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Yumega Plus - Itchy Dog 250ml
Uploria Pet World Skin Supplements For Dogs With Itchy Skin| Omega Fish Oil Capsules For Dogs & Cats Helps Promotes Healthy Skin And Coat |Reduces Joint Inflammation And Boosts Immune System Function
  • * ELIMINATE ITCHY AND DRY SKIN: This Powerful And Proven Triple Action OMEGA 3, 6 & 9: With Added Vitamin E, linoleic oil, linoleic acid Also EPA,DHA,ALA,LA,OA These All-Natural Dog Supplements For Skin Nutrients Gives Coats A Softer Texture And Silky Sheen.
  • * ENSURE YOUR DOG IS HEALTHY: Our Veterinarian Formulated Omega Premium Fish Oils For Dogs Is Proven To Nourish Your Pet From The Inside Out Without Any Fuss.
  • * MAXIMUM IMMUNITY PROTECTION FOR YOUR PET: Vitamin Supplements For Dogs & Cats Contains Fatty Acids For Dogs And Is The Ultimate Oil For Dogs With Itchy Skin.
  • * HELP YOUR PET STAY IN GREAT SHAPE: Assists To Support Joint Inflammation And Helps Strengthen The Body's Immune System Plus In Addition To Controlling Some Treatment For Allergies.
  • * IT WORKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Amazon Buyers Trust Uploria Pet World For Our High Quality Premium Products. Your Purchase Is Safe As We Operate A 100% Money Back Guarantee.
All Natural Itchy Skin & Wound Care Spray For Dogs & Cats | Anti Itch & Skin Care For Pets | Quickly Helps With The Treatment of Itchiness, Broken Skin & Wounds | Lick Safe Anti-Fungal & Antiseptic
  • ALL NATURAL: Our all natural puppy and kitten safe formula helps to give quick relief to dry itchy skin, feet and paws for all dogs and cats. Helping the underlying problems to heal naturally. Unlike other chemical based treatments that can be toxic, ours is made with 100% natural, safe, chemical free, non-toxic ingredients that are even safe for pets to ingest. Creating a safer product for the whole family.
  • REDUCES ITCHING: It safely numbs and moisturises the area to reduce itching, scratching and biting allowing the area time to heal from dry, sore itchy skin, cuts and grazes which cause itchiness. This natural treatment supplements the healing process for a happier pet with healthier skin and coat.
  • WOUND CARE: The antiseptic and anti fungal formula helps to clean and numb any wounds to reduce itching and biting and allow time to heal. It will also moisturise dry skin which helps to accelerate the healing of wounds. It also reduces the itching and irritation caused form insect bites such as mites, fleas, ticks, ants or even pollen. Great for use on skin infection, blemished skin or smelly paws.
  • FAST ACTING - NO STING: The no sting formula is designed to be gentle and to quickly absorb into the animals dry itchy skin to ensure ideal healing conditions. This natural skin health treatment offers immediate relief to help your pet relax, and its quicker and easier to apply than shampoo, cream, balm or tablets.
  • LICK SAFE, ANTISEPTIC & ANTI FUNGAL: Lick safe, yet designed to have a naturally bitter taste to stop licking. It is safe for all ages including large and small adults pets, puppies and kittens. It is also antiseptic and anti fungal helping to keep issues such as wounds, sores, cuts, eczema, dermatitis, allergies or sensitive, dry, itchy areas on the skin, feet and paws clean and free from further infection. Must only be used topically for hygiene purposes.
Anicura Natural Dog Spray for dry & itchy skin, eczema, dermatitis & skin allergies
  • Natural Spray for itchy & dry skin, irritated skin, eczema, hot spots and other skin allergies
  • Quickly calms your dog's skin. Helps to break the itch-scratch cycle and supports the healing process of your dog's skin.
  • Anicura Dog Spray will absorb rapidly and deeply into your dog's skin. If your dog has very sore skin you do not need to rub the spray in as it will absorb by itself.
  • Anicura products only contain the finest oils, minerals and vitamins. Suitable for use on all pets and on broken skin. Also safe if your dog licks the affected skin after applying Anicura.
NOW Pets Pet Allergy for Dogs & Cats x 75 Chewable Tablets - Supports a healthy immune system and histamine levels
  • FOR DOGS & CATS - NOW Pets Pet Allergy contains natural botanicals that may help to maintain normal histamine levels. This is UK stock which is IN HAND and ships within one working day.
  • EASY TO TAKE - 75 chewable tablets flavoured with tuna making them hard to resist by your furry friend!
  • ALLERGY RELIEF - For healthy histamine levels | Supports a healthy immune system
  • QUALITY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - Quercetin 100 mg, Nettle Leaf 100 mg, Turmeric Root Extract 60 mg, Bromelain 50 mg, Burdock Root 50 mg, Licorice Root 50 mg
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED - NOW Pets Pet Allergy has been formulated by renowned veterinarian Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA, Founder of The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center.
Animal Herbology (New) NATURAL - DITCH THE ITCH - 50ml, (itchy skin) Drops for problems with.GRASS, POLLEN, FOOD INTOLERANCE
  • Ideal for Dogs and cats with ITCHY SKIN PROBLEMS. Works from the inside out.
  • Use for inflamed skin problems.
Vet's Best Skin & Coat Dog Tablets (Pack of 60)
  • Vet's Best Skin & Coat supplement for dogs helps to maintain normal, healthy levels of shedding
  • Using a unique blend of natural ingredients (Omega oils, Zinc, nettle extrac, quercetin & B Vitamins) to support healthy skin and a shiny coat from the inside out, helping to maintain normal, healthy levels of Shedding.
  • Highly palatable and specially designed for dogs
  • 30 day supply( based on a 20Kg dog) No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours
  • Great tasting chewables that dogs love - a healthy way to treat your pet
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