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Emours Moisturizing Reptile Carpet Fiber Pet Mat,Green,Large
  • Material: High density tech fiber.Washable and easy to clean, can be reused
  • All non-toxic and tasteless environmental material, natural protection
  • Good water absorption .Moisturizing ,retain humidity ,thermal insulation and flame retardant
  • Keep your pet cage or aquarium tank much cleaner looking
  • This soft carpet fits many species of reptiles, snakes, turtles, lizards and insects . It can protect reptiles away from wet, dirt and scrape. You can used this carpet with plastic mat together also
Reptile Heat Mat, Reptile Heating Pad Mat Adjustable Under Tank Heater with Temperature Control for Reptiles Turtle, Tortoise, Snakes, Lizard, Gecko, Spider, Crawler (7W)
  • Safe & Balanced Heating -- Reptile Heat Mat is made of a high level nichrome heating wire and great PVC material to insulation, safe and balanced temperature distribution, can be used pet and provide a gentle heat.
  • Waterproof & Damp-proof -- Waterproof and damp-proof for reliable use (not available to water use directly), keeping your reptiles and amphibians warm in cold environment.
  • Low Energy -- Automatic thermostat and low energy. Adjustable power switch, energy-saving design. Be easy to clean and convenient to use in different seasons.
  • Convenient to Use -- Reptile Heating Pad can be used under a tank or vivarium. Or put it inside tank with a layer sand/bark pieces to avoid direct touch and heat dissipation for optimum heat transfer.
  • Suitable for Most Reptile -- Suitable for turtle, snakes, lizard, gecko, spider, small mammals, crawler and any animal that requires belly heat. Guarantees 100% satisfaction with your purchase. If any problems with the product, please contact us, we will reply as soon as possible.
Exo Terra Reptile Cave, Medium
  • provides a secure hiding place for reptiles. Easy to clean
  • helps to relieve stress and therefore regulate feeding and sleeping habits
  • very stable, not easily tipped over by larger reptiles
  • also can be used to provide a cooler, sheltered area in the vivarium
Reptile Drinking Fountain and Humidifier
  • Quiet when pump is submerged
  • Circulates water for Chameleons and Crested Geckos and provides beneficial humidity to the habitat
  • Leafy backdrop mimics the natural environment
  • Replaceable carbon pads filter and purify the water
  • Energy efficient operation and a 800ml water storage provides 5-7 days of water
Womdee Reptile Terrarium Thermostat Controller Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat with Suction Cup 1100W 220V
  • 🦎【PROFESSIONAL RELIABILITY 】 - Digital temperature controller for heat mat in colder or warmer environments
  • 🦎【EFFORTLESS HEATING SETUP 】- Simply set the temperature probe, plug-in the controller, and use the large button interface to choose your desired temperature setting.
  • 🦎【EASE OF MIND 】- Handy LED heating and power indicator lights allow you to see the controller's status even in total darkness. Controller features a convenient hanging tab, and a bright, easy-to-read display inside a tough plastic housing.
  • 🦎【VARIETY OF USES 】- Heat mat thermostat provides constant customized temp for Seed Germination, Rooting, Reptiles, Homebrewing and Fermentation, keeping your various environments in their ideal temperature range
  • 🦎【Applicability 】- Suitable for use with heating rods, you can control the temperature you want
Medium Silent Brown Crickets 8-12mm aprox 125 per tub
  • Full tub quantities
  • Delivered direct from the breeder
  • Freshness guarantee as standard
  • Gut loaded for optimal nutrition
  • Exceptional value for money
E27 Pet Ceramic Heating Lamp Heater Holder Reptile Infrared Heat Bulb Holder with Anti-hot Bracket for Lizard Turtle(UK Plug)
  • 【Reptile Protection】The heating light helps to absorb the calcium to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease, promoting health and healing as it widens the blood vessels and increases blood circulation
  • 【Temperature Adjustable】The heating light holder with switch to adjust the temperature of the light, you can change the temperature as you different requirements
  • 【Anti-hot Bracket】 Coming with anti-hot cage, it would effectively prevent pets from scalding. And can prevent pets from biting electric wires to get an electric shock.
  • 【Hook Design】There is a hook at the bottom, you can hang on the bulb at wherever you want, which is convenient to use
  • 【Widely Use】It is especially suitable for lizards, spiders,tortoises,chickens and quails brood,hedgehogs,hamsters etc,keep a constant warmth through a whole winter.
Exo Terra PT1856 + D3 Reptile Calcium, 90 g
  • Contains the essential elements for proper calcium metabolism
  • Low phosphorus
  • Ultra fine powder
  • For reptiles and amphibians
  • Contain balanced amounts of vitamin d3 for optimal calcium absorption
INRIGOROUS Reptile Thermometer, Pack of 2 digital hygrometer thermometer Gauge Terrarium Hygrometer Lizard Spider Tortoise Tank Switchable Celsius Fahrenheit (Black)
  • Suitable for reptile like lizard spider tortoise terrarium tank vivarium greenhouse, cigar humidors or refrigerated cabinets, display counters humidity temperature measuring.
  • Small size digital LCD display, easy to read
  • Thermometer and hygrometer combination, this digital thermometer displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius (pressing the conversion button of ℃/℉)
  • Temperature measuring range: -50℃~70℃(-122℉~158℉); Humidity measuring range: 10% ~ 99%RH.
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1℃(±2℉); Humidity measurement accuracy: ±5%RH
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