Rosewood Corner Rabbit Litter Tray, Medium

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Happy Pet Small Animal Corner Litter Tray, Medium
  • Ideal for training small animals
  • Keeps your pets enclosure cleaner for longer
  • Hygienic, wipe-clean solution to small animal keeping
Ferplast Rabbit Toilet
  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic
  • 37x27x18.5cm
Rose-wood Small Animal Corner Litter Toilet Pan Tray Rabbit Hamster Guinea Pig Gerbil Rats (Medium)
  • Space Saving Toilet Litter Pan Fits snuggly into the corner of your pets habitat
  • These Litter Pans are high-backed, great value and easy to fit
  • They can simply sit in the corner of the pet's cage or can hook on to the supplied, easy-fit clips in wire/mesh homes.
  • Helping to keep Urine and Feces contained to one area
  • Please refer to Product Description for Sizes and further Information - Thank you - Step into Pets World
Clean 'N' Tidy Corner Litter Tray - Medium Fun Colours
  • Corner litter tray perfect for rabbit breeds of a small medium size
  • Fantastic value, Leading Brand, Great Quality
  • Size - 35 x 23.4 x 19cm
  • Available in assorted 'Fun' colours
Harrison's Small Animal, Cat Corner Litter Tray 49cm Ideal for Cats, Degus, Ferrets and Rabbits
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Rosewood Corner Rabbit Litter Tray, Medium details:

  • Space Saving Corner fitting
  • easy locking clips included
  • suitable for dwarf rabbits,
  • suitable for ferrets
  • suitable for guinea pigs
The Rosewood Corner Litter Tray comes with a high back, is great value and easy to fit. They can simply be fitted into the corner of your pets cage or attached to the cage with the easy locking clips that are supplied. The medium litter tray is suitable for dwarf rabbits and ferrets, with the large tray being more suited for larger sized rabbits. The Rosewood Corner Litter Tray will ensure that your pets cage is kept clean while minimising the space used in the cage.

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