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PetSafe Staywell Big Cat/Small Dog Pet Door
  • Dog and cat door
  • With 4 way security lock
  • With transparent sturdy flap
  • For cats and small dogs up to 10 kg
  • Include tunnel extension 5 cm
PetSafe Staywell Big Cat/Small Dog Pet Door
  • Provides an easy way out for your pet
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for large cats and small dogs up to 10kg
  • 4 locking options : in only, out only, opened and locked
  • Manual 4-way locking system
STAYWELL Big Cat Small Dog 4 Way Locking Pet Door (White) (280EFS)
  • White finish.
  • Simple fit, easy to use.
  • 4-way Locking.
  • Fits most doors & walls
  • Optional tunnel extension included.
PetSafe Staywell 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap, Tunnel included, Easy Install, Durable, Pet Door for Cats
  • EASY INSTALL - The Classic Cat Flap comes with a cutting template, installation guide and each half simply screws together for a Fast and Precise fit
  • INDEPENDENCE - The flexible 4 Way Locking system gives your Cat a greater area of exploration and freedom; catering to their curious nature and keeping them active
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL LOCKING - The 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap provides your Cats with the freedom they love whilst keeping you in control and giving you the option to set it to in only, out only, in or out, fully locked.
  • THICKER WALLS - For installation into thicker Doors the 917EF model Cat Flap includes a fixed tunnel for applications up to 5 cm thick. For an adaptable fitting to any depth of wall, the 919EF model offers attachable tunnel extensions available separately.
  • WARRANTY - The PetSafe Staywell Manual 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap includes a 3 year Manufacturer's warranty
PetSafe, Selective Entry, SmartDoor, automatic locking, multi Key, Energy Efficient, Programmable Pet Door
  • SELECTIVE ENTRY - The PetSafe SmartDoor only unlocks once a unique collar key has been detected, stopping unwanted animals and strays from getting into your home
  • MULTI PET HOMES - The SmartDoor will unlock for up to 5 programmed SmartKeys, making it ideal for multi-pet homes
  • CONVENIENT - Unlocking exclusively for your pets, the SmartDoor relieves owners of constant supervision whilst giving Pets the freedom they love. Fits door 1 1/2 - 2 inches thick or 7 1/4 inches or more with additional extension tunnels
  • PROGRAMMABLE MODES - Providing the ultimate in flexibility the SmartDoor be adapted to Automatic, Locked and Unlocked, giving owners full control over their Pets boundaries
  • WARRANTY - The PetSafe Smart Door includes a 3 year manufacturer's Warranty
  • Overall size: 44cm L x 63cm H , Cut out size: 39.6cm L x 59cm H
x10 Staywell Collar Keys For 400 420 932 and 32 Cat Flaps
  • Bulk Saver 10 Keys Supplied
  • For Staywell Magnetic Cat Flaps
  • Suitable With Models 400, 420, 932 32
PetSafe, Staywell, Aluminium Pet Door, Medium, Solid Design, Easy Install
  • SOLID DESIGN - constructed with a sturdy Aluminium frame and featuring a hard wearing, Flexible Flap, the Aluminium Pet Door is ideal for homes with multiple Pets and can withstand even the most energetic of pets
  • EASY FITTING -The provided Cutting Template and flexible plastic screws provide a flush and precise finish through Wood, PVC, Metal and Brick.
  • MANUAL LOCKING - Allowing owners to control the movements of their Pets, the Aluminium Pet Door features a sliding Closing Panel, allowing you to keep Pets inside and harsh weather out
  • WEATHER AND DRAFT PROTECTION - The magnetic flap closure, pile weather stripping and the slide-in closing panel reduce drafts and weather exposure.
  • WARRANTY - The PetSafe Staywell Aluminium Pet Door includes a 3 year manufacturer's warranty
Cat Mate Large 4-Way Cat Flap
  • White large cat flap w/liner
  • 4 Way locking
  • Brush strip to reduce energy loss and silent action
  • Complete instructions included
PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door Large, Easy Install, Insulating, Weather Proof, Energy Efficient, 3 Flap System
  • Three Flap System - Featuring a revolutionary three Flap System, the Extreme Weather Pet Door maintains the climate of your home with the distinct insulating centre flap (U-Value = 1.1924 W/M, 2 degree Celsius): Paintable plastic frame
  • Energy Efficient- Ensuring a robust, weather tight seal, the Extreme Weather Pet Door boasts being 3.5 times more energy efficient than a traditional Cat Flap thanks to the dual PVC Flaps and the centre insulating fabric flap
  • Snap-on closing panel- Allows you to keep your pet from using the pet door; use a second closing panel (sold separately) on the outside for an additional layer of weather protection
  • Easy install- With the help of the simple installation guide and cutting template a significant fit can be achieved quickly and easily, this pet door fits most doors 4.1 \- 5.7 cm thick
  • Warranty- The PetSafe Staywell Extreme Weather Pet Door includes a 3 years manufacturer's Warranty
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