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SureFlap Microchip Pet Door
  • Works with your pet's existing microchip to keep intruder animals out
  • Compatible with all microchip formats worldwide
  • Also works with the SureFlap RFID collar tag (one tag supplied with the product)
  • Curfew Mode - program the door to lock and unlock at specified times
  • Requires 4 C cell batteries which last up to a year with normal use (not included)
PetSafe Petporte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door, Battery Operated or Main Power Supply
  • MICROCHIP The Microchip Petporte smart flap reads your cat's microchip to allow entry to your home, without the need for a collar
  • EASY INSTALLATION Simple Installation; suitable for wood, PVC, glass or brick walls and doors
  • PROGRAMMABLE TIMER This cat flap can be set to lock and unlock at specific times of day
  • WORKS FOR MULTIPLE CATS The Petporte smart flap can be programmed for up to 25 cats
  • WARRANTY The Petporte smart flap includes a 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • BATTERY AND MAIN POWER SUPPLY The Petporte cat flap can be run on both batteries or by plugging it into a socket.
Cat Mate 360W Microchip Cat Flap – White
  • Entry operated by your cat's implanted microchip - keeps stray pets and wildlife out
  • Easy to program all common microchips - registers up to 30 cats
  • Suitable for most cats with larger 145mm (w) x 145mm (h) flap opening
  • Easy to use, rotary 4-Way lock for controlled entry and exit
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included) which will give approximately 12 months operation
PetSafe, Microchip Cat Flap, Improved Microchip-Reader, Exclusive Entry, Easy Install, 4 Way Locking, Energy Efficient
  • IMPROVED MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY: This Microchip cat flap is compatible with the most common microchips - the improved microchip reader can be programmed for up to 40 cats
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Draught excluder and two Magnetic Closing Locking points increase Insulation and energy efficiency
  • SECURE: Durable Plastic Frame with dual-auto Locks and central Four-Way Manual Lock ensures security from unwanted animals
  • ADAPTABLE: Easily adapts to cut out sizes for Staywell and Microchip Petporte cat flaps (Size of the cut out may vary depending on the installation material, please refer to the installation chart)
  • BATTERY OPERATED: Cat flap requires 4 new AA good quality, non-rechargeable alkaline batteries (not included); battery life up to 12 months expected
  • ACCESSORIES: For Installation into Doors containing Metal, Glass, PVC, Brick or Walls, the purchase of a PetSafe Installation Adaptor and Tunnel Extensions is recommended
  • WARRANTY: Includes a free, three year manufacturer's warranty
SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap, White
  • Keeps foreign pets outside; 142mm (W) x 120mm (H)- This dimension is the smallest area of the cat flap that your cat will have to enter. Depth of the inside tunnel of the cat flap - 70mm
  • With microchip identification or RFID collar tag
  • Due to extra mounting adapter suitable also for glass doors
  • Can be programmed for up to 32 cats
  • Transparent flap, low noise level
  • Learns your cat's unique identification microchip number to provide secure access for your pet; keeps unwanted visitors out of your home
  • Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using dualscan technology
  • Safety mode - indoor-only pets can gain entry if they escape through an open door or window
  • Compatible with all common microchips
  • Requires 4 aa batteries which last up to a year with normal use (not included)
PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap, Battery Powered Pet Door, 4-Way Locking and Easy Installation, 2017 Version
  • Simple three-step Installation
  • Two Magnetic Closing Locking points
  • Durable Plastic Frame with Four-Way Manual Lock ensures security from unwanted animals
  • Requires 4 new AA good quality, non-rechargeable alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Installation Adaptor and Tunnel Extension available
PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap Installation Adaptor, Easy Install, Glass Door and Walls
  • IMPROVES PERFORMANCE - For Microchip Cat Flaps installed into Metal or Metal Core Doors the Installation Adaptor significantly improves the efficiency of the Microchip reader
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - The Installation Adaptor significantly improves the Weather Resistance of Microchip Cat Flaps installed into glass Walls or Doors
  • EASY INSTALL - Provides easy and precise installation for PVC, Metal and Glass doors or Walls.
  • DIMENSIONS - The Microchip Cat Flap Installation Adaptor is suitable for Glass openings 212 mm - 285 mm in diameter
  • COMPATABILITY - The Installation Adaptor has been specifically designed for the PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap
Sureflap Cat Flap Mounting Adaptor, White
  • Sure flap cat flap mounting adaptor
  • For use with the sure flap microchip cat flap or dual scan cat flap
  • Covers circular holes in glass panes
  • Creates a more seemless installation in walls
  • Allows mounting in glass doors and openings with diameters of 21-26 cm
  • For use with the sureflap microchip cat flap or dualscan cat flap
  • Covers circular holes in glass panes
  • Creates a more seemless installation in walls
  • When mounting in glass, this accessory allows mounting in circular holes with a diameter of 212mm (min) to 260mm (max).
  • Sureflap cat flap mounting adaptor
SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect without Hub
  • Smart app-controlled microchip pet door
  • SureFlap Hub required (sold separately)
  • Lock/unlock the pet door remotely and change curfew times
  • Monitor your pet's long-term activity and spot changes
  • Suitable for Cats and Small dogs
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