an item you could buy as gift.

All in all, this is a decent item, I'm happy with it
Let me begin with how can something go wrong with Opolar they are simply amazing, let me explain how satisfied i feel after getting this in a simple review, first of all the OPOLAR Pro Pet Clipper arrived quickly and well packed, it comes with 4 guide combs, charger, blade oil and brush. My first impression was how light-weight this gadget is like seriously LOL, it does the job PERFECTLY for my german shepherd, It has a adjustable lever in the back of the shaver so you can adjust it and its really quiet so it does help my dog to stay calmed, another pro is that the gadget is cordless(NO CORDS TO FIGHT WITH!) and has a long time battery durability! You cant just go wrong, never expected to get this high quality pet clipper for this price, i am more then happy i went for it!
There are a lot of trimmers out there and they all do pretty much the same thing, they trim! What sets this one apart are the quality of the attachments - for trimming to different lengths - and the curve of the handle. The Pro Pet Clipper has a sturdy feel, with enough weight to give you control, but not so much that it's a strain to use. That curve though, it means that you can angle the head into those 'hard to reach areas' (!) and get the precision you need without dislocating your wrist in the process. Great product, and solid quality... I'm not going to lie, it does a good job of cutting back my 4-day stubble too!
I learned the hard way that brand and price doesn't always equate to long lasting. My first pet clipper was a Wahl cordless clipper that I paid around $100 for. The first couple of months it worked well and I was able to cut my two Shih Tzu's at home. They hate going to the groomer and when watching them get their hair cut I feel bad when looking at them, they just look scared and sad. But after a couple months it wouldn't turn on anymore, I ended up taking it apart and it seemed like the motor in it gave out.

So far this clipper from Opolar has been working just as well as my Wahl did. It comes with 4 guide combs, charger, blade oil and brush. There is also a switch at the base of the blades that allows for small adjustments to blade length. It is also cordless and runs for about 40 mins before needing another charge. The clipper is super quiet and doesn't overheat. Some clippers can get really hot and you either have to use spray coolant to cool of the blades or let the clippers rest to cool them down. If the blades are super hot it can burn the skin of your dog. The clipper has a coutoured base that fits nicely in the hand and is comfortable while using. It is also pretty lightweight for a hair clipper.

I find that pet clippers are actually better than clippers for people. They are a lot more quieter and cut a lot more easier. If you try clippers made for people on a dog, they just won't cut. But dog clippers on human hair works without issues.

Overall, these clippers work well and seem to be well made. The price is a real bargain especially for pet clippers.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product free or discounted for my honest and unbiased review. FCC Compliance Statement: This product was of a promotional nature it was provided to me for free or for a discount, so I could evaluate it and give my honest unbiased assessment and review.
Good build quality, comes with a handful set of clippers in different mm. Also comes with oil and brush to maintain the shaver, charger is also supplied.
It has a good grip, very comfortable to hold. It is my first dog shaver, comparing the battery life to my normal shaver this seems to be better (it lasted about 25 minutes whilst mine lasts for about 15 minutes max).
It has a adjustable lever in the back of the shaver so you can adjust it from 2.8mm to 0.8mm without having to clip any adaptor - for me it was a bonus.
Something that I also need to point is the noise - it is so quiet! When I first turned it on I thought it was out of juice, so I let it charge for some time. Once fully charged I turned it on again and it was making the same level of noise! Considering it is a clipper, for me it is very quiet - a big blus as some dogs are scared of the noise it makes.
Happy with the device, would recommend it to friends :)
Brilliant pet trimmer, used it today on my little dog and it was effortless, can't recommend this product enough

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