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Rosewood Boredom Breaker Small Animal Activity Toy Glitter Hamster Ball details:

  • high quality, shatter-resistant plastic
  • clear plastic with a glitter finish
  • made in Britain
  • 18cm dia
Pop-up, wipe clean fabric tents which allow pets shelter from the sun, wind and rain when in a run. Generously sized for a couple of rabbits, the pop-up tent comes with a removable, fabric mattress and ties for attaching to the run if required. They also attach to our corresponding sizes of activity tunnels.
Great for a baby Syrian hamster. Once my male Syrian grew to full sized however it was way too small so I had to upgrade to large (25cm).
It was a very pretty ball though with glitter inside the plastic. I found it to be secure and easy to clean.
It's just a plastic ball 2 us humans but 2 a hamster it's freedom...she absolutely loves it. If ur hamster is anything like ours then buy 1. It states 2 only use for 15 mins at a time but she won't come out till she's been in for at least an hour (she does have a rest herself in the corner) but short of that she won't come out till she's ready. Worth buying.
Our hamster loves this and rolls around the downstairs in the evening and certainly stops him escaping. One has to be careful that the lids do not pop off and we tend to be paranoid putting some tape to secure the lids as chasing the hamster across the room can be fun
Great time, with a little bit of girly glamour and sparkle within the clear plastic. Sturdy and easy to put together. Hamsters love it as could see where they were going better with the clear plastic.
Hamster trust more this ball than my hands, so he prefer leave cage into the ball, than on my hand. He feel safe inside.
He manage really fast how to use it. But its loud when he meet walls and furnitures with full speed. And its not extreme strong, its already broken but still functional. However its happens once, the door opens after hit something, but its not surprise as hamster use it really hard.
Im happy with this item.
Our hamster is delighted. can speed all over the room and gets plenty of exercise.
a very happy hamster now
Brought two for my gerbils as for some reason whenever we got them out for a run they'd start fighting so as to make sure they had their exercise still we got two of these for them! Both absolutely love them,can leave them for hours just running around in them and it also solved the issue of them fighting when taken out and first put back in again!
Elderly hampster, he loved it. Frightened the life out of the dog to see a plastic ball moving under it's seemingly own power, but the dog got it in the end. Fun, fun, fun for the rodent. Excellent.
Very easy to put together, the purple cover that goes on where you put the hamster is very easy to get on and off but doesn't come off during use. My hamster loves running round in it, prefers it to his wheel!
My little friend godesse ARose and i
i know wheel she is .. And i am no worried something can happend... The ball is hard and good closed.... My little friend can run everywhere!

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