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Ecohound Eco Friendly Dog Waste Bags 1000 / Eco Friendly Poo Bags Unscented Large Olive Green
  • Large Size - 175 x 275 x 375 mm 15 micron thick
  • These Bags Use Exo Technology - 20% of standard PE film is replaced with a revolutionary bio-renewable materials (recycled sea shells which sounds strange but true)
  • No Nonsense Large Thick Unscented Environmentally Friendly Poop Bags
  • We care about looking after our environment, cleaning up after your four legged friend and correctly disposing of our dog waste bags "BAG IT AND BIN IT" will help protect our environment and keep our dog walking areas clean
More options available: Scot-Petshop Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags x (Dog Poo Bag/Dog Waste Bags) Eco Friendly, Bulk Buy 1000

Scot-Petshop Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags x 1000 (Dog Poo Bag/Dog Waste Bags) Eco Friendly, Bulk Buy details:

  • 100% Exo Biodegradable Poop Scoop Bags - Biggest & Best Environmentally Friendly Bags On The Planet!
  • Size - 180 x 280 x 380 mm 15 micron thick - 1000 Large Unscented Bags
  • Over 20% of the materials in this bags are made from a renewable source.
  • Meets International Biodegradability Standards : ISO 14855
  • Be kind to the environment and use 100% biodegradable poop scoop bags to clear up your dogs mess. These Quality biodegradable Vest Type Poop Scoop bags with easy to tie handles are just what both you and your dog need. Carefully wrapped in packs of 50 and sensibly packaged for ease of use.
SCOT-PETSHOP UK - BIODEGRADABLE UNSCENTED DOG WASTE BAGS 1000 PACK Our Large Strong Bags using revolutionary exo technology will degrade into small pieces then safely biodegrade into soil. Our bags are fully biodegradable to International standards IS0 14855 and made from over 20% renewable materials (actually 20% recycled sea shells which sounds strange but true) We should all consider the environment when it comes to the use of plastic bags. On average a dog owner will use 4 to 6 poop bags per day which is approx 2190 plastic poop bags per year, per dog and how many dogs are in just Britain alone. That is why we must make the change and use 100% biodegradable poop bags. ISO INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS - ensures that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. Our bags meet ISO International Standards for Biodegradability, we may cost a little more than standard black bags however you can buy with confidence knowing that the bags you use to clear up your dog poop will biodegrade in a reasonable time and will not harm our environment and planet. Large And Strong: 180 x 280 x 380 mm and 15 micron thick Unscented - no weird smells but extra strong and leak proof to keep those nasty doggie smells locked in. At Scot-Petshop we pride ourselves on great quality, caring for dogs and the environment. We are confident in the quality of our products with a 30-day no hassle return
I am very, very impressed with these bags. For a little over tuppence each (I decided to treat myself and bought a pack of 1000) I now have the confidence to tackle whatever comes out of my two Border Collies anuses, whatever the size or consistency. The oldest Collie is a big dog at 25kg or thereabouts, and produces correspondingly large parcels. The younger dog, at 13kg, doesn't create the same sort of volume, detritus-wise. However, her additions, being a little smaller in diameter, have a tendency to lay deeper in those hard-to-reach places of whatever grass she drops them in, whether this is in my neatly mown garden or on the moors and fields where they have their daily constitutional.

I therefore desired a poo bag with a little more "oomph" than the ones I had been using. My previous purchases were about half the price of these but, despite being advertised as "strong" and "heavy duty", sadly they were neither. Many was the time when I would give a not-so-little inward wince when handling the foul gifts from my beloved mutts, in case of any splits or overflow. I found myself having to use the utmost care with those bags in an effort to prevent any contamination of my digits. Sadly, such events did occur from time to time.

Not with these magnificent stool receptacles!!!!

They are an excellent size, befitting of a real mans hand and capable of hoisting a substantial amount of turd. According to our kitchen scales they easily coped with over a kilo of ejecta, though my wife didn't seem as impressed as I was regarding this. Maybe it is because I am the main excreta gatherer within our household, at least until my daughters are a touch older (I'm not a heathen - once they reach eight or nine they need to start to learn the ways of the doggy dung world)

As well as the impressive quantity of "matériel" they are able to confidently hold, mention must be given to the fantastic certainty given by those 15 microns. Where once, there was uncertainty, apprehension and doubt, now there is bold assurance when I reach into my pocket and feel the thickness.
As if I needed to add to the fan mail... But I just had to endorse what everyone else has said.. There are no better poop bags than these. Scot Petshop are fantastic to deal with and provide the best quality and value available anywhere. I've bought these bags for several years now and really appreciate their super size, strength, capacity and ease of use as well as their true biodegradability.
No more wrestling with tiny flimsy bags that need three hands to open! These large thick gauge bags separate and open without fuss and can deal with any size dog poo or will cope with several doggies at one go, which is fantastic when you've got your hands full. Despite being unscented you're certainly not left walking around with a bag held at arms length or without friends, because they seal all pongs in perfectly.. I've even been able to 'save' them in my anorak pocket in an emergency, without any nasty side effects. You can also perfect a double pick-up because of their generous size... a feat unthinkable with any other bags!
I agree with others that the bags can be used for all sorts of things as well, and do use mine for bagging up any discarded food or unpleasant rubbish to keep smells etc under wraps. I often have to remove damp leaves from the drain & gutters which I do nice and hygienically with these bags. As far as value is concerned, I find them without doubt the best I've ever bought. I have 2 terriers and buy 1,000 at a time which lasts for almost a year! The only problem I find is that I'm iften giving them to friends and family who have doggy bag envy.
What a fantastic company and a sensational product.. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. If you're in two minds about ordering just check the reviews and try them.... You'll never use anything else again.
This is my second time ordering these bags. I have a guide dog, and shortly after we qualified last year, and after a few weeks of picking up with nappy sacks I had had enough. As someone who can't see at all, I wanted to feel like I could pick up with confidence and without worrying my fingers might go through and get unmentionables on them. These bags have given me the confidence to pick up quickly and easily, any time and anywhere. No mess, and absolutely fit for purpose. Can accommodate whatever his lordship decides to do on any given day. A fabulous product and one that has made my life as a guide dog owner considerably easier. Keep up the excellent work.
Although still quite thin, these bags are sturdy compared to the cheap ones found in supermarkets and pound shops. Have used about 100 already and not had any split or come apart at the bottom seam. In my opinion this makes them good value for money.
I read all the Amazon reviews before ordering and I am really pleased with these bags which arrived in record time. They are much hardier than any of the black bags either on a roll or individually packed. I have tried them all and the Scot-Petshop bags are winners by a mile.
They are on a par with the pink bags which are available in my vet's surgery, but which I have been unable to find on the open market. I have already recommended Scot-Pet bags to my dog owning friends and they will certainly be the product I will choose from now on. Highly recommended, great value quality product with a host of uses. Put them in all your coat pockets.
These poo bags are ggod value and do what they are supposed to do. Strong and a decent size, with no added fancy smells.
These are absolutely brilliant. Big, strong, nice texture and colour (by nice texture I mean doesnt feel like a flimsy bin bag). Reasonably priced too if buying in bulk. I have a large breed dog so big, strong bags are a must! I will definitely be sticking to these bags.
Sick of poor quality, small flimsy bags, I took to amazon to see what was on offer. These were available on prime and at circa 20 quid for 1000 bags, it seemed like a good deal. they are without doubt the best bags I have ever used, strong, pleasantly smelling and large enough to take a Labrador sized present. They are so good that I am now on my 3rd purchase of 1,000 bags and I have recommended them to all the other dog owners I know. highly recommended
These are brilliant poop bags. I've tried cheaper versions in the past, but there's nothing worse when picking up dog poo than unknowingly scraping a thin bag on a stone or the pavement or it getting a nick from being inside your pocket or handbag and ending up with poo on your hand or a spillage as you're walking along carrying what you wrongly believe to be a securely wrapped package. These are much stronger and thicker than other poo bags and definitely worth it to avoid faecal disasters.
Having three dogs I go through a large amount of poo-bags. I have tried many bags over the years. These are the only ones that come up to par with the free bags we once had from our local council (they were very strong) but due to financial cuts this has now sadly ended. I tried to find out who the supplier was but nobody at the council could help me. I read a lot of the reviews and spoke to the lady at Scot Petshop who make the bags, she was very helpful, so I decided to order 1000 pack and was not disappointed with the quality. They are of good size and strength and I will continue to purchase these. I hang them on a hook by my back door so they are always available for a quick pick-up as well as having them in every pocket and the boot of my car and as an added bonus the bags are biodegradable!

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