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Thrive Kind & Gentle 100% Chicken Breast Dog Treats 25g (PACK OF 6)
  • Thrive Kind & Gentle 100% Chicken Breast Dog Treats 25g (PACK OF 6)
  • 25g (x6)
  • Thrive
  • Quantity: 6
Thrive Kind & Gentle 100% Chicken Breast Dog Treats 25g (PACK OF 2)
  • Thrive Kind & Gentle 100% Chicken Breast Dog Treats 25g (PACK OF 2)
  • 25g (x2)
  • Thrive
  • Quantity: 2
Thrive Kind & Gentle 100% Chicken Breast Dog Treats 25g
  • Thrive Kind & Gentle 100% Chicken Breast Dog Treats 25g
  • 25g
  • Thrive
  • Quantity: 1
Thrive ProReward Chicken Treats for Dogs - 500g MaxiTube
  • 0% Nonsense, air dried
  • Chicken treats
  • The ideal low fat treat
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Intense flavour
Thrive Kind and Gentle Chicken & Liver Dog Treats 25g
  • Thrive Dog Treats 100% Chicken Breast 25g
  • Foods - Dog - Treats Natural Pre-Pack
More options available: Thrive Kind & Gentle Chicken Breast Treats for small dogs and puppies (Pack of 4) 100%

Thrive Kind & Gentle 100% Chicken Breast Treats for small dogs and puppies (Pack of 4) details:

These are fantastic little morsels of fresh chicken that are freeze dried for convenience. I don't understand why reviewers think they are expensive, unless like one reviewer mentions you could walk around with smelly chicken livers in your pocket. I use these for my cat as a treat (that's when he doesn't help himself to the tube which now has to be locked away,) and for my dog as a training treat (very gentle for puppy's tummies). Like freeze dried strawberries the chicken becomes more intense in flavour and they are really irresistible. What I really love about Thrive is that they make there products with the animal in mind not the owner so all their products are highest quality available.
My puppy goes crazy for these. Best treats I've found on the market!! The vet told me they are also low in calories which is great as I'm giving my puppy a lot of them during training.

They don't smell (which is a big bonus!) and they don't stain your pockets. Easy to break up into smaller size pieces too. The pieces are roughly fingertip size.
I use these treats as an aide for administering medication (tablets) to my very elderly dog. He absolutely loves them!! They are soft and crumbly so they are easy for him to chew and digest. Others have mentioned that more often than not, what's left at the bottom of the tube turns into dust and therefore becomes unusable. We save the ‘dust’ to sprinkle on to his food when he’s being fussy or off his food and it’s not failed us yet!
My Jack Russell has a very sensitive tummy and these treats are great as they don't upset him. He clearly loves them and will do just about anything to have one! They are uneven sizes, but I like that as it means you can use them for lots of different things. I also like to sprinkle the 'dust' over his kibble to encourage him to eat it. All round great treat.
Puppy loved these but went very quickly as training treat. would recommend but buy the 500g tube now and cut them up to treat size.
Our 8 week old cocker spaniel puppy loves these. We use them as a 'high praise' reward for things like going to the toilet outside and going in her crate. Additionally, we stuff a tiny bit in her stuffable toys followed by kibble which helps keep her entertained for a while. We have bought several of these mini tubes now, buying them as a pack for 4 is the cheapest way and worth it if you want to achieve something with reasonable speed. They are literally 100% liver pieces so quite rich but the puppy size ones are perfect for giving as a reward. There is a lot of liver dust at the end of the tube, and although it's annoying, I don't think that there is anything that can be done about that due to transit etc. I guess if you want to jazz up your dog's dinner you can season it with liver dust!
My French bulldog puppy loves these treats - and already will immediately sit in anticipation!. Great for training and easy for a young pup to chew - they must taste good!
This is a high value treat for our dog, which he will always return for when off the lead. Very smelly but i guess that is part of the attraction.
The dog got hold of a tube. It lasted 0.5 seconds. She loved it.

We also use this at puppy class as a good, light treat.
My Lhasa Apso puppy loves the taste of these. And I love the fact that they contain nothing but slow-dried chicken breast.

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