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Purrvana Electric Heated Pet Bed; Thick, Fluffy Heated Pet Mat; 58x43cm Size; Superior Quality Electric Heated Cat Bed and Ideal Heated Dog Pad; 100% details:

  • THICK FLUFFY HEATED PET BED Perfect for keeping your pets comfortable and warm; ideal for use after surgery, for older pets, whelping and during the colder months of the year
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SIZES Measures 58cm x 43cm; suitable as large heated cat bed, a heated dog bed and many other animals in between
  • PROTECT YOUR PET With an extra-long 2m bite-proof cord; internal thermometer and overheating protection you can relax and listen to your pets happy snoring
  • ECONOMICAL & EASY TO CLEAN Using only 10w of electricity, much less than other heated cat mat, heated dog pad or electric cat bed products. The soft fleece cover is machine washable for simple care
  • GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME Our Art of Paws Purrvana Design heated pet mat is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for as long as you own it, so you're certain to love it!
Your pet is part of the family and you want them to be happy and comfortable! With the Art of Paws Purrvana Heated Pet Bed you can help to ensure that your pet feels cosy in all kinds of conditions! Give your pet the option of a toasty warm heated pet bed when they need it - or when they just feel like an extra snuggle! Perfect for older pets, pets plagued by aches and pains and for use after surgery, newly born pups, kittens, hedgehogs, guinea pigs or your bunnies! The heated cat bed warms up automatically when your pet sits on it and then reverts to a lower temperature setting when your pet leaves the bed. This ensures safety and conserves energy. When we designed the Art of Paws Purrvana Heated Pet Mat, the safety of pets was our top priority. That's why our electric cat bed has a cord that pets can't bite through and an internal thermometer with overheating protection. As convenient as it is safe, the heated dog bed / heated cat mat has an extra thick fleece cover that you can remove and drop in the washing machine for laundering. The cover is luxurious to touch due to its softness and fluffy texture, but it is durable enough to stand up to years of use. Pamper your pet with a warm sanctuary and choose the best heated pet bed on Amazon! Order the Art of Paws Purrvana Heated Pet Mat today! Our heated dog pad / heated cat bed is produced in accordance with the highest possible quality standards, so we're able to offer an industry-leading lifetime satisfaction guarantee on each one sold! The Art of Paws Purrvana design has been upgraded! NEW features: > Softer cushion > includes an EU adapter for travel convenience > Longer Bite proof cable

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