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Rosewood Boredom Breaker Natural Treat Herbs Plus, 500g
  • 17 different ingredients go to make this wonderful treat
  • can be fed daily and helps stimulate your pets appetite
  • prevents overgrown nails and costly trips to the vet
  • ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs
  • made only from 100% natural ingredients
Rosewood Boredom Breaker Natural Treat Coneflower, 150g
  • 100% coneflower (echinacea) leaves, stalks and flowers
  • can be fed daily to enrich your pets diet
  • prevents overgrown nails and costly trips to the vet
  • ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus
  • made only from 100% natural ingredients
Naturals Dandelion Roll 'n' Nest
  • A large (15cm dia) 100% natural woven grassy ball, stuffed with meadow hay, dandelion and marigold
  • A real boredom breaking challenge for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas
  • Also ideal for smaller pets like degus, rats and hamsters to play and nest in.
  • Doesn't contain and glue or wire
Rosewood Himalayan Salt Lick Stone
  • Naturals ranges are manufactured using only the highest quality
  • Fabulous range for small pets of all kinds
  • Made only from several varieties of carrot and beetroot
  • Naturally colourful and tasty crispy bites
Rosewood Biosafe Puppy Treat Dispenser Dumbbell, Blue
  • Germ smart dog toy. A more hygienic toy for your pet and your family. BioCote is an antimicrobial technology.
  • Treat dispensing toy - a great way to train puppies and small dogs early on
  • Mint scent
  • Constructed out of tough yet soft plastics
AB Tools Rosewood Rat, Ferret, Chipmunk White Boredom Breaker Climbing Cargo Net 33x33cm
  • Stimulating Fun for Rats, Ferrets & Chipmunks
  • A brilliant climbing activity toy made from cotton rope
  • Metal clips allow the net to be used with any cage
  • Prevents overgrown nails and costly trips to the vet
  • Use to or more together or combine with our rope bridge
Naturals Animal Activity Toy Banana Leaf Carrot Stuffer, Small
  • Ideal for pets to play with and chew
  • once the corn leaf stuffing has been removed, fill with your pet's favourite treats for an added challenge!
  • Made from only 100% natural materials. With no glue or metal
  • Made from tough but fun to chew woven banana leaf
  • Can also be used by hamsters, gerbils and mice as a den
Boredom Breaker Cereal Treats Sun Ripened Corn Pets Small Animals Edible 5025659196435
  • Boredom Breaker corn-on-the-cob is hand-selected and then carefully dried to preserve its natural goodness.
  • Your pet will love the challenge of eating the corn straight off the cob and will be kept alert and entertained for hours.
  • For Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.
Boredom Breakers Options Harness And Lead Set
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