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PetSafe Staywell Big Cat/Small Dog Pet Door
  • Provides an easy way out for your pet
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for large cats and small dogs up to 10kg
  • 4 locking options : in only, out only, opened and locked
  • Manual 4-way locking system
More options available: STAYWELL Big Cat Small Dog 4 Way Locking Pet Door (White) (280EFS)

STAYWELL Big Cat Small Dog 4 Way Locking Pet Door (White) (280EFS) details:

  • White finish.
  • Simple fit, easy to use.
  • 4-way Locking.
  • Fits most doors & walls
  • Optional tunnel extension included.
Staywell The World's Largest Selling Pet Door.  Control your pet with a Staywell Cat Flap designed for Bigger Cats up to 22lbs(10kg). The 280 Cat Flap for bigger cats, is in a white finish with a rigid flap. Manual 4 way security lock: In Only - Out Only - Opened - Locked. Universal fitting for doors & windows. Important: It is not possible to cut holes in toughened glass of double glazed units except at the time of manufacture. Please contact a reputable glazier. Staywell 3 Year Guarantee. Overall Size: (292mm x 292mm )(11½" x 11½") Cut-Out Size: (263mm) (10¼") Diameter. Shoulder Width: (180mm )(7")        
I am happy and my cat Honey is very happy she just leaps through the flap instead of wriggling her way through and it is so quiet I don't even hear her come in or out.

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