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Bedmax Bedmax Shavings - Horse Bedding Bale - Aprox 20Kg
  • Bedding is potentially the biggest source of dust in the stable, and dust can impair or seriously damage your horse's respiratory system. BEDMAX has one of the lowest levels of dust and spores on the market.
  • Your horse's hooves need firm, resilient support. Our larger flakes provide it. We also dry BEDMAX to a controlled moisture content to prevent hooves from drying out and cracking.
  • Maintaining hygiene effectively is crucial and difficult. We make BEDMAX shavings from fresh pine because pine offers unique antibacterial action against harmful bacteria and fungi. We also dry our shavings at sterilising temperatures during production.
  • BEDMAX shavings help create a clean, supportive bed that encourages horses to lie down and rest, and cushions hocks and other joints from damage.
  • Poor bedding and bedding management exposes horses to greater contact with ammonia, which can damage the respiratory system and attack the structure of the hoof.
Thoroughbred Softwood Shavings 20kg - DUST FREE
  • Dust Extracted Pure Softwood Bedding. Suitable for allergic horses
  • THE Premium Bedding for Horses, very absorbent & easy to muck out
  • FSC Approved from managed sustainable sources
  • No sharps, no rubbish or dust
  • BULK orders available, ask for details
The Chemical Hut 20kg Compressed Sawdust Wood Shavings, Animal Pet Bedding for Rabbit, Hamster, Rat, Gerbils - Comes With TCH Anti-Bacterial Pen!
  • Pet friendly wood shavings compressed into handy 2kg bales.
  • Ideal for padding out bedding and laying a soft base in pet cages.
  • Perfect for hamsters, rats, rabbits, gerbils, ferries, and all small animals.
  • Compressed into a handy bale for easy storage.
  • A unique active agent is moulded into the pen, killing 99.9% of all harmful bacteria & viruses.
Pillow Wad Softwood Woodshavings, Pack of 10
  • Dust extracted
  • Kiln dried
  • Sourced from well managed forests
Pillow Wad Woodshavings, Large, 10.8 Kg (pack of 3 x 3.6kg)
  • Dust extracted
  • Kiln dried
  • Sourced from well managed forests
Living World Pine Shavings with a fresh forest scent, 35 Litre
  • 100% natural pine bedding
  • It has a forest fresh scent
  • 35 litres
Snowflake Supreme Shavings Horse Bedding Bale 20Kg
Snowflake Softchip Horse Bedding Bale Approximately 20 Killograms
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