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Small Wooden Dog Kennel. Sturdy and Attractive Outdoor Wood Dog Kennel & Sheltered Patio Make For a Special Home For Your Pet.
Wooden Dog Kennel - Sturdy & Attractive Outdoor Dog Kennel Made From Light, Finished Wood With a Wide Overhang Offering Protection From Adverse Weather Conditions (Small)
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Lacquered wood
Attractive Spacious Dog Kennel - Offers Space To House Your Dog Comfortably And Safely Outdoors - Lockable,Rroofed Patio (L (140cmx110cmx95cm WxDxH))
  • Attractive Spacious Dog Kennel is the ideal kennel if you need to leave your dog on his own for short times and don't want to leave him inside the home.
  • This kennel offers space to house your dog comfortably and safely outdoors while you mow the lawn or go shopping.
  • The light spruce wall elements are delivered readily assembled. Combined with the metal fence in stainless-steel style, Attractive Spacious Dog Kennel comes top for functionality and attractive appearance.
  • Size M and L cannot be delivered to Ireland & Northern Ireland. *As this product is delivered in several packages, these packages may arrive on different days.
  • House your dog safely with this Attractive Spacious Dog Kennel.
More options available: Dog Kennel - Sturdy & Attractive Outdoor Dog Kennel Made From Light, Finished Wood With a Wide Overhang Offering Protection From Adverse Wooden

Wooden Dog Kennel - Sturdy & Attractive Outdoor Dog Kennel Made From Light, Finished Wood With a Wide Overhang Offering Protection From Adverse details:

  • Made from light, finished wood with a wide overhang, optimally protects against rain and other adverse weather.
  • Wooden Doghouse with light oiled wood offers everything you would want in a good dog house.
  • It is a solid, sturdy, attractive and well-made dog house for year-round habitation.
  • Specially coated roof and sealed wood make the Dog Kennel Spike Standard weather and winter proof.
  • Additionally the four feet are covered with rubber soles to protect the dog house from moisture, while facilitating good air circulation.
Cannot ship to NI
It arrived very quickly, was extremely well made, and easy to put together. I had looked around local suppliers for some time, but none were as well made, or as reasonably priced as this kennel. Extremely good value for money. It is perfect for my (slightly larger than average) Lhasa Apso. I would definitely recommend this kennel to anyone.
Very well made, well worth the money, easy to assemble. Delivery spot on would definitely use this seller again.
Absolutely made up with this! I would definitely recommend.
It took me about 10 minutes to assemble and everything fitted together perfectly.
I bought it for my two cats and it would fit both of them although they don't tend to go in it at the same time. It's really well made and looks really cite in my garden.
Delivery was super fast. Ordered on Sunday, arrived on Wednesday.

Very good quality, very easy to build, dog loves it. I'm using it as an indoor kennel and it looks very good.

I have quite a large English Springer Spaniel and he fits in the large kennel perfectly fine. He seems to love it so far.
Bought this product for my Labrador puppy based on other reviews.
I was not disappointed. It is quite rare to find such a professional packaging, well organised accessories and super easy assembly.
The boards feels thin, but the assembled product is quite sturdy. Hope the dog will be happy in it for a long time.
This is very well made and very good value. We particularly like the adjustable feet. It was easy to put together and is totally weatherproof. To be honest, we bought it for our cat who doesn't have a cat flap and is quite outdoorsy anyway. She is really happy to use it and stays warm and dry. I'd highly recommend this kennel.
I purchased this kennel for a cat so he has somewhere to keep warm and dry when we go out, he loves it and spends lots of time in it even when were at home! Overall this purchase was worth the money and would recommend to anyone as it is very high quality and resists rain and water.
Easy to put together and nice looking. My dog loves it, she is a dog that loves being outside but only when the weather is good. Problem solved now.
Very good!!!!!
Bought this for my cat to shelter from the rain when she is 'the wrong side of the door'. She loves it - even when it's not raining. Put it together myself. It took two attempts as I put the sides on upside down and the floor fell through the bottom - not a design fault, just me being stupid.

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